Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love the Spa!

Hi all. Have a good day? Hope so! Today the cold weather come back to visit with us here in the Boston area (hope it's a short visit). Not only the cold, but also the wind. Just checked the weather conditions and it's currently 10 degrees with a wind-chill of minus 21. Blink, blink, blink...Are you kidding me? This is just not right. So not right. Oh well, that's what warm winter clothes are made for I guess. Just makes me look forward to the Hot Room at the studio tomorrow even more. What's better than a good Bikram class on a cold, bitter day? Certainly not a run outside, I can tell you that from experience!

Today was an ultra relaxing day. Still on vacation. Got myself up to head to yoga but decided on a run instead to mix things up. Pretty good run, or at least as good as it gets in the weather. Got in my 5 miles. The only really good thing about the run is my sidewalks are back. With all the rain we had the past couple of days the snow is pretty much gone...for now anyways.

After my run I had a lovely (and needed) spa day. Actually ran into a friend there which was a very nice surprise! We got to sit side by side and talk (ok, ok and gossip a little) pretty much non-stop the whole time. Went a little blonder with the hair this visit. I'm always blonde but lately have been on the darker blonde side. I'm back to really light now and totally loving it again! Ran some errands after the spa and couldn't wait to get home to a cozy warm house.

Tomorrow is Bikram 9:30am with Audrey. Should be an awesome class for sure.

My sister Robin and I practiced yoga yesterday together, which of course is always great. Ok, let me just tell ya'll about a pet peeve of mine...This guy (never seen him before) walks into the hot room 2 minutes before class starts...with his shoes on! Yuck! It's pretty much common sense to take your shoes off. Ok, so then he comes in and decides to set up his mat directly in front of my sister and doesn't even turn to ask if she can still see the mirror. Nothing worse than a rude bikram yogi. Then he proceeded to sit half the postures out. I told my sis she could fix that problem if she would be brave and join me in the front row! Maybe next time...Right Robin?

So after class my sis had to go to the dreaded DMV....Shutter...You know what that means right? Lines and waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. There she sat and sat and sat with masses of people renewing their license and registrations. She sat for nearly 2 hours! And you know what she told me? She says that because she practiced Bikram that morning she was ok with it. Even with all the screaming kids running around the place and loud, cranky people all around her. She just sat there. She was calm. That's it! That's what Birkam does for us. That's why everyone should practice Bikram!

And my other sis Kellie sent me a text today that says "Thanks! Hannah is always doing yoga poses now...And I pulled an ass muscle doing it with her! Namaste!" Hannah is my 6-year-old niece I taught yoga to her the other day. You should see her standing head to knee. Almost perfect! I swear I will get my other sisters into the studio this year! One of my goals. By the way, I have lots of goals for 2010 I will be talking about in the next post. I don’t call them resolutions, i fance goals much more.

Ok guys...Have a truly awesome night. If it's cold where you are stay warm and get yourself into one of those crazy looking Suggies and if you're lucky enough to be enjoying nice weather, well I don't want to hear it! Just kidding of course...Enjoy it!

Cheers guys! Traci


  1. Wow, that is COLD.

    Word to the wise: uuhh, you know how we were talking about annual memberships and such a while back? And I told you that they were a good idea? I have to reverse my position. Do Not Get One. Trust me. Just keep enjoying your yoga and enjoy your New Year's Eve with Audrey. (She is awesome.)

  2. Hey DancingJ: Thanks for the heads up. Going to keep paying month to month for sure now! Thanks again! And Audreys class was so great this morning :)

  3. Hey Traci. It's Franca from Quincy. I love reading your blog. My I'm reading into this too much but I'm very concerned about DancingJ's comment. What's that supposed to mean?? I've been going 3 1/2 years now to Quincy and it's my favorite place in the world.
    Happy New Year and see you in the hot room!

  4. My was supposed to read "maybe"