Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Run...Snow on the Way!

Hi!  Hope your Saturday is shaping up to be a great one so far! It's looking pretty gray out there this morning.  The weather people are calling for some snow in the Boston area later.  Nothing major probably just like an inch.  I think they're just struggling because our weather has been so quiet so far.  They need viewership. And what gets people watching the weather around here? A forecast of Snow! ***Update...just utrned on the weather and now they say 2-4"*** I have my doubts though. I'm calling for all rain.

Anyway, yesterday I took advantage of the last of the warm(er) weather days around here to get in a run. I'm still nursing a muscle pull I think happened during Fixed Firm Pose a few days ago. It's the hip flexor so pretty uncomfortable.  Once I get going I honestly forget about it for the most part. Iced it when I got home. I ended up doing 4 miles in about 33 minutes.  I was happy when I got to mile one and saw I was in the 7 1/2 min mile range. For me that's a pretty quick start.  Still trying to navigate the sticks, leaves and puddles. So still slowing me down a bit.  How can puddles take so long to dry up! Once I get use to the dark again hopefully I can work on speed. Came across 2 other girls out there running too! The past few days I haven't really come across any other runners.  It's funny how during the summer how many more people are out there. I always find it motivating to run by another, give the runners wave and nod and then kick it up. I've been known to "compete" with teh person running ahead of me.  Something just click in my head and says...You Have to catch him. Awesome feeling when you do!

Ok, so what's up with my Bikram huh? Where have I been?  I know, it's crazy I haven't been to the studio since Tuesday. My sister even texted me this morning asking to go to the 3pm. Ok, maybe I'm being silly but this is something that's been bothering me for weeks.  When our new studio owners took over they raised the prices. The monthly  membership went up just about 30%.  At very first glance it didn't bother me. I love the studio, love practicing and so on. But the more I thougth about it I started thinking... 30%? Really? That just seems excessive to me. The rational side of me kicked in and said 30% is too much. And so now I'm am struggling with going back. I just don't like being taken advantage of. I don't think it's smart for any business to have a 30% increase in this economy. Ok, am I being silly? Please be honest with me.

So for now until I sort this all out in my head (if you know me you know I analyze the heck out of things sometimes) I'll just be a runner again. I practiced Bikram in my home office this morning which felt great. I closed the door, got it up to 90 deg, I could hear the dialouge in my head. Not the same as practicing in the studio. But for now it felt good to loosen up.

All right guys. I'm off to enjoy my Saturday afternoon. Really didn't accomplish much yesterday shopping so think I'll try again today. Run later then just hanging with the girls (I didn't take the road trip).

Have a great day! Cheers...Traci


  1. Congratulations on your challenge!
    You made it and you made it strong all the way to the end.

  2. For what it's worth, I think Quincy used to be SIGNIFICANTLY under-priced. It was the cheapest of any of the Boston area studios by a LOT. Check out the prices for the other studios, like downtown Boston or even Northampton MA (which is a smaller western Mass town.) You guys STILL have pretty much the cheapest rates in town - your regular class card prices are lower than a lot of STUDENT class card prices. So don't feel like you're being ripped off! Bikram studios have a pretty high overhead - just think of the heating bills in the winter in Boston! - takes a bit of money to keep them going.

  3. ... you could also go for the annual membership, and pay less than $100 per month... has Chris set up any kind of auto-pay system? Could ask about that, if you're strapped for cash. Some places will let you pay your yearly membership in monthly installments as long as you commit to the year. ;) But honestly, your prices are good for your location.

  4. HappyYogi: Thank You!!!!!

    J: I just was taken back by the way they increased it. It was not announced, just kind of like Suprise! Cash is not the issue at all, I just still feel like to increase 30% monthly is unreasonable. I won't purchase an annual because I have had bad experiences in the past where gyms have gone out of business and then you just kind of loose out. No auto pays are offered so I might talk to them about that. Again, it's not the cash at all. I can well afford it. I also heard many others at the desk complaining about the increase. I see North Hampton monthly is $120. I think that would have been more palatable than our new $150 rate. To go from $110 to $150...just a bit much. Thanks for your feedback. Have an awesome weekend! :)

  5. Yeah, I gotcha, it IS kind of lousy timing for it!! But that's why I imagine they wouldn't have done it unless it needed to be done... I mean, it's not like C-Bopp is taking your cash to Grill 23 for Cabernet and steak. (Just try to imagine that... Heehee.) I just hope you don't ditch yoga cause they had to raise their price! (And I would be SHOCKED if that studio ever went out of business. That just wouldn't happen.)

  6. Thanks J! I truly appreciate your feedback. I tend to be kind of reactionary at times. Once I get my arms around it I'll probably go back. I think if reasons and announcements were given it would have been easier to understand. Grill 23 for Cab & Steak! Too funny! By the way, your profile pic with the Standing Bow? Amazing...just awesome. Thanks again :)

  7. Hey Traci, it's Jackie from yoga.. missed you last week. My husband came again on Friday.. :) he was awesome.. Look me up on Facebook.. jacqueline morein.. Talk to you soon and congrats on completing your 30 day challenge!!!

  8. Autopay is easy to set up. You should definitely ask the studio about it. My studio has autopay for $109/month with a one year commitment. Considering I go everyday, that's like $3.50 per class.

    On another note, we had two students that ran a marathon today and then came and did a Bikram class! Amazing.

  9. Jackie! I missed you too! And your husband? That's so awesome. Tell him congrats from me. So happy he came back :). I'll look you up on Facebook later. Have a great day!

    G: Auto pay with 1 year commit sounds great. Maybe they can set it up here. Wow to those marathoners! Now they are my heroes! Your turn now...I sense a road race/bikram challenge in your futre ;)