Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change of plans...

Having a good Sunday everyone?

Ok, I know yesterday I said Monday would be the day of my return to the Bikram studio. But you know what? I guess I lied! I decided to go back today. Yup. I'm heading to the 3pm class with guest teacher Sherie.
I was talking to my sister this morning and she said I'll love her class. Likes it hot, is a no-nonsense, tough (in a good way) teacher. Can't wait!  Will feel so good to get back in the hot room. So good. Since I haven't been there for over a week I'm a bit nervous. Weird, huh? I feel likes it's the first time all over again. So be sure to check back tomorrow to see how it went. Of course I'll be missing most of the Patriots game but given the teams performance in Miami  last week (not good!), I'm fine with it.

After class I'm heading over to visit with my oldest niece Sarah. Her birthday's tomorrow so I want to get her present to her today. I can't believe she's turning 22!  Sarah!  How did that happen? She's in her last year of college and will be a teacher before I know it! Anyway, don't tell her but I got her a Kate Spade bag (her favorite color pink), a silver cashmere scarf, some makeup, some workout stuff, her annual ornament (been giving her an ornament every year since she was a baby, this year's is shown below), a scent diffuser (snowflake scented) and some other little things. 

Enjoy your Sunday people! Hope your doing something fun. And remember what I said in a previous post:  Make someone else smile and you'll smile too!   Wish me luck at Sherie's class this afternoon, I think i may need it!



  1. Yay, returning to class! Oh, and yoga is definitely a sport, referring to your other posting. We've had professional baseball and basketball players come to my studio, and as good as they are at their sports, Bikram gives them a run for their money.

  2. G: Class last night was Awesome! So good to be back! I agree! Yoga is absolutely a sport.

  3. BYC: Oh my gosh! It think it was the best class of my life. Honestly it was perfect. Thanks! Hope your time with Mei & Dancing J was fabulous! :)