Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Beautiful Blanket of White

Hi Guys,
Sorry for being MIA yesterday!  The weather forecast was calling for tons of snow here in the Boston area so I wanted to get as much as I could done yesterday for Christmas, which by the way is coming way to quick! It sure is pretty out there right now.

Yesterday: My plan was to go to the 3pm Bikram class. Sadly it didn't happen.  My parents have an apartment building  (132 units) and needed me to do some showings for them. So I was doing that until about 1pm and with everything that needed to get done I decided to get a run in instead.  The whole time on my run I'm thinking...Well, this is going to be the last run for a while on bare pavement.  With the snow coming the sidewalks will be snow covered for a long time unless we get a few warm days (warm days please come see us soon!). I still run in it but it just increases my chances of falling even more! Like I need that right?

It actually felt a bit warmer yesterday, I think it was about 28 degrees? Better than the teens! Run wasn't bad. I actually saw lots of other runners out there getting their run in before the storm.  Seeing other runners out there is the best. Love it. Kind of pumps me up. Cracks me up how we all do the runners nod or wave as we pass eachother.  Runners, like Bikram praticers, are a breed like no other. Love being part of both groups!

I was dreading hitting the stores yesterday. I hate crowds.  Don't like them AT ALL.  Sometimes I think I'm invisible, like people just kind of try to walk right through me.  Come on people...I know I'm small but you can still see me right? And at least say excuse me if you hit me.  The other day a lady who's coughing walks directly into me, sighs and gets all huffy. I said, excuse me would be nice.  Her response to me "Why don't you just leave the mall!...Cough, cough, cough"  I just smiled and said...I hope you have a happy holiday and walked away.  Funny how what's suppose to be a happy time of year turns into a grouchy time of year for so many people. Think I'll start handing out buttons to cranky people that say "Just Smile".

Oh, and it seems that no matter how old we get our parents still think we're kids.  Before I head out I call my mom to talk about the potential renters for her units.  At the end of the conversation she says (with my dad talking in the background) swing by our house before you go shopping.  I got you some new gloves and scraper for your car. And I got a shovel for your sister that I want you to drop over to her house. Seriously, sometimes I feel like my parents would love to have kids at home to still take care of!  The gloves were awesome and made for the cold and snow (even in my favorite blue color) and the scraper was perfect.  Has the extender and brush so I can easily reach the roof.  Then of course they tell me to make sure my gas tank is full. Thanks for taking care of us as usual Mom and Dad!

Anyway, so about shopping yesterday...It wasn't bad! Not at all.  The traffic getting from one place to the next was the worst part. But once I was actually where I needed to be I was pleasantly suprised. I went to the Derby Street Shops rather than the Mall.  It's nice with all the stores, but outside.  I figured on a cold day like yesterday people would rather be inside an enclosed mall. It was still busy but not bad. And Whole Foods is there so I could get that done too. Pretty much got everything done on my list. Just need to pick up one more gift card to a specific skate store and I'll be done! Productive day for sure.

Came home and oraganized my gifts. Everythings ready to go to all the recipients! Didn't feel like going out last night so just had a couple of friends over for appetizers and some wine.  Lit lots of candles and had a pretty relaxing night. Forgot to buy my weekly flowers though...Need to get some today :)

All right folks...There's about 13-15 inches of snow out there so far to deal with and temps hovering around 18 dgrees.  Got my gear on and heading out to do some shoveling. I'm actually one of those crazy people who likes to shovel.  It's a great workout and anytime I can sneak in a workout is a good thing!

I'll check back with ya later, but me and my sis might try to get to a 3pm Bikram class if the studio is open. Cross your fingers for us!

Guys, be safe out there if your heading out.  The storms just about over but the roads are still slippery I'm sure.  So thankful for 4-Wheel drive on days like this!

Pretty random post huh?  Sometimes that's how my head works, jumping from one thought to another. Oh well.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!  GO PATS!

UPDATE:  I just checked the studio website and classes are cancelled today.  No Bikram, can't get out for a run...looks like treadmill here I come (yuck).

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Quincy

Weather Update/Class Cancellations:
Due to inclement weather & parking ban: No 3:00pm class on Sunday December 20th.


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