Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you can, you must!

If you can you, must! If you can, you must!  Those words play out in my head in teacher Hannane's accent almost every Bikram class now. Hannane will say this over and over during class.  The other morning in class she stood directly infront of me during Triangle and said those words.  The teachers obviously know I can do the poses the right way, so when they see me slacking and drifting away they have no problem letting me know to get my head back in the room. I always just smile and do it.  I truly, truly appreciate corrections. Sometimes our minds (well, mine anyways) travel outside the room. I love when they pull it back for me. 90 minutes in the room. 90 minutes in the room. Stay present. Concentrate, Meditate, Focus!

Anyway...How was your Wednesday? I took Audrey's 9:30am class this morning.  Great way to warm up on a frigid East Coast morn and perfect way to get the day started for sure. Audrey's amazing and class was fantastic. She's tough and knows how to get you to go to your maximum, but she adds tons of humor into her class. I think Audrey got me to do my best Triangle ever. Can't you just feel the positive difference when you do it right and give 100%?  So, so good.  Class was great, just wish my hip flexor (ugh!) would heal already. For the most part it doesn't bother me in yoga, only running.  I think the only really uncomfortable posture for the injury is Wind Removing, right leg. So I just pull down slightly rather than all the way to my shoulder. 

Guys, can you believe New Year's Eve is tomorrow?  How fast did this year go by!? Well...Maybe because I spent the first half of the year dreading my...gulp...40th birthday that passed in July.  It was a biggie and I was not handling it well.  People would say, oh please you look like your in your late 20's so who cares.  Uhhh, that's not the point, the point is 4.0. Fourty? I'm, like, old? But you know what? That day came and went and all that happend was the number changed. I was still me. Seriously, right after my birthday passed I felt almost empowered, like I could do anything. Oh sure, I would honestly love my 30's back. 30's are awesome! But 40's...I'm determined to make my 40's even better. 

Tomorrow's the  day I want to make my post about  my goals for 2010 (and for the years following).  As a prelude I'll let you know they include the following topics: Beginnings, Love, Challenge, Adventure, Changing People's Lives, Leadership, Moral Courage.  Have many personal and professional goals for myself this year.  How about you guy's? Given it some thought? 2010 is going to be outstanding for sure! Get ready to rock!

And for you 101 Day Challengers...You are almost to the starting gate...Are you ready?  Wish I could join you all but I don't want to commit and have to stop because of work. Anyway, I look forward to living vicariously through you all!

Enjoy your evenings and I'll catch up with you here tomorrow!

Cheers and Hugs!  Traci

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love the Spa!

Hi all. Have a good day? Hope so! Today the cold weather come back to visit with us here in the Boston area (hope it's a short visit). Not only the cold, but also the wind. Just checked the weather conditions and it's currently 10 degrees with a wind-chill of minus 21. Blink, blink, blink...Are you kidding me? This is just not right. So not right. Oh well, that's what warm winter clothes are made for I guess. Just makes me look forward to the Hot Room at the studio tomorrow even more. What's better than a good Bikram class on a cold, bitter day? Certainly not a run outside, I can tell you that from experience!

Today was an ultra relaxing day. Still on vacation. Got myself up to head to yoga but decided on a run instead to mix things up. Pretty good run, or at least as good as it gets in the weather. Got in my 5 miles. The only really good thing about the run is my sidewalks are back. With all the rain we had the past couple of days the snow is pretty much gone...for now anyways.

After my run I had a lovely (and needed) spa day. Actually ran into a friend there which was a very nice surprise! We got to sit side by side and talk (ok, ok and gossip a little) pretty much non-stop the whole time. Went a little blonder with the hair this visit. I'm always blonde but lately have been on the darker blonde side. I'm back to really light now and totally loving it again! Ran some errands after the spa and couldn't wait to get home to a cozy warm house.

Tomorrow is Bikram 9:30am with Audrey. Should be an awesome class for sure.

My sister Robin and I practiced yoga yesterday together, which of course is always great. Ok, let me just tell ya'll about a pet peeve of mine...This guy (never seen him before) walks into the hot room 2 minutes before class starts...with his shoes on! Yuck! It's pretty much common sense to take your shoes off. Ok, so then he comes in and decides to set up his mat directly in front of my sister and doesn't even turn to ask if she can still see the mirror. Nothing worse than a rude bikram yogi. Then he proceeded to sit half the postures out. I told my sis she could fix that problem if she would be brave and join me in the front row! Maybe next time...Right Robin?

So after class my sis had to go to the dreaded DMV....Shutter...You know what that means right? Lines and waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. There she sat and sat and sat with masses of people renewing their license and registrations. She sat for nearly 2 hours! And you know what she told me? She says that because she practiced Bikram that morning she was ok with it. Even with all the screaming kids running around the place and loud, cranky people all around her. She just sat there. She was calm. That's it! That's what Birkam does for us. That's why everyone should practice Bikram!

And my other sis Kellie sent me a text today that says "Thanks! Hannah is always doing yoga poses now...And I pulled an ass muscle doing it with her! Namaste!" Hannah is my 6-year-old niece I taught yoga to her the other day. You should see her standing head to knee. Almost perfect! I swear I will get my other sisters into the studio this year! One of my goals. By the way, I have lots of goals for 2010 I will be talking about in the next post. I don’t call them resolutions, i fance goals much more.

Ok guys...Have a truly awesome night. If it's cold where you are stay warm and get yourself into one of those crazy looking Suggies and if you're lucky enough to be enjoying nice weather, well I don't want to hear it! Just kidding of course...Enjoy it!

Cheers guys! Traci

Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Morning All!  Hope the weekend was great for everyone. Just a quick fly by post this morning.  I'll be back later with more.

Ahhh...It felt so great to wake up this morning and not have to get to work for my 8am Monday meeting! Instead I'm heading shortly to the Hannanes 9:30am Bikram class with my sister Robin. What an awesome way to get he day and week started, yes? Took her class yesterday too and it was just an awesome, challenging class again.  Lots of people seemed to be struggling.  Not sure why? Maybe because of all the holiday festivities.  One girl even said she could smell all the bad food and drinks coming from her pores!

I think Hannanes becoming one of my favorite teachers now. I love how she tells people she likes it hot and humid in the room, like it's suppose to be, and that's how it will be. My kind of teacher! Hannane is strong, focused and gives great corrections. Ok, I better go get ready for class now!

Have a fabulous start to your week guys! See ya'll later.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crreating Memories...

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an awesome day yesterday and created some wonderful memories. Goes by so quick doesn't it? Yesterday was such a great day filled was tons of laughs with my crazy (in a good way) family.

My day started off with a nice Christmas morning run to get things going. Had a pretty good run (aside from my sore hip flexor…please get better!). The temp was warmer in the 30's with tons of melting on the sidewalks. Still spots where the snow is packed down but I'm hoping after some rain this weekend we'll get our sidewalks back. Just makes for a much nicer run. Although...I do seem to be getting pretty good at the sport of snow bank hurdling! I hear it's a new Olympic sport this year (ok, maybe not)

Managed to get in about 5 miles yesterday. Came home and made myself a lovely Christmas breakfast and had it along with some tea. Got ready and headed over to my parents around 12 noon. Decided to make a stop at the only Dunkin Donuts open for miles and miles (sadly no Starbucks open at all!). The line was out the door...oh what people will do for coffee! Seriously guys, I was actually waiting on line outside for like 10 minutes before I even made it into the store. I even said to the girl in front of me...I don't know if it's worth it; think I'll give up. She says...OH! It's worth it; it's going to be a long day! Just stay. So I did. Got my latte and I was on my way. Made it to my parents around 1pm. I was the first one to arrive. My family exchanges gifts in shifts. We don't do it all at once, we do it by family. Weird, I know. But there are just so many of us now it would be a madhouse to do all at once. Robin & her family early in the morning. Me, whenever. Kellie and Bill & the girls right after me. Erin, John & the boys last around 3. It works for us.

Santa ( parents actually) was great to me as usual. My parents adore Christmas. Ever since we were little they have gone above and beyond to make the day special. Truly have so many amazing Christmas memories. Even my nieces & nephews shake their heads and say...Way too much! My 6 year old niece Hannah said to my sister Kellie…I figure I don’t really have to be good for Santa because Nana Clause always knows exactly what to get me! Hannah’s a bit of a spitfire. My sisters say she just like me!

I know our parents really enjoy doing it and it makes them happy to see everyone's smiling happy faces. Thanks Mom & Dad for always making Christmas so special! Gifts included money (always good!), jewelry, gift cards, North Face gear, lots of running gear etc. My mom even threw some really cool new reflector armbands in with my new running stuff. The bands are great and are battery operated and really bright! So excited to try them out. She looked for a new Road ID but could find it. Think she’s ordering one online for me though.

So my parents… Yeah, it’s pretty impossible to buy for them, really nothing you can get them. So I usually end up getting them a gift certificate to the hotel they always stay at on Cape Cod. Practical. At least I know they'll use it since they stay there tons of times during the year. Of course I filled in with little extras for them as well...Yankee Candles, wine, wine glasses...just little things.

The day was great. It was loud and crazy. Just as it should be. Our family is now up to 16. At one point as we were all seated at the dining room table and enjoying the beautiful sit down dinner my mom says...Wow, remember when it was just the 6 of us! Seems like forever ago for sure.

The day and dinner equaled pretty much non-stop laughing. You put my 3 sisters and me together and forget about it. We just get so silly. My brothers-in-law all just shake their heads. Now that my oldest niece is 22 she's pretty much like one of the sisters too and gets in on the silliness. Fun, fun, fun.

After dinner my nieces and nephews coaxed me into a game of Simon Says. I, of course, was Simon. Felt like I was10 again! My nephew Ben finally says...Traci, are these yoga poses? Ummm, maybe? ;) Then the little guy Noah says...I want to play red light green light. No clue about this game but gave it my best shot. My parent’s family room is 30 feet long so pretty good running room. I just kept picturing Noah running straight into the hearth and into the fireplace so I kind of stopped the game. Then he wanted to wrestle. Ugh...boys! Non-stop!

I wrapped the night up and left my parents around 8:30 or 9:00, somewhere around there. Long but fun day. Came home and of course had to look at all the gifts again!

The day was perfect in almost every way. Thanks Mom & Dad for creating another wonderful Christmas memory for all of us. You two truly are amazing and I love ya both tons!

Today I am heading to the 3:00pm Bikram class with Hannane. Should be a great class.

Hope your day was just as you wished for yesterday. Enjoy your Saturday!

Oh...and RT if you're reading...good to catch up with you, don't be a stranger!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Nephews Noah, Ben & Luke spreading reindeer food last night (yup still lots of snow). Little Noah is 3 and was so excited! Cute. Cute. Cute.  Enjoy your day people! Record short post for me huh?

Holiday Hugs...Traci

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Totally Perfect Bikram Class!

Hey All! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope your holiday is off to a great start! I'm on vacation from now until January 4th.  Yay! Looking forward to lots of downtime over the next several days...And Bikram and Running!

This morning I was up nice and early to get some last minute things done before heading to the 9:30am Bikram class. My sister Robin was meeting me at the studio today for class so I was extra excited. Isn't it always better when you practice side by side your favorite people? It's not like you even speak a word the entire class but you can just feel the positive energy. Love it. We actually both pulled up to the studio at the exact same time. Of course from the minute we see each other it's like a gabfest. Catching up on the entire goings on in our lives. We got there at 9:00 so lots of time to chat prior to class. We anticipated the class being packed like it was on Thanksgiving so immediately set up our mats. We open the hot room door, walk in, look at each other and...Smile! It's nice and hot in the room today! Set up in the hot corner of the room (my fave) and we decide to take a peek at the temp. Already 108 degrees 30 minutes before class. That's a good sign. A very good sign. Have I mentioned we like it extra hot. The hotter the better!

Hannane is teaching class this morning. She's pregnant and due in March. Can I just tell you how amazing she looks? Great! And not only is she still teaching, she's also still taking classes and rocking them out. Wow.  Just wow.

Class begins right on time and ends up being a nice size. Just enough people, maybe 25? As class begins and I hear the strong energy in Hannane's voice I just know this is going to be a great class. And it was. I love how she keeps the class flowing. No breaks. Just moving from one posture to the next with strong dialogue. Also gets some jokes in there as well. My hip flexor is still bothering me so I didn't go as deep into some postures. Felt good to loosen it up and stretch it out. At one point, as we stood up on our knees for Camel I caught Robins eye and we both smiled as if to say "awesome class!"  Isn't it funny how in class you can understand what someone is saying just by a smile? Class was perfect. Perfect heat, perfect pace and flow, perfect energy, perfect teacher. Class felt wait, class felt great! After class Hannane cracked me up. So as you might know I was a gymnast. Hannane says...Traci, you just can't let the fancy gymnast arms and toes go can you? Try as I might to stop, my Bikram still has an added flair to it.

After class I change quickly, say my good bye (until this afternoon) to Robin and head out to run some last minute errands. First stop...STARBUCKS! Crowded? Ummm, yeah, just a little. Line was like 20 deep but needed my latte! Pumpkin Spice will be leaving us in a couple of weeks and won't be seen again until next October! Sadness. So I waited. But that's the thing about after a Bikram class...lines don't bother you. Really, they don't. So weird. Next stop the Market. If I thought Sbucks was crowded, this was OVER crowded! So many people. Picked up the things I needed along with some great Pinot Noir and some lovely red tulips for this evening and stood on line. In each line, 30 people at least. No exaggeration folks. No worries. We'll get to the front sooner or later. And wouldn't you know I did make it to the 30 mintes later. Sigh...Ah, the Holidays. We rush, rush, rush for days and days. We battle traffic and cranky shoppers to enjoy one day. Sometimes I wish the holidays were less commercial.

So now I'm just about to hop in the shower and get ready to head to my sister Kellies Christmas Cocktail Party (usually at my sis Erin's house but Kellie wants a crack at it this year). Picking up my sis Robin, niece Sarah and nephew Sam at 3:30pm and we'll go together. Should take us about 45 minutes or so to get there (pending traffic of course). Not bad.

Ok everyone! If you’re celebrating this evening I wish you the best of times. Have fun and be safe. Enjoy spending time with your families and friends. And most importantly remember to smile (BYC hope your sporting that beautiful smile today!), breathe and to just be happy. As the song says...It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Merry Christmas Eve all!

Cheeeeeers! Traci

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

High Energy Kind of a Day!

Hello, Hello, Hello guys! Tons of energy today! What a crazy week it's been. So much work to get done in 3 days! After today I'm not back in the office until January 4th. Just saying it sounds weird. I'm definitely the type that has a hard time mentally taking time away from work and disconnecting myself. So of course I'll still be logging in from home. Crazy girl, I know. I'm pretty sure the company will be just fine without you for a few days Traci! As one of my guy friends says to me "you’re a gooba". Don't know why but makes me laugh every time, and still have no idea what he means by it :)

This morning started off fabulous. Came in to work about 7:30am to find lots of cards on my desk. Gift cards in all of them! Presents are so much fun (still waiting on a little blue box though ;). Mall gift cards, Starbucks (yummm) gift cards, Amex gift cards. Gift cards rock! Love to shop so what could be better to give me right? Perfect gift if you ask me. Anyone out there still looking for a gift for me? Two words: Gift Card...or a little blue box (I mention that one a lot huh?)

Had my weekly status update meeting with my boss at 9am. I actually love this meeting. We don't really talk much during the week since we're usually running like crazy, so it gives us a chance to catch up, both on work and personal stuff. Always lots of laughs and stories. Have I mentioned I work for the best people? I really do. I feel so lucky. Oh sure we all have a bad day every now and then, nothings perfect, but 99% of the time, it's all good. BUSY, but good. I always tell my candidates & potential new hires this: If you can get up in the morning, get ready, get in your car, drive to work and never think about it, just do it on auto pilot...That’s a good thing! It's a bad thing if you’re constantly thinking...UGH work tomorrow! Or if on Sunday you hear the 60 Minutes clock tick tick tick and you think...Oh no! MONDAY tomorrow, also not so good. I can honestly say I almost never feel like that. Something so good about having an amazing team to work with isn't there?

Funny story that I’m still laughing about! One of our Directors sees me walking by and says "TK wait!" and comes running over. Pulls me into one of the conference rooms and tells me he needs me to walk on his back to work out a kink! What?!?! NO WAY...Come on, he says...Please! Says his daughter usually does it and since I'm tiny I'd be perfect. I concede. Off come the4 inch high heels (should have kept them on, THAT would have been funny). There I am walking up and down on his back as he lies on the conference room floor. He’s making all sorts of noises. Finally we hear his back pop back into place. I'm now laughing at the situation. Step back into my shoes, he pushes himself back up to standing and straightens out his pants. With that we turn and walk towards to door. It's then we see like 5 co-workers looking in. We open the door and they just say, Really don't want to know what just went on in the there. Lots of smirks and by now I'm belly laughing along with my co-worker. He says...Oh the rumors are going to start flying now! Maybe you had to be there, but I'm just saying it was hysterical. I work with some very silly guys... indeed I do.

That's the kind of day it is around here today. Lots and lots of smiles and laughing and overall good spirits. "Comfortable, easy, flexible"...oops sorry about that...the Bikram dialogue just popped into my head. That ever happen to you Bikram guy's? You’re having a normal conversation and there it is playing out in your head...Bikram!

Workouts: Guess what? Yesterday I had so many people yipping at me all day long about my hip flexor. I was limping around the office all day. Everyone was telling me, don't run, don't run, don't run. Well, it's so unlike me to listen and take advice (I can be just a bit stubborn at times) but I did! And you know what? It feels a tad better today. The rest was good! Still there but at least I can walk normal. tonight I'm off to have holiday cocktails with friends. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve! Huh? What? Well that really snuck up on us now didn't it? Anyway, my sis Robin texts me this morning at 7:45 making sure I was going to the 9:30am Bikram tomorrow. Yup. I'll be there. That's right. A good old morning class. Don't like em, but tomorrow it's the only class of the day so morning it is. I anticipate a full house studio.

After that my family does a Christmas Eve cocktail party at my sister Kellie's house and Christmas day is at my parents. Busy time of the year! Fun to spend it with my fam that I really don't see that much, but whew! Always good when the holidays are over.

Bloggies, hope you have an awesome afternoon filled with smiles and sunshine!
See ya back here tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Running through the Snow

Hi Guys!
First, a very Happy 25th Birthday to the awesome blogger over at Everythingtarian!  Happy belated Holly!  Hope you had a great day.

I'm not sure if I'm getting use to the winter air or what but when I left my house this morning I thought...huh, it feels warmer!  Took a look at the temp and it was only 15 degrees. Nope, not warmer. I think a little warm up is in the cards for us sometime in the next few days.  Looking like it could be in the mid to high 30's and pushing 40. 40's will feel like spring time!

Work out update:  Last night I wasn't at the office very late at all. Made it home by 6:15.  On the way home I had to blast the music to get myself pumped for my run.  Cold, dark, snow covered streets. I was hoping to see some other runners out there on my drive home to motivate me. Nope. Not a one.  Didn't see one runner, walker or anyone braving the elements.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to motivate myself.

 It would have been so easy to just change into cozy clothes, make some dinner and call it a night.  But already scheduled a run and I knew if I didn't go I'd regret it.  So I unlocked my front door, stepped in, dropped my bags and immediately got changed.  I knew the key to this run would be gearing up properly.  Pulled on my Under Armour Cold Gear running tights (these things are amazing! You can't even feel the air on your legs at all. Love them.) running turtle neck, running zip up, running jacket, gloves, hat, running scarf, music...stretch, stretch, stretch...take some really deep breaths and I'm off.  Soon as I got outside I realized I forgot to put on my reflectors and ID.  I knew if I went back inside it would be really hard to head back out.  So I did something I would yell at people for, I ran at night with no relectors, no ID. Don't do this guys, not safe!

Didn't take very long before I realized it was going to be, well, a challenging run for sure. The sidewalks that appeared to be cleared? Yeah, not so much. Just had to smile and make the best of it. At least I was outside, running, getting fresh air and rosey cheeks.  I kept think the whole time...Cleats...cleats would be great right about now to dig into the ice! The sidewalks were icy and snowy. Id' be running along and then wham! Another snowbank to traverse.  I must have looked crazy jumping up and over all the snow banks.

I decided to just run up and down random streets. Easier because I could just run in the street. Again, not the safest thing I've ever done. But taking all random streets was kind of fun. Saw some really pretty light displays. And it was so, so quiet out.  Even though it was about 20 with wind chill in the single digits I didn't feel the cold with all my gear. It did it's job.  Because of all the random streets I took (and because I don't have a Garmin...Christmas present maybe???) I have no idea of the mileage. The run was so random I don't even think would help. Was out there for about 40 minutes.  Got it done.

Still having a problem with my hip flexor. Iced it when I got home from my run. But still hurts alot. Aside from resting it...UGH, don't want to...Not sure what else to do. Thinking a trip to the doc might be next. Just very frustrating. Anyone ever have the same issue?  Advice?

Ok guys!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday and workout if that's on your agenda today. I have another run scheduled for this evening.  Thinking I might hop on the treadmill though. We'll see how I feel after the sun goes down. As always, prefer to be outside!

Cheers to ya! Traci

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sidewalks Cleared?

Hi all!  What a difference a day makes huh?  Yesterday was dark and cold and snowy.  Today is bright and sunny. Still cold but good to see my friend the sun again.  The sun is so bright it's glaring off all the white snow! The day after a snow storm it's always so beautiful out.  You can pretty much bet on it being sunny the day after. Albeit cold, but sunny.

Already tired of this weather and it's only December?  Long way to go. Don't even feel like venturing outside for lunch so just grabbing something from the cafe in the building. Soup's sound really good right about now. I usually like to get out and get some fresh air but I'm not wearing sensible shoes today for the snow. Don't need to fall down yet again. Note to self: No 3 inch heels in this weather!

Driving to work I was checking out the sidewalks for running. Not bad, not bad. Not great, but still good enough to get a run in.  Must be careful though! Along the water they plowed the sidewalk nice to the pavement which is great.  I actually saw a woman out there this morning for her run at 7am. Brrrr.  She had the full face mask on and everything. I just can't do the morning workouts. Can't do it but admire those who can.  Night time is best for this girl.

I have tons to get through before my holiday vacation (off Dec 24th-Jan 4th!).  I've prepared mentally for being here at the office late every night until then so I can leave here Wednesday evening knowing everything is taken care of.  Have to work on a position that has been a real challenge to hire for. Looking for a very specific candidate. Goal I  have set for myself this week is to at least get some solid candidates in the pipeline for it.  Anyone out there looking for a Carrier Relations Analyst (telecom experience) position? :)

Workouts planned this week: So since I already know my work week looks crazy I'm scheduling my runs Mon-Wed; Thursday 9:30am Bikram (me and my sis Robin are going together...yay!). Christmas morning run with my parents. I love running new routes so it should be a good run.  They live by the water as well so hopefully the cold wind is not coming off the ocean that day! Saturday Bikram 3:00 and Sunday Bikram 3:00.

And yes, my parents still like me to come and stay at their house Christmas eve so I can wake up with them Christmas morning. Silly at this age isn't it?  I only live about 15 minutes away from them but they like me waking up in their house to see if Santa came. And my Mother actually still says that when I come down in the morning. They're just being silly.  Makes them happy, which makes me happy too. Always funny to sleep in my childhood  bedroom.

To think about today...actually always: Try to be the best you can be. Ask yourself "Is what I'm doing going to help me become my best?"  Simple question, but I think it can help keep us anchored.  Especially this time of year when things get so hectic!

Side note: Our Corporate Attorney is wearing a tie that plays Christmas music.  I keep healthy treats at my desk to share (almonds, walnuts, trail mix, Cascadian bars...And of course some chocolate).  Every time he comes to my office he starts playing playing it. Trying to decide if it's funny or annoying :)

Have a great rest of your Monday guys!

Cheers! Traci

Sunday, December 20, 2009

18"...give or take an inch or 2

My hand after playing in the snow...Brrrr....                                                                 Snowball!

My wintry backyard & icy-cold looking water!                                           Big, big snowbank at the mall!

Snow fall totals where I live:  Looks like we're at around 18 blissful inches. There go my sidewalks for running! 
Guys, given how ugly the day was today, around sunset the sky actually looked quite beautiful.  There were colors of orange and red and pink spanning the sky against an amazing canvass of stark white.  Couldn't stop staring at it. So pretty.  I did make a trip to the mall where a nice front row spot was waiting for me.  Needless to say there were no crowds to be had there this afternoon. Just my kind of shopping!  And the people working in the stores were more than attentive...I think they were actually bored.  Made a visit to Teavana and sampled some spicy, cinnamon tea.  Warming & delish.

Oh, and on my way home I made sure to check out the sidewalks (crazy runner girl, right?). Guess what?They already have the little Bobcat out clearing the sidewalks just for ME so I can get my run in. Awww, thanks DPW guys! Ok, Ok, so it's not really for me, it's actually for the kids walking to school.  But I'll take it!
Ok, my stomach is telling me its time to make dinner and then get cozy. These are the kind of nights fireplaces are made for.  Lighting some candles and putting on Christmas music while I make dinner.  Do you guys have a favorite Christmas song?  There's many on my list but I love Santa Baby!

Enjoy your evening all....TK

A Beautiful Blanket of White

Hi Guys,
Sorry for being MIA yesterday!  The weather forecast was calling for tons of snow here in the Boston area so I wanted to get as much as I could done yesterday for Christmas, which by the way is coming way to quick! It sure is pretty out there right now.

Yesterday: My plan was to go to the 3pm Bikram class. Sadly it didn't happen.  My parents have an apartment building  (132 units) and needed me to do some showings for them. So I was doing that until about 1pm and with everything that needed to get done I decided to get a run in instead.  The whole time on my run I'm thinking...Well, this is going to be the last run for a while on bare pavement.  With the snow coming the sidewalks will be snow covered for a long time unless we get a few warm days (warm days please come see us soon!). I still run in it but it just increases my chances of falling even more! Like I need that right?

It actually felt a bit warmer yesterday, I think it was about 28 degrees? Better than the teens! Run wasn't bad. I actually saw lots of other runners out there getting their run in before the storm.  Seeing other runners out there is the best. Love it. Kind of pumps me up. Cracks me up how we all do the runners nod or wave as we pass eachother.  Runners, like Bikram praticers, are a breed like no other. Love being part of both groups!

I was dreading hitting the stores yesterday. I hate crowds.  Don't like them AT ALL.  Sometimes I think I'm invisible, like people just kind of try to walk right through me.  Come on people...I know I'm small but you can still see me right? And at least say excuse me if you hit me.  The other day a lady who's coughing walks directly into me, sighs and gets all huffy. I said, excuse me would be nice.  Her response to me "Why don't you just leave the mall!...Cough, cough, cough"  I just smiled and said...I hope you have a happy holiday and walked away.  Funny how what's suppose to be a happy time of year turns into a grouchy time of year for so many people. Think I'll start handing out buttons to cranky people that say "Just Smile".

Oh, and it seems that no matter how old we get our parents still think we're kids.  Before I head out I call my mom to talk about the potential renters for her units.  At the end of the conversation she says (with my dad talking in the background) swing by our house before you go shopping.  I got you some new gloves and scraper for your car. And I got a shovel for your sister that I want you to drop over to her house. Seriously, sometimes I feel like my parents would love to have kids at home to still take care of!  The gloves were awesome and made for the cold and snow (even in my favorite blue color) and the scraper was perfect.  Has the extender and brush so I can easily reach the roof.  Then of course they tell me to make sure my gas tank is full. Thanks for taking care of us as usual Mom and Dad!

Anyway, so about shopping yesterday...It wasn't bad! Not at all.  The traffic getting from one place to the next was the worst part. But once I was actually where I needed to be I was pleasantly suprised. I went to the Derby Street Shops rather than the Mall.  It's nice with all the stores, but outside.  I figured on a cold day like yesterday people would rather be inside an enclosed mall. It was still busy but not bad. And Whole Foods is there so I could get that done too. Pretty much got everything done on my list. Just need to pick up one more gift card to a specific skate store and I'll be done! Productive day for sure.

Came home and oraganized my gifts. Everythings ready to go to all the recipients! Didn't feel like going out last night so just had a couple of friends over for appetizers and some wine.  Lit lots of candles and had a pretty relaxing night. Forgot to buy my weekly flowers though...Need to get some today :)

All right folks...There's about 13-15 inches of snow out there so far to deal with and temps hovering around 18 dgrees.  Got my gear on and heading out to do some shoveling. I'm actually one of those crazy people who likes to shovel.  It's a great workout and anytime I can sneak in a workout is a good thing!

I'll check back with ya later, but me and my sis might try to get to a 3pm Bikram class if the studio is open. Cross your fingers for us!

Guys, be safe out there if your heading out.  The storms just about over but the roads are still slippery I'm sure.  So thankful for 4-Wheel drive on days like this!

Pretty random post huh?  Sometimes that's how my head works, jumping from one thought to another. Oh well.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!  GO PATS!

UPDATE:  I just checked the studio website and classes are cancelled today.  No Bikram, can't get out for a run...looks like treadmill here I come (yuck).

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Quincy

Weather Update/Class Cancellations:
Due to inclement weather & parking ban: No 3:00pm class on Sunday December 20th.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Clumsy Girl!

Hi guys! Happy Friday!  I have the day off so I've just kind of been easing into the day.  Actually I think I'm procrastinating going outside in the cooold.  I just wish it was in the 40's. 40's I can handle. Single digits, teens and 20's I can't. Just can't

Anyway, last night being the silly girl I am I decided to go for a run. Lot's of branches and stuff on the ground.  Lot's of things to trip on.  Not good for a clumsy, accident prone person such as myself.  I should probably mention, I tend to be a little...ok, ok alot...clumsy.  Always have been.  Anyone who knows me is never suprised when I tell them I fell down, walked into a wall, tumbled down the stairs (people at work always want me in front of the m in the stairwell because I might fall on them if I'm behind them!) or the like.  Pretty funny actually.  They are not suprised but they always say, you were a gymnast and you do yoga, HOW can you be such a clutz?  People at work tell me I need to be wrapped in bubblewrap! My family and friends shake their heads when I fall and say...Oh, why am I not suprised?

I've even fallen flat on my face on dates...FIRST dates!  That's right.  Walking in Boston in the North End after an awesome meal and some fabulous wine, I step off the curb and...oops!  Down I go.  My date didn't realize it and was still talking away.  Finally he notices I'm not beside him. Turns around and sees me there.  We both start laughing.  What else can you do right?  Good thing I can laugh at myself. I once read "You grow up the first time you have a real laugh at yourself." Well then...I must be really grown up! My date kept laughing about it at random times of the night.  So funny.  Oh I could write a book about all my stories. I'm not kidding, I really could! One of the guys I dated in the past still texts me about some of the silly things I did.  Always makes me laugh.  Laughing at yourself is good!

Where was I going with this?  Oh, last night I'm out on my run and I trip on some branches and debris and down I go.  Not the first time I've fallen on a run, last time was in front of some really cute firemen! Ugh! But last night I really thought I broke both my kneecaps. OUCH! Thankfully I wasn't far from home.  I limped home and was scared to look. I did and what I found was 2 very bruised and swollen knee caps. Oh Great! I could tell they were just bruised. No problem putting pressure on them.  So I iced them (more cooold, teeth chattering). By this time they were already so bruised! Not pretty. Thank God it's winter and I can hide them! 

I woke up this morning and gingerly put my feet on the floor. I was scared my knees were going to kill. But was happily suprised when I felt almost no pain! I took a look and you would never even knew I fell! So wierd.  No bruising or swelling at all.  I tend to heal very quickly.  Which is a good thing given my track record!  I always say it's all the vegetables I eat! Have I mentioned I have not eaten meat in about 22 years? Just never liked it, not even as a kid.

Ok guys, have to go finish up my Christmas shopping.  I've been such a slacker this year with it.  Usually I'm better but this year...not so much.  List Traci, List. Must bring a list with me. Hopefully I won't fall or walk into any walls!  Wish me luck! And I think I might take a day off from any workout to let my knees recover.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great Friday and stay warm out there!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

15 Degrees...Windchill -7...Yikes!

Hi all! It's not good out there. Anytime the air hurts your face, well it's just not a good thing. Need.Warm.Weather. Well, at least I'm getting some nice rosey cheeks!

I don’t know what it is about this week but the days are just seeming to blend together. Really happy it’s Thursday today! Why? Because tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means! Yup, another Friday off for me. Lots to do today before that can happen. My morning is ok. My first meeting is not until 9:30am then I have 7 candidate interviews scheduled after that! That’s a lot of talking to do in one afternoon! I’ll have to make sure to do some yoga poses in my office in between to rev my energy up! Do you guys ever try that? If your day is really busy and you're dragging try to throw some postures in. Really gets the blood flowing and recharges you. I might look kind of silly when someone walks it but then I just have them join me! Even better than caffeine. Oh, still need my latte though. Can’t, won’t, give them up. Love them too much.

If you’ve been reading my blog this week you know it’s been a really busy one for me here at work. Good busy, but busy and non stop. I bet I put in a few miles of running around the building, up and down the stairs every day. I always try to take the stairs when I can and avoid the elevator. Of course I don’t want to scare my candidates so I do take the elevator if I have them with me. Although, that being said I will take the stairs with them if we’re just going up to the next floor. I use to have a terrible fear of elevators. Back in college I kind of got over it a little bit. I lived on the 11th floor in the dorms and walking up 11 flights multiple times a day got old. But even still to this day I have a little nervous feeling as the doors shut and I’m in that box. Crazy, I know.

Last night I was here at the office a bit late...again. I was actually just preparing for my busy day today. I like the feeling of coming in and being ready to go. Reviewed the resumes for the candidates I’m interviewing today, prepared the bios for the Monday announcements for the 5 new hires I have starting, prepared an Offer I need to present today. There’s never enough time in the day to do all these little extra things so after 5 things get very calm and it’s easier to get done.

By the time I got home it was cold, dark and windy again. But I suited up in the running gear and hit the road. The very cold road. I wasn’t going to. I was going to be lazy, but felt I needed to move. Didn’t see one other runner out there. Hell, I didn’t even see one other person walking a dog. Stuck with 4 miles and really I just wanted it to be done. To me running in that type of cold is not fun. You just get it done. After the run I had the little cough you get when you run in the cold. I hate that. The cold air just kind of hangs out in your lungs for a while.

Sighhhhh...Closing my eyes picturing summer time and me cheerfully running down the street. I have on my favorite black Nike running skirt with my smiling happy face (get that one Bikram lovers?). The sun is blazing and temp is in the 80’s. Lot’s of people out and about running, biking, walking. Perfection. Wake up kiddo! Eyes are now wide open and seeing the reality. Me in my running tights, hat, gloves etc. Layers! This is the Boston running reality for the next few months. Wake me up in April (well, maybe May!). Another cold snap for the next several days and this morning on the news I heard the 4 letter word...SNOW...for Sunday. Hopefully just a flurry.

Weekend Workout Plan:
I’m so looking forward to my workout plan for the weekend: Bikram, Bikram, Bikram! Friday: 4:30 with Audrey; Saturday: 3:00 with Hannane; Sunday: 3:00 with Hannane. Perfect!

Thought....You are what you think. You feel what you want. Aim high and do your best!

Stay warm out there people!!! Gloves and hats are your friends today! Actually, I think a full face mask would be even better ;)

Cheers! Traci

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out for a Run

Hi Everyone. Mid-week already! Unfortunately our high 40’s temperatures have gone into hiding. Hoping they visit us again soon. This morning it’s about 25 out and it’s not really expected to warm up much more than that. Please tell me again why I live here? Florida’s nice warm weather is sounding pretty good to me!

Anyway, so yesterday was another very busy day at work. Not complaining, I like being busy. And fell lucky to be so busy. But once again I was here at the office late and missed my yoga class. I’m just accepting the fact that sometimes life gets in the way of our yoga practice. And you know what? It’s ok. Just makes me look forward to getting back there even more!

I live really close to my office so when I leave I’m home very quick. And even though it was dark and cold and windy out and I’m tired from running around like a crazy chicken all day, I give myself a pep talk on the drive home. I start pumping myself up for a run. Listening to good music always gets me ready, so I cranked up the radio. Might have even been singing oout loud ;) Since I’m bummed about missing Bikram I know a run will re-energize me.

I walk through the door, I drop my bags and immediately get changed and ready to go. Running pants, Nike Fit turtle neck, Nike Fit pullover with high neck, hat, running gloves, reflectors, Ipod and I’m ready to go in like 10 minutes flat. While getting ready I munch on a PowerBar. Oh and I have this weird thing where I have to tie and untie and retie my running shoes about 5 times before it feels comfortable. It’s either too tight or too loose. I seem to obsess a bit much about getting it just right! I’ve even been known to stop a few steps into the run to adjust the laces. Must stop obsessing! Must stop obsessing! It's like in Bikram when people keep tigging at their shorts or fixing their towels!

When I’m first heading out the cold wind hits me in the face hard. Oh boy I think. I clap my gloved hands together, pull down my hat, crank up the tunes and take off. I actually stayed a cold for about the first 10 minutes and then started to heat up nicely. I have my set, clocked (for mileage) routes. But I also love mixing it up and taking different roads. That’s what I did last night. I decided to weave in and out of and up and down some side streets, which is probably not the safest or smartest thing to do when it’s so dark out. But there are tons of houses with beautiful Christmas lights on display and I was really just enjoying taking it all in. I think peoples personalities really come out in how they decorate. My favorites are the ones all lit up it white lights . Lots and lots of them. Don't you guy's love Christmas lights?

There’s one house that’s right on the seawall. Use to be an old house but someone bought it over the summer and did a tear down and rebuild. I love running by to see the progress. Last night I noticed that the house is pretty much done but still dark and empty. I see there’s a Christmas tree in the front window. It looked a little lonely!

Run was good and I actually worked up a nice sweat. Hip flexor is still giving me problems which stinks. It really hurt in the beginning then I just tried to put it out of my head. Ran 4 miles in about 35 minutes. Running always leaves me feeling so alive and happy. A bit like Bikram but different (I know...that makes no sense, but hard to explain). By the time I got back home it was after 7:30. Hopped on the computer to finish up some work, iced my hip flexor, made a quick dinner, took a nice hot shower and relaxed a bit before calling it a night.

Never really looked at my phone until late and saw I had lots of texts. One was from my friend Eric who read my post yesterday and wanted to send me a “simple smile”. Thanks E! You’re awesome!

Another was from my sweetie pie niece Sarah. She had just received an email from her Professor. Turns out not only did she receive the highest grade on her mid term, she also got the highest final grade! Sarah’s such a hard worker and loves to be tops in everything. Bit competitive are we? Hmmm... wonder where you get that from? Anyway...Congrats Sarah! So proud of you!!!!

Ok guys. Hope your Wednesday is a happy (and warm) one!

And remember...The life you imagine is the life you live. Use your imagination to direct your life in the direction you want it to go. To get what you truly want. Imagination is a very powerful tool.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Hi guys! Looks like we have another day in the 40's before we go back to the 20's tomorrow.  It really cloudy but at least it pretty warm. Crazy that 40's feels like spring, huh?

Last night my plan was to go to the 6:30 with Mimi. It's pretty much my favorite class of the week and I was looking forward to it so much. Had my bag of yoga gear all ready to go with me here at the office. The more the day went on the more I came to realize there was no way I would make it out of here in time for class. I just had so much work to catch up on. I never left my office until after 6:30. We're still hiring like crazy (we've added well over 100 people to our team this year) so of course in my role as the Corporate Recruiter, there's lots to do. Between candidate searches, phone interviews, live interviews, presenting offers, meeting with hiring managers for all divisions, background checks etc. it's just been nuts. I'm the type that likes to do it all myself too and not hand it off to an assistant. I just feel like I was the first person the candidate met here and I want to complete the process with them. I truly take an interest in my candidates. My favorite thing is when candidates send me thank you notes for being so great during the process.
The best part of my job? Presenting the Offer. Hands down. I love seeing the excitement and relief on the candidates face. So good! With the terrible economy some of my candidates have been looking and interviewing for months.  It's competitive out there for sure. So when they make it through our interview process and I present an offer there is such a look of thanks on their faces.  Makes me so happy! In one of the roles I recruit for we hire a lot of young college grads, so this might be their first real job.  Love the energy they bring to our team.

Ok so I love what I do right? What I don't love is when I miss my favorite Bikram class. I had to though. I guess I could have left everything on my desk for the morning but I hate that.  I hate coming in to unfinished work. Still has to get done right? These next few days are going to be like that. Kind of crazy. Next week being the week before Christmas it should be a bit calmer for me. And then I'm off from the 24th through Jan 4th. I plan on doing LOTS of yoga on those days off!

A thought to leave you with today: Appreciate the little things. Sometimes the little things are the things that will make you the happiest. Focus on the joy of everyday things. Try to notice 3 simple things that make you smile during the day...A text from a friend, your co-workers silly belly laugh, a really good latte (yum!). You choose.  Happiness.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Bikram, it's so good to see you again!

Happy Monday bloggies! Hope you all had great weekends. How is it that even when you have 3 day weekends it’s still just too short? Another day off would have felt great!

First things first! I need to wish my niece Sarah a very Happy Birthday. She turns 22 (what?) today and is truly amazing. We’ve always had such a special bond and she’ll always be my little girl. Happy Birthday sweet pea. Love ya!

Ok onto the yoga! Yesterday as planned I went to the 3pm with Sherie. Awesome...but well get to that in a minute.
I was so happy to be getting back to the studio! It felt good to walk up the long staircase, pull open the door and immediately feel the positive energy floating around. The 30 Day Challenge board is still hanging on the wall with a big Congratulations sign above it. Good reminder of what I just accomplished. Sherie was at the desk with Chris and I knew immediately this was going to be a great class. Lots of unfamiliar faces moving about the studio. Figured out pretty quickly many people came from all around to see Sheri and take her class. The class was packed, especially for 3pm on a Sunday afternoon right in the middle of the Pat’s game!

I set myself up in the front of the room far right corner (or the hot corner as some call it, though it doesn’t feel much different to me). I think it’s my favorite spot in the room. Before class begins I hear Sherie talking to a guy and called him “Charlie”. I looked at him and figured out pretty quickly it was Charlie from Noho Yoga! I tiptoed over to his mat and introduced myself. It’s so fun actually meeting another blogger in person. Before class begins it was really loud in the studio. I think people were seeing people they haven’t seen for awhile so it was like a reunion. Some of the unfamiliar faces looked confused by the chatter. I think they prefer it to be silent in the room. I’m actually ok either way. I just can’t take talking DURING class or in final Savanasa. Other than that it’s ok with me.

So as I mentioned class was awesome. words can not explain. I was just so happy to be there, to be moving through the postures. And to be taking the awesome Sherie’s class, well that was the icing on the cake! She moved throughout the room the entire class. Weaving her way around all the bodies. Making corrections. She never stopped talking, her energy level never waned. There was just one first timer in our class of 50 or so. Sherie made certain to keep giving him positive comments all along the way. He did great! The back row was a group of girls still in their 10 day intro. They seemed to be doing ok, but one girl looked like she was struggling the entire class. Sherie was good about giving her encouragement too. Though when she went for her water after half-moon, Sherie said, No, not yet actually.  The girl looked stunned, but did put the water down. She'll learn.

It was just one of those classes for me that I didn’t want to see end. Honestly, you know the kind of class....when you get to head to knee pose towards the end and your saying in your head...I wish there was another class because I would love to do a double! During head to knee Sherie walked by and gave me a great correction. She pulled my ponytail up so my back was more rounded than straight, so my forehead was higher on my leg. Wow! What a difference. And then she says “you have beautiful postures, but I won’t be here everyday to pull your ponytail up!” Love corrections and compliments equally.

During class my contact lens ended up in the back of my eye. I know...more eye issues! I just tried to forget about but with one posture left I looked in the mirror and tried to fix it. Sherie say “Glitter girl, forget the eyes and get in Savasana.” I just laughed and of course did get right into Savasana. Class ends and I’m not tired at all. It was an absolutely perfect class. Perfect. It was that kind of class. I felt so alive and energized after class I could have run a race.

After I change I walk over to thank Sherie for an amazing class. She asked if the corrections helped. Yes, for sure they did! Then she told me I had a beautiful spine! Love, love, love that compliment. Only someone that practices yoga could really understand that right? A beautiful spine. So good. Floated over to my nieces to give her the birthday presents. She’s really easy and always loves everything! What a great Sunday! Oh and the Patriot's won!

Going to the 6:30 tonight with Mimi. And I can’t wait.
Hope you all have great Mondays. Don’t forget to smile! One thing I do for myself is buy flowers weekly.  Trust me, it makes you happy. This is a pic of the ones I bought this weekend. I love this pic.  I put them on my white carpet and took the pic from above.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Change of plans...

Having a good Sunday everyone?

Ok, I know yesterday I said Monday would be the day of my return to the Bikram studio. But you know what? I guess I lied! I decided to go back today. Yup. I'm heading to the 3pm class with guest teacher Sherie.
I was talking to my sister this morning and she said I'll love her class. Likes it hot, is a no-nonsense, tough (in a good way) teacher. Can't wait!  Will feel so good to get back in the hot room. So good. Since I haven't been there for over a week I'm a bit nervous. Weird, huh? I feel likes it's the first time all over again. So be sure to check back tomorrow to see how it went. Of course I'll be missing most of the Patriots game but given the teams performance in Miami  last week (not good!), I'm fine with it.

After class I'm heading over to visit with my oldest niece Sarah. Her birthday's tomorrow so I want to get her present to her today. I can't believe she's turning 22!  Sarah!  How did that happen? She's in her last year of college and will be a teacher before I know it! Anyway, don't tell her but I got her a Kate Spade bag (her favorite color pink), a silver cashmere scarf, some makeup, some workout stuff, her annual ornament (been giving her an ornament every year since she was a baby, this year's is shown below), a scent diffuser (snowflake scented) and some other little things. 

Enjoy your Sunday people! Hope your doing something fun. And remember what I said in a previous post:  Make someone else smile and you'll smile too!   Wish me luck at Sherie's class this afternoon, I think i may need it!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going Back to Bikram

Good morning and happy Saturday everyone! Little better out today, 25 degrees. Better...right...rolling my eyes.

So I just finished my schedule for the week coming up and Monday is the day. Monday, Monday, Monday. What's happening on Monday you ask? What could possibly be so good about a Monday? Why, it's the day of my return to the Bikram studio! Finally right? I picked Monday for a few reasons. 1. Because I always have really good workouts on Mondays. 2. Bikram is a great way to start the week. 3. Because I don't want it to go 2 weeks before I'm at the studio and 4. Because one of my favorite teachers, Mimi, is teaching. So there it is. And if you know me you know that generally once I make a commitment to do something like this I'll follow through. Especially now that I put it on here to hold me accountable. Thanks for telling me to get my butt back to the studio Dan :) Maybe I'll see you at the 6:30 Monday night!

Oh, and check out what a cutie pie my nephew Noah is. Those are a couple of pics I snapped while we were hanging out yesterday. We played all sorts of very exciting games to pass the time: Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders were among them. Is it crazy that I had no clue how to play Chutes & Ladders? Not a clue folks. I lost every game we played. He's a pretty competitive 3 year old so if I even thought about winning the tears would have turned on.
In deep thought...
"Hi guy's...I'm Traci's nephew Noah!"

After a snack we were talking about his favorite sports: ranked in this order his faves are Lacrosse (been carrying a lacrosse stick all around Duxbury since he could walk), baseball, football and soccer. Can you tell he has 2 older brothers who are total sports kids? Then I tell him MY favorite sport is Yoga. He grinned, looked at me, shook his head and says TT (when he was a baby he couldn't say my name so started calling me TT and it stuck) that's not a sport! Yes it is, I say. Now he's giggling and says, What kind of a sport is yoga? So I say, let me show you. So we jump up off the cozy couch and I start to show him how to do some postures. It was pretty funny and he was actually pretty good! For Toe Stand I put him against the wall to balance then stood in front of him to show him how to do it. He did the posture perfectly with both hands together in Namaskar! So freaking cute. And I'm telling you he was more focused than some people who have practiced for years. He also does gymnastics so I'm sure that helped. We might have another Bikram lover in the family! Of course he got bored after a bit and just wanted to play trains so we headed to his playroom where the Thomas table is set up. Wasn't long before my other nephews Ben & Luke returned from school and it got really loud! 3 boys...I don't know how my sister Erin and brother-in-law John do it. Whew!

Ok guys off to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of shopping and lunch with a friend. Hope you all have a great day...and I really hope it's warmer for you than it is for us here.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's off are the Best!

I thought it would warm up by now. It's 10am and still only 21 degrees with a real feel temp of -1 deg. Meaning that not only is it really cold it's also windy. Great! Well, at least the sun is shining.

Enough about the weather right? Sooo...Morning all and welcome to Friday! My Friday's off in December continue. Because I'm one of those people who neglect taking vacation during the year I have lots to use up now. So no work for me today. No work next Friday and then I'm off Dec 24th and don't return again until Jan 4th 2010. THAT will feel great! Of course me being me I still log in from home and work a bit. Unless I'm in a place with no internet and no cell service it's tought to disconnect myself from the office.

Ok so no workout last night due to a fun Holiday party. I think my hip flexor thanked me. This hip flexor has been giving me trouble for over a week now. It's pretty aggravating. It doesn't hurt when I sit or even walk up and down stairs. It only hurts when I walk or run forward. So my runs have been a bit wierd this week. I wrapped it tight to compress it during my runs which seemed to help. Making sure to ice it after a workout. Still haven't been back to the studio but only because life is busy. I can't wait to get back there. Especially when I read all your blogs about your practices. Is it ok to say I'm jealous? It's kind of like there is a void there without it. I think now that the weather is so freaking cold and running gets harder outside it makes me want the hot room even more. Tell me to get my butt back there!

Today I'm heading to Duxbury to my sisters. I told her I'd babysit my nephew so she could step out and get some Christmas shopping done. Noah's my youngest nephew, 3 years old and cute as can be. When he was younger he looked exactly like baby Shilo (Brad & Angelina's little girl). Not only is he really cute he's alot of fun. So we'll just play for a few hours.  Maybe I'll teach him some Bikram poses to keep him busy! He's a total sports kid already so I bet he'd love it. Ok, wish me luck babysitting!

I'm off to brave to cold outdoors! Stay warm out there everyone!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bikram I Miss You; Pink Ribbons

What going on guy’s? You would never know we had snow yesterday. Later in the day the snow turned to a beautiful rain/sleet mix. I got to the office at 7am and didn’t step a foot outside until I left around 6pm. I generally like to get out for lunch and get some fresh air. Yesterday? No way. Such a weather wimp.

A very important CONGRATULATIONS to my mom Judy. Today marks 5 years since she finished her very last treatment for Breast Cancer. I consider today her “cancer free anniversary”. Every year I remember it with a special treat for her. It’s a big day!

I snuck into her office last night (don’t worry no breaking and entering I have keys) and left her some pretty, vibrant pink flowers and a card so when she gets there this morning she’ll be greeted by them. What a trooper she was through the whole experience. Oh sure it was a shock during the initial days. I can still see her face when the doctors told her. She had cancer. That she needed to go through treatment. She shocked, then scared, then sad, then angry. How could this happen she thought? Nearly perfect diet and exercise program. Because that’s just life. Sometimes life throws us challenges. Sometimes those challenges are small, sometimes they are the size of a mountain. But each time we need to accept the challenge. Face it head on and take it down.

My Mom is a one tough cookie originally from South Boston, we call her Judge Judy. She's always been my rock. For the first time in my life I needed to be hers. I needed to step up and be her support system. To be there any way she wanted or needed. And that’s what I did along with my dad, three sisters and 7 nieces and nephews. She was a model patient and doctors actually loved seeing her come in because her positive attitude was good for the other patients. Once she got over the initial shock she adapted the attitude of...I'm ready to kick cancers ass. She’s been a runner for about 30 years and she was not going to stop now. So when she could, she would get out there. She was, is, amazing. I remember that day 5 years ago. It was a cold Friday afternoon. I met her at the doctors for the final treatment. When she came out the nurses threw confetti at her and presented her with a certificate. Smiles and laughter and relief. As happy as that day was, today 5 years later is even better. 5 years is a milestone. Amazing. You are amazing mom.

UPDATE: After my mom read the entry she emailed me the following "Nice, thanks, made me cry! But really appreciate you and what you always do. Made something really frightening - manageable. Thanks for being YOU!!"

Last night was not nice out, cold and wet, so I was sentenced to run on the treadmill. You know how I feel about that! Don’t love it. I do it, but not happily. As I was running along I realized it’s now been over a week since I have been to the studio. And I miss it. I miss my Bikram practice. I really, really do. I miss the people, I miss the postures, I miss the heat and I miss the feeling you get when class is over. After class I always feel like I could float. Just feels so good. Nothing like it. And I also notice my back feeling tight and sore. So I need to get back ASAP. I think this weekend I’ll ease myself back into it. Can’t tonight, Holiday team party, which will be fun. We don’t do a company party (700 people) so we end up doing team parties. So Bikram, I know you are still there. I know you’re not going anywhere. When I’m ready you welcome me back with open arms. Can’t wait!

And I just listened to a voice mail from my sister Robin and she was laughing. She had a dream last night I went to teacher training and opened up an awesome studio. Too funny. See...That’s a sign a need to get my butt back to the HOT ROOM!

Enjoy the day all!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Morning all. Just thought I'd start the day off with a pic of the lovely (sarcasm) snow that formed on my passenger side window on the way into work. Looks like a winter wonderland out there right now. Really does look pretty out there.... for now anyway. Drive safe if your local. If your'e out west...Enjoy your sunshine!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding my smile

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a good day! The sun is shing really bright outside and it actually feels a bit warmer, although the temp still says only 37 degrees. No clouds, no rain and no snow! Tonight and tomorrow? Well that's a whole different story!Forecast***Tuesday Night, Dec 8 Low: 33 °F RealFeel®: 18 °F Increasing clouds and breezy; rain and snow toward dawn*** Have to love New England...or not.

So I had one of "those" days at work yesterday (BYC you know what I mean right?). It was just really bad, no sugarcoating this one. There just isn't. It the kind of day that makes you feel sick to your stomach. The kind of day where you shed a tear or two on the way home. When I left the office around 6pm I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to do yoga, I didn't want to run, I didn't want to do anything accept take a deep breath, plop down on my couch and chill. I haven't taken a night off from working out in months so I figured it was ok.

I got home and called the person I always call when I'm upset. Mom. I have another person who knows how to make me laugh. But mom, she's the one who really knows how to make me feel better. No tough love from her tonight, just a big strong shoulder. Thanks, as always, for listening Mom.

After talking to her I dediced it might be best to try a short run. It was dark and cold out and I really just wanted to move a bit so I hopped on the treadmill for 30 min. Just enough to open me up.  Moving the body always helps clear the mind doesn't it? Did some stretching after and felt a little rejuvinated.

Bad days stink. Still trying to find my smile today. It came for a moment with a text from my friend, but it's gone back into hiding again. Hoping to find my smile again soon!

Hope you guys have a great afternoon and evening! I'm looking forward to a run tonight to clear the cobwebs out of my head. I  think I really need to get back to the studio. It's been 1 week and I just feel like I miss it so much. I know Sherie is there this weekend so that might be a great thing to go back to!

Cheers and Smiles...Traci

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby it's cold!

Looks like the party is over and weather reality has set in. It’s freaking cold! The kind of cold where it takes your breath away for a second when you step outside. Bone chilling even. Ok, ok I’m being a bit dramatic and I am a weather wimp but nonetheless it’s COLD. And we did end up getting a little snow on Saturday night. Not a lot but the grass is still white. That poor little bush is all covered in snow. I think it needs a nicewarm blanket!

When I left my house for work this morning it was about 25 degrees. It’s 9am now and has warmed up nicely to a balmy 28! They apparently shut down the heat in my office over the weekend and the thermometer on my desk is reading 59 deg. So currently I’m typing in my gloves, coat and scarf. Winter, isn’t she great? Going to be a very, very long winter indeed. People ask me all the time...Why did you ever move back from California? The only answer I can come up with is that I was born here. This is where my roots, my family, my friends are. Sigh. You west coast readers...please send sun and warm temps ASAP!

On a warmer note I give you my weekend workouts:

Saturday was just miserable. Rainy, cold and raw during the day with the rain changing to snow around 7pm. Running outside was out of the question. I kept holding off thinking maybe the weather would get a little better but it didn’t. I knew what I had to do. I don’t love the treadmill, don’t even like it, but really had no choice. Treadmill it was. Ran for 50 minutes. Good God! Time goes by so slow on the t-mill. Outside there’s so much to look at and the fresh air is awesome. On the treadmill it’s really just about getting it done. Worked up a good sweat but my hip flexor is still giving me some trouble. After the run I got in some strength training (arms), abs and then decided to work on some Bikram postures. Running tightens up my muscles so felt good to stretch them out. Pretty good workout overall.

Sunday: This morning the sun was back out nice and bright! It looked like a beautiful day! When I pulled the curtains back in my bedroom and looked out the window the sun was shimmering off the choppy water. Yeah! Oh... but wait, as they say looks can be deceiving. It was really cold. Bitey. How am I ever going to make it through Dec, Jan, Feb, March etc.? How? Normally I would have gone to the 10am Bikram with Sarah but I’m still on the fence on what I am doing. Decided to hop on the treadmill again. Did 40 minutes plus some stretching. Ice the hip flexor, shower, grab breakfast, STARBUCKS, Whole Foods, and watch Patriots game at friends (ugh...just a terrible, sad game). Once home I decided to bump the heat up in the home office again and do some Bikram. I can get it up to 90 which isn’t the 105+ but still warm. I went through the entire series. Finished up much quicker than in class though. I think my time was just over an hour. I know I shortened or skipped some of the Savasanas. I know, not good. Savasana in class is hard enough for me, but by myself is even more challenging.

Not sure what’s up for tonight’s workout. Pretty sure a run is on tap. If the temp can get up to 40 that would be great. Forecast calls for a high of 42. By the time I get home from work I’m guessing it will be about 38, then factor in the wind chill from the wind coming off the water and we’re looking at a real feel in the 20’s. Bundle up Traci! Honestly, once I’m out there I’m ok. Dressing right is the key. I just need to give myself a pep talk. To motivate me I saw one lone runner out there this morning. Definitely have to give him credit. That’s dedication for sure.

Hope it's warmer and sunnier where you are today than it is here in the Boston area! Have a great Monday!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Run...Snow on the Way!

Hi!  Hope your Saturday is shaping up to be a great one so far! It's looking pretty gray out there this morning.  The weather people are calling for some snow in the Boston area later.  Nothing major probably just like an inch.  I think they're just struggling because our weather has been so quiet so far.  They need viewership. And what gets people watching the weather around here? A forecast of Snow! ***Update...just utrned on the weather and now they say 2-4"*** I have my doubts though. I'm calling for all rain.

Anyway, yesterday I took advantage of the last of the warm(er) weather days around here to get in a run. I'm still nursing a muscle pull I think happened during Fixed Firm Pose a few days ago. It's the hip flexor so pretty uncomfortable.  Once I get going I honestly forget about it for the most part. Iced it when I got home. I ended up doing 4 miles in about 33 minutes.  I was happy when I got to mile one and saw I was in the 7 1/2 min mile range. For me that's a pretty quick start.  Still trying to navigate the sticks, leaves and puddles. So still slowing me down a bit.  How can puddles take so long to dry up! Once I get use to the dark again hopefully I can work on speed. Came across 2 other girls out there running too! The past few days I haven't really come across any other runners.  It's funny how during the summer how many more people are out there. I always find it motivating to run by another, give the runners wave and nod and then kick it up. I've been known to "compete" with teh person running ahead of me.  Something just click in my head and says...You Have to catch him. Awesome feeling when you do!

Ok, so what's up with my Bikram huh? Where have I been?  I know, it's crazy I haven't been to the studio since Tuesday. My sister even texted me this morning asking to go to the 3pm. Ok, maybe I'm being silly but this is something that's been bothering me for weeks.  When our new studio owners took over they raised the prices. The monthly  membership went up just about 30%.  At very first glance it didn't bother me. I love the studio, love practicing and so on. But the more I thougth about it I started thinking... 30%? Really? That just seems excessive to me. The rational side of me kicked in and said 30% is too much. And so now I'm am struggling with going back. I just don't like being taken advantage of. I don't think it's smart for any business to have a 30% increase in this economy. Ok, am I being silly? Please be honest with me.

So for now until I sort this all out in my head (if you know me you know I analyze the heck out of things sometimes) I'll just be a runner again. I practiced Bikram in my home office this morning which felt great. I closed the door, got it up to 90 deg, I could hear the dialouge in my head. Not the same as practicing in the studio. But for now it felt good to loosen up.

All right guys. I'm off to enjoy my Saturday afternoon. Really didn't accomplish much yesterday shopping so think I'll try again today. Run later then just hanging with the girls (I didn't take the road trip).

Have a great day! Cheers...Traci

Friday, December 4, 2009

Savasana on the Sidewalk?

Hi everyone. A very happy Friday to you guys! Even a better Friday since I'm on a vacation day. I still have so much vacation time left at work so I'm off a lot this month.

It was nice waking up and leisurely easing into the day. We spend so much of our time rushing from one thing to the next don’t we? Sometimes I find myself rushing so much and I forget to breath! I’m serious. That ever happen to you? You have such a packed schedule and constantly running and then you realize…Uhhh why am I holding my breath. Weird but happens to me all the time when I’m super busy. Sometimes it’s nice to just take it easy. To relax. I say that, but in all honesty I have that personality where I can’t sit still for long. I’ve tried. I have. But I just have to be moving all the time. Energy is definitely something this girl is not lacking. This morning I did to pick up around the house, have a nice breakfast and latte before getting ready to head out for the day. (Heading out after I post this)

Let’s talk about yesterday’s workout. A run was on tap for the evening.

Miles: 5.5  Time: 48 min (I use for mileage but would love a Garmin!)

As I mentioned yesterday we had truly amazing weather here in Boston yesterday. Once the morning rain/wind storm blew out by around 9am or so we were left with a picture perfect afternoon. Bright blue skies, sun so bright it hurts your eyes. And the temp? Well I think it might have reached 70! Where the heck are we? As we say here in Boston though, just wait 5 minutes it’ll change. They’re mentioning the 4-letter word for the weekend…SNOW that is, just flurries but I still hate it. The thought of hail, sleet and snow coming out of the sky sideways in true Nor’easter fashion sends shivers down my spine. Yuck. With all that being said HOW could I possibly not take advantage? I just had to head out for a nice run after work. Got home and hit the street around 6pm sans my running hat! I still pulled on my gloves because I hate cold fingers. And man, it felt great last night.

Small problem though. Due to the storm that passed through earlier there were tons of tree limbs and branches, leaf filled puddles and the like littering the sidewalks. Made for a pretty interesting run. At times I felt as if I were doing a trail run! What looked like piles of leaves turned out to be big old puddles. Soggy feet much? I have a few different routes I run and decided to do one of my favorites. In the light of day it’s great, but at night a bit scary in some spots. About a mile of the stretch goes by a graveyard and it was DARK. Think it actually made me run faster which I guess was good.

During my run I started thinking about how funny it would be if I took a Savasana in the middle of the run. Picture it, running along I just stop, drop and lay on the sidewalk in dead body pose. Heel touch, toes fall open, arms close to my sides, totally relaxed. Eyes open, breathing normal. I’m thinking before too long there would be a crowd around me…along with an ambulance! Funny what pops into our heads huh? Made me laugh out loud though. Yeah, I’m that crazy girl running down the street who entertains herself and is not too shy to laugh and sing out loud if that’s what I feel like doing. Life is way to short to be serious all the time, yes?

Ok folks, today I need to jet and try to do a little Christmas shopping. I’m thinking gift cards is a great way to go this year. Easy and people love getting them! For myself I need to head to Sports Authority and pick up a reflective running vest. The reflective bands I have just are not visible enough. Been off from the HOT room for 2 days now and it feels like it’s been 2 weeks! Need to get back soon, but I think I needed a couple of days away. All in good time. The yoga will be waiting for me, right? Planning another run later today to take advantage of the nice weather. I’m suppose to visit a friend out of state this weekend but not sure if I’m motivated to take a long drive. If not I think dinner and drinks with friends is on tap for the evening. Wine, dinner and good company….what's better than that?

Have awesome Friday’s guys. I'm off to shop! Hoping I don't meet up with many crowds


Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Date With My Other Love...

Not the best pic but this is just part of the atrium in our lobby here at work.Our Facilities team does such a great job decorating for the Holidays. So pretty.
How's everyone doing? Pretty quick week huh? Crazy weather out there for sure this morning. Leaving my house this morning I realized an umbrella just wasn't going to work. Nope. The rain was coming down in sheets and sideways and the wind gusts had to be like 30-40 mph. I'm sure I looked silly but the best option was to pull on my running hat and rain coat and make a mad dash for the car. More of the same getting from the car to the office. And now on hour later what happens? The sun comes out. New England weather is bizarre for sure. Trust me, the sun is out and I’m not complaining! I’ll take it.

Yesterday was a busy day for me here at work. Tons of meetings and running around like a crazy chicken all day. Late in the afternoon I’m sitting at my desk and it pops into my head...I need to run tonight. I don’t want to rush across the city to the studio. I don’t really want to put yoga clothes on. I want to run. I really, really do. I wanted to go home, put my running gear on, and hit the streets. I wanted to listen to some great tunes, breath in the fresh, crisp late fall air and run. That’s precisely what I did. I had a date with my other love...running.

I have to say it felt unusual not to head to the studio from work. I packed up and got out of the office by 5:15. Not bad! I live about a 10 minute ride from work which is great. You have to love the quick commute. Get home and change into my running clothes right away. The thing about running in the winter here as opposed to the fall is there’s so much more clothes to put on: Running tights, Under Armour shirt, running jacket, socks, running shoes (I’m a Mizuno girl), gloves, hat (with that great ponytail cut that!) my IPod...whew think I’m ready to go finally. Wait, it’s really dark and I almost forgot my reflectors! Wrap a couple of them around my arms and NOW I’m ready to go. While getting ready I was laughing at the fact I have a whole dresser dedicated to workout gear. Half running; half yoga and the two never mingle. Yeah, I’m one of those organized types who even color codes her closet. Just like to know where everything is!
Quick stretch and I’m off! By the way, I really need to stretch better before I get out there. Yoga has taught me how important stretching is for sure. Better to spend a few extra minutes before and loosen up the muscles.

Here’s my stats: Miles: 5     Time: About 41 Min.    So averaged just under an 8 and a ½ minute mile. I’m ok with the time given the dark. I need to get use to running in it again. Runs in the daylight are just so much easier. Had to take it slow in some spots because it was really dark and I didn’t want to trip on anything. Other points in the run I felt like I was flying. At around mid point through the run I see my sister (the one who does Bikram) and nephew driving by waving and beeping. Energized me even more! Great run over all. Always feels good to get out there. Like we say at the studio, it’s never a bad idea to come to yoga, it’s also never a bad idea to head out for a run. And it turns out it wasn’t that cold (maybe 49 deg?) so my lungs felt great and my legs felt strong. I think Bikram plays a big part in that too.

I get home to a text from my niece Sarah. She’s in her last year of college (education major) and truly is just an awesome girl. I’m so lucky to have a niece like her. We’ve always had such an amazing relationship. Love ya Sweet Pea! Anyway, she’s doing a PowerPoint presentation and has to sell the class on something. And guess what topic she picked? Bikram! She said she listens to me and her mom talk about it so much it was only natural to pick it. So funny. She wanted to borrow my Bikram book and said she would swing by tomorrow to pick it up. But I was so excited I decided to hop in my car running clothes and all to hand deliver the book to her. Also wanted to tell her in person all the benefits of the yoga and postures. Good luck Sarah! As always I know you’ll do a great job. Robin was cooking fajitas and it smelled so good in the house! Enter my growling stomach. We actually talked about Yoga and running for a bit before I needed to jet and get dinner going for myself (should have just stayed and had fajitas there). My stomach was definitely talking to me by this point.

My run was great. I even listened to some jazzed up Christmas music during the run. Fun. And now I’m looking forward to getting back to the studio soon to sweat with all my yoga friends! Hope you all have a happy day today.

Yet another quote I have on my office wall. This one cracks me up. “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” Herm Albright (1876-1944). Love it! So if anyone is being completely negative around you today don’t let them suck you in. Counter back with being over the top positive. Works almost every time.

Cheers! Traci

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's a Full Moon!

Hi guys! Half-way through the week already. Hope it’s been a good for everyone so far. Did you see that moon last night? I couldn’t stop staring at it so big and bright in the dark night sky. It’s completely full tonight so should be even more amazing. Take a look up later. That's a pic I snapped right before heading into the studio last night. Some people (my sis Robin) hate full moons and feel out of sorts. I love them! I think they give me extra energy. Oh, great, I hear lots of people mumbling. Just what Traci needs...more energy!

So don’t you guys love when you’re talking to someone and discover ***shreeek*** they practice Bikram too? As you probably know I’m a Recruiter. Yesterday afternoon I was interviewing a candidate for a Senior Project Manager role. I always make small talk in the beginning to break the ice, put the candidate at ease. We’re talking about fitness so I brought up how I just finished a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. He stopped and said Bikram? YES! Turns out both him and his wife practice. Well, mostly his wife but he loves the feeling when he does get to go. His wife was even thinking about doing teacher training before she had their baby. He told me about the postures that give him trouble and how he loves watching the front row people flow through the practice. Could have talked about it with him forever but had to move on to the interview! Which went very well by the way. Very focused and driven guy...Well of course he is silly, he does Bikram!

Monday marked the end of my 30 Days and guess how I celebrated last night? That’s a pretty easy one huh? With another Bikram class of obviously! And not just any class but class with Maria. Yay!

Traffic was so bad across the city. Bad, bad, bad. A 10 minute drive took me 40 minutes. I think the holiday shoppers are already hitting the streets! Ugh. Still made it with plenty of time to spare though. That’s why I love the 6:30 class. Even with tons of traffic I know I’ll make it in time. I get to the studio and was so happy to see 3 other challengers made it back for class tonight! Chris wanted to take a picture of us in front of the challenge board. Hmmmm. I really don’t like pictures but decided to be a trooper. We set up the pose and...ooops. Battery in the camera is dead. :)

Maria's class was of course nothing short of fantastic. Full class, but not overly crowded. I loved that before we began Maria announced that she likes it hot and the temp will never fall below 105 deg in her class. Thank you! I think there are some people who don’t like it hot so teachers sometimes bring the temp down for them. I always say, this is Bikram and it’s suppose to be hot, not merely warm. Class felt great. I was just so happy to be there practicing. I think I was smiling for much of the class. My back was a little tired in spine series, but truly a happy class for me for sure. Like Janet said last night, the stress of thinking I HAVE to get to class is gone. She use to call it her Yoga Rage. Now we’re just back to going because we want to. Because it’s what we do, what we love to do. A perfect way to wrap up a day I always say.

Right after class I was telling Janet I was starving. She said she loves food but is never, ever hungry after class. Me, I can never wait to get home to eat dinner! Last night I made a quick tortellini with fresh veggies topped with some Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce. Yum! Guys, this sauce is amazing. Please check it out if you can. I know you’ll love it! So good especially this time of year. Also had a little bit of frozen custard to fill my sweet tooth. It can be 20 degrees out and I’ll still crave ice cream! Why is that? Last night the temp got down to about 30. Brrr. Don’t worry though looks like we have a day of 66 deg on tap for tomorrow!

Finally, my boss at work (also the President of our company) is really big on goal setting. I actually have never met anyone more driven by goals than he is. I guess that’s a large part of what's made our company so successful. He loved my challenge and asked about it all the time over the course of the 30 days. Yesterday he asks, what happened with the 30 days TK (that’s my name here at work, very few people call me Traci here)? I point to the board in my office with all 30 days highlighted. Done! I say. He smiles and says nice! With that he says, in true fashion for him, now go for 30 more. Ha! Day at a time I say. I had already changed into my yoga gear and tied my hair up yoga style, aka a ponytail :), so I said off for more yoga fun tonight and then we’ll see. It’s great when you know other people take an interest in what you do, that they’re pulling for you. I think the more cheerleaders we have in life the better!

Last night I packed my yoga bag and I'm ready for class again tonight. I plan on heading to the 6:30 with Jackie. With this cold weather the HOT room sounds oh so good!

So when do you think I'll take a day off? It feels kind of wierd to think of a day off from the studio now. I feel like that's where I'm suppose to go everynight after work. Like my car automatically goes in that direction. Fellow challenger Janet's taking tonight off (getting a well deserved manicure and pedicure) and I said I might not go Thursday. She smiled and said, you'll be here. Yeah, she just might be right. :)

Have an awesome, sunny day filled with lots of positve thoughts everyone!  And if you are having one of "those" days just try to smile. Sometimes just smiling a little bit makes all the difference in the world. Talk to ya later.