Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out for a Run

Hi Everyone. Mid-week already! Unfortunately our high 40’s temperatures have gone into hiding. Hoping they visit us again soon. This morning it’s about 25 out and it’s not really expected to warm up much more than that. Please tell me again why I live here? Florida’s nice warm weather is sounding pretty good to me!

Anyway, so yesterday was another very busy day at work. Not complaining, I like being busy. And fell lucky to be so busy. But once again I was here at the office late and missed my yoga class. I’m just accepting the fact that sometimes life gets in the way of our yoga practice. And you know what? It’s ok. Just makes me look forward to getting back there even more!

I live really close to my office so when I leave I’m home very quick. And even though it was dark and cold and windy out and I’m tired from running around like a crazy chicken all day, I give myself a pep talk on the drive home. I start pumping myself up for a run. Listening to good music always gets me ready, so I cranked up the radio. Might have even been singing oout loud ;) Since I’m bummed about missing Bikram I know a run will re-energize me.

I walk through the door, I drop my bags and immediately get changed and ready to go. Running pants, Nike Fit turtle neck, Nike Fit pullover with high neck, hat, running gloves, reflectors, Ipod and I’m ready to go in like 10 minutes flat. While getting ready I munch on a PowerBar. Oh and I have this weird thing where I have to tie and untie and retie my running shoes about 5 times before it feels comfortable. It’s either too tight or too loose. I seem to obsess a bit much about getting it just right! I’ve even been known to stop a few steps into the run to adjust the laces. Must stop obsessing! Must stop obsessing! It's like in Bikram when people keep tigging at their shorts or fixing their towels!

When I’m first heading out the cold wind hits me in the face hard. Oh boy I think. I clap my gloved hands together, pull down my hat, crank up the tunes and take off. I actually stayed a cold for about the first 10 minutes and then started to heat up nicely. I have my set, clocked (for mileage) routes. But I also love mixing it up and taking different roads. That’s what I did last night. I decided to weave in and out of and up and down some side streets, which is probably not the safest or smartest thing to do when it’s so dark out. But there are tons of houses with beautiful Christmas lights on display and I was really just enjoying taking it all in. I think peoples personalities really come out in how they decorate. My favorites are the ones all lit up it white lights . Lots and lots of them. Don't you guy's love Christmas lights?

There’s one house that’s right on the seawall. Use to be an old house but someone bought it over the summer and did a tear down and rebuild. I love running by to see the progress. Last night I noticed that the house is pretty much done but still dark and empty. I see there’s a Christmas tree in the front window. It looked a little lonely!

Run was good and I actually worked up a nice sweat. Hip flexor is still giving me problems which stinks. It really hurt in the beginning then I just tried to put it out of my head. Ran 4 miles in about 35 minutes. Running always leaves me feeling so alive and happy. A bit like Bikram but different (I know...that makes no sense, but hard to explain). By the time I got back home it was after 7:30. Hopped on the computer to finish up some work, iced my hip flexor, made a quick dinner, took a nice hot shower and relaxed a bit before calling it a night.

Never really looked at my phone until late and saw I had lots of texts. One was from my friend Eric who read my post yesterday and wanted to send me a “simple smile”. Thanks E! You’re awesome!

Another was from my sweetie pie niece Sarah. She had just received an email from her Professor. Turns out not only did she receive the highest grade on her mid term, she also got the highest final grade! Sarah’s such a hard worker and loves to be tops in everything. Bit competitive are we? Hmmm... wonder where you get that from? Anyway...Congrats Sarah! So proud of you!!!!

Ok guys. Hope your Wednesday is a happy (and warm) one!

And remember...The life you imagine is the life you live. Use your imagination to direct your life in the direction you want it to go. To get what you truly want. Imagination is a very powerful tool.


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