Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Hi guys! Looks like we have another day in the 40's before we go back to the 20's tomorrow.  It really cloudy but at least it pretty warm. Crazy that 40's feels like spring, huh?

Last night my plan was to go to the 6:30 with Mimi. It's pretty much my favorite class of the week and I was looking forward to it so much. Had my bag of yoga gear all ready to go with me here at the office. The more the day went on the more I came to realize there was no way I would make it out of here in time for class. I just had so much work to catch up on. I never left my office until after 6:30. We're still hiring like crazy (we've added well over 100 people to our team this year) so of course in my role as the Corporate Recruiter, there's lots to do. Between candidate searches, phone interviews, live interviews, presenting offers, meeting with hiring managers for all divisions, background checks etc. it's just been nuts. I'm the type that likes to do it all myself too and not hand it off to an assistant. I just feel like I was the first person the candidate met here and I want to complete the process with them. I truly take an interest in my candidates. My favorite thing is when candidates send me thank you notes for being so great during the process.
The best part of my job? Presenting the Offer. Hands down. I love seeing the excitement and relief on the candidates face. So good! With the terrible economy some of my candidates have been looking and interviewing for months.  It's competitive out there for sure. So when they make it through our interview process and I present an offer there is such a look of thanks on their faces.  Makes me so happy! In one of the roles I recruit for we hire a lot of young college grads, so this might be their first real job.  Love the energy they bring to our team.

Ok so I love what I do right? What I don't love is when I miss my favorite Bikram class. I had to though. I guess I could have left everything on my desk for the morning but I hate that.  I hate coming in to unfinished work. Still has to get done right? These next few days are going to be like that. Kind of crazy. Next week being the week before Christmas it should be a bit calmer for me. And then I'm off from the 24th through Jan 4th. I plan on doing LOTS of yoga on those days off!

A thought to leave you with today: Appreciate the little things. Sometimes the little things are the things that will make you the happiest. Focus on the joy of everyday things. Try to notice 3 simple things that make you smile during the day...A text from a friend, your co-workers silly belly laugh, a really good latte (yum!). You choose.  Happiness.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day!



  1. I have a tshirt that says "choose happiness". :)

  2. BYC: I need one of those shirts! :)