Thursday, December 17, 2009

15 Degrees...Windchill -7...Yikes!

Hi all! It's not good out there. Anytime the air hurts your face, well it's just not a good thing. Need.Warm.Weather. Well, at least I'm getting some nice rosey cheeks!

I don’t know what it is about this week but the days are just seeming to blend together. Really happy it’s Thursday today! Why? Because tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means! Yup, another Friday off for me. Lots to do today before that can happen. My morning is ok. My first meeting is not until 9:30am then I have 7 candidate interviews scheduled after that! That’s a lot of talking to do in one afternoon! I’ll have to make sure to do some yoga poses in my office in between to rev my energy up! Do you guys ever try that? If your day is really busy and you're dragging try to throw some postures in. Really gets the blood flowing and recharges you. I might look kind of silly when someone walks it but then I just have them join me! Even better than caffeine. Oh, still need my latte though. Can’t, won’t, give them up. Love them too much.

If you’ve been reading my blog this week you know it’s been a really busy one for me here at work. Good busy, but busy and non stop. I bet I put in a few miles of running around the building, up and down the stairs every day. I always try to take the stairs when I can and avoid the elevator. Of course I don’t want to scare my candidates so I do take the elevator if I have them with me. Although, that being said I will take the stairs with them if we’re just going up to the next floor. I use to have a terrible fear of elevators. Back in college I kind of got over it a little bit. I lived on the 11th floor in the dorms and walking up 11 flights multiple times a day got old. But even still to this day I have a little nervous feeling as the doors shut and I’m in that box. Crazy, I know.

Last night I was here at the office a bit late...again. I was actually just preparing for my busy day today. I like the feeling of coming in and being ready to go. Reviewed the resumes for the candidates I’m interviewing today, prepared the bios for the Monday announcements for the 5 new hires I have starting, prepared an Offer I need to present today. There’s never enough time in the day to do all these little extra things so after 5 things get very calm and it’s easier to get done.

By the time I got home it was cold, dark and windy again. But I suited up in the running gear and hit the road. The very cold road. I wasn’t going to. I was going to be lazy, but felt I needed to move. Didn’t see one other runner out there. Hell, I didn’t even see one other person walking a dog. Stuck with 4 miles and really I just wanted it to be done. To me running in that type of cold is not fun. You just get it done. After the run I had the little cough you get when you run in the cold. I hate that. The cold air just kind of hangs out in your lungs for a while.

Sighhhhh...Closing my eyes picturing summer time and me cheerfully running down the street. I have on my favorite black Nike running skirt with my smiling happy face (get that one Bikram lovers?). The sun is blazing and temp is in the 80’s. Lot’s of people out and about running, biking, walking. Perfection. Wake up kiddo! Eyes are now wide open and seeing the reality. Me in my running tights, hat, gloves etc. Layers! This is the Boston running reality for the next few months. Wake me up in April (well, maybe May!). Another cold snap for the next several days and this morning on the news I heard the 4 letter word...SNOW...for Sunday. Hopefully just a flurry.

Weekend Workout Plan:
I’m so looking forward to my workout plan for the weekend: Bikram, Bikram, Bikram! Friday: 4:30 with Audrey; Saturday: 3:00 with Hannane; Sunday: 3:00 with Hannane. Perfect!

Thought....You are what you think. You feel what you want. Aim high and do your best!

Stay warm out there people!!! Gloves and hats are your friends today! Actually, I think a full face mask would be even better ;)

Cheers! Traci


  1. Haha, I do postures at work sometimes too!

  2. G: Good to know I'm not alone on that! So funny. Wakes you up though right? Have a great day Greg!