Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bikram I Miss You; Pink Ribbons

What going on guy’s? You would never know we had snow yesterday. Later in the day the snow turned to a beautiful rain/sleet mix. I got to the office at 7am and didn’t step a foot outside until I left around 6pm. I generally like to get out for lunch and get some fresh air. Yesterday? No way. Such a weather wimp.

A very important CONGRATULATIONS to my mom Judy. Today marks 5 years since she finished her very last treatment for Breast Cancer. I consider today her “cancer free anniversary”. Every year I remember it with a special treat for her. It’s a big day!

I snuck into her office last night (don’t worry no breaking and entering I have keys) and left her some pretty, vibrant pink flowers and a card so when she gets there this morning she’ll be greeted by them. What a trooper she was through the whole experience. Oh sure it was a shock during the initial days. I can still see her face when the doctors told her. She had cancer. That she needed to go through treatment. She shocked, then scared, then sad, then angry. How could this happen she thought? Nearly perfect diet and exercise program. Because that’s just life. Sometimes life throws us challenges. Sometimes those challenges are small, sometimes they are the size of a mountain. But each time we need to accept the challenge. Face it head on and take it down.

My Mom is a one tough cookie originally from South Boston, we call her Judge Judy. She's always been my rock. For the first time in my life I needed to be hers. I needed to step up and be her support system. To be there any way she wanted or needed. And that’s what I did along with my dad, three sisters and 7 nieces and nephews. She was a model patient and doctors actually loved seeing her come in because her positive attitude was good for the other patients. Once she got over the initial shock she adapted the attitude of...I'm ready to kick cancers ass. She’s been a runner for about 30 years and she was not going to stop now. So when she could, she would get out there. She was, is, amazing. I remember that day 5 years ago. It was a cold Friday afternoon. I met her at the doctors for the final treatment. When she came out the nurses threw confetti at her and presented her with a certificate. Smiles and laughter and relief. As happy as that day was, today 5 years later is even better. 5 years is a milestone. Amazing. You are amazing mom.

UPDATE: After my mom read the entry she emailed me the following "Nice, thanks, made me cry! But really appreciate you and what you always do. Made something really frightening - manageable. Thanks for being YOU!!"

Last night was not nice out, cold and wet, so I was sentenced to run on the treadmill. You know how I feel about that! Don’t love it. I do it, but not happily. As I was running along I realized it’s now been over a week since I have been to the studio. And I miss it. I miss my Bikram practice. I really, really do. I miss the people, I miss the postures, I miss the heat and I miss the feeling you get when class is over. After class I always feel like I could float. Just feels so good. Nothing like it. And I also notice my back feeling tight and sore. So I need to get back ASAP. I think this weekend I’ll ease myself back into it. Can’t tonight, Holiday team party, which will be fun. We don’t do a company party (700 people) so we end up doing team parties. So Bikram, I know you are still there. I know you’re not going anywhere. When I’m ready you welcome me back with open arms. Can’t wait!

And I just listened to a voice mail from my sister Robin and she was laughing. She had a dream last night I went to teacher training and opened up an awesome studio. Too funny. See...That’s a sign a need to get my butt back to the HOT ROOM!

Enjoy the day all!



  1. Wow, your mom is amazing. That is such a beautiful tribute!!

    I burst out laughing at the end of your post, because the same thing has happened to me. It's one thing when YOU have dreams about yoga... but when OTHER PEOPLE starting having dreams about you and your yoga, that's when you know you've REALLY got it bad! ;-)

  2. DancingJ: Thank you! My mom is pretty much my favorite person in the world. Tough as nails with a heart of gold. Yeah, I cracked up at her dream too. So freaking funny! :)

  3. What a great story Traci. Your mom is an inspiration.

  4. G: Thanks! She inspires me daily for sure. I think I get my competitive spirit from her!