Thursday, December 24, 2009

Totally Perfect Bikram Class!

Hey All! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope your holiday is off to a great start! I'm on vacation from now until January 4th.  Yay! Looking forward to lots of downtime over the next several days...And Bikram and Running!

This morning I was up nice and early to get some last minute things done before heading to the 9:30am Bikram class. My sister Robin was meeting me at the studio today for class so I was extra excited. Isn't it always better when you practice side by side your favorite people? It's not like you even speak a word the entire class but you can just feel the positive energy. Love it. We actually both pulled up to the studio at the exact same time. Of course from the minute we see each other it's like a gabfest. Catching up on the entire goings on in our lives. We got there at 9:00 so lots of time to chat prior to class. We anticipated the class being packed like it was on Thanksgiving so immediately set up our mats. We open the hot room door, walk in, look at each other and...Smile! It's nice and hot in the room today! Set up in the hot corner of the room (my fave) and we decide to take a peek at the temp. Already 108 degrees 30 minutes before class. That's a good sign. A very good sign. Have I mentioned we like it extra hot. The hotter the better!

Hannane is teaching class this morning. She's pregnant and due in March. Can I just tell you how amazing she looks? Great! And not only is she still teaching, she's also still taking classes and rocking them out. Wow.  Just wow.

Class begins right on time and ends up being a nice size. Just enough people, maybe 25? As class begins and I hear the strong energy in Hannane's voice I just know this is going to be a great class. And it was. I love how she keeps the class flowing. No breaks. Just moving from one posture to the next with strong dialogue. Also gets some jokes in there as well. My hip flexor is still bothering me so I didn't go as deep into some postures. Felt good to loosen it up and stretch it out. At one point, as we stood up on our knees for Camel I caught Robins eye and we both smiled as if to say "awesome class!"  Isn't it funny how in class you can understand what someone is saying just by a smile? Class was perfect. Perfect heat, perfect pace and flow, perfect energy, perfect teacher. Class felt wait, class felt great! After class Hannane cracked me up. So as you might know I was a gymnast. Hannane says...Traci, you just can't let the fancy gymnast arms and toes go can you? Try as I might to stop, my Bikram still has an added flair to it.

After class I change quickly, say my good bye (until this afternoon) to Robin and head out to run some last minute errands. First stop...STARBUCKS! Crowded? Ummm, yeah, just a little. Line was like 20 deep but needed my latte! Pumpkin Spice will be leaving us in a couple of weeks and won't be seen again until next October! Sadness. So I waited. But that's the thing about after a Bikram class...lines don't bother you. Really, they don't. So weird. Next stop the Market. If I thought Sbucks was crowded, this was OVER crowded! So many people. Picked up the things I needed along with some great Pinot Noir and some lovely red tulips for this evening and stood on line. In each line, 30 people at least. No exaggeration folks. No worries. We'll get to the front sooner or later. And wouldn't you know I did make it to the 30 mintes later. Sigh...Ah, the Holidays. We rush, rush, rush for days and days. We battle traffic and cranky shoppers to enjoy one day. Sometimes I wish the holidays were less commercial.

So now I'm just about to hop in the shower and get ready to head to my sister Kellies Christmas Cocktail Party (usually at my sis Erin's house but Kellie wants a crack at it this year). Picking up my sis Robin, niece Sarah and nephew Sam at 3:30pm and we'll go together. Should take us about 45 minutes or so to get there (pending traffic of course). Not bad.

Ok everyone! If you’re celebrating this evening I wish you the best of times. Have fun and be safe. Enjoy spending time with your families and friends. And most importantly remember to smile (BYC hope your sporting that beautiful smile today!), breathe and to just be happy. As the song says...It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Merry Christmas Eve all!

Cheeeeeers! Traci

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