Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Running through the Snow

Hi Guys!
First, a very Happy 25th Birthday to the awesome blogger over at Everythingtarian!  Happy belated Holly!  Hope you had a great day.

I'm not sure if I'm getting use to the winter air or what but when I left my house this morning I thought...huh, it feels warmer!  Took a look at the temp and it was only 15 degrees. Nope, not warmer. I think a little warm up is in the cards for us sometime in the next few days.  Looking like it could be in the mid to high 30's and pushing 40. 40's will feel like spring time!

Work out update:  Last night I wasn't at the office very late at all. Made it home by 6:15.  On the way home I had to blast the music to get myself pumped for my run.  Cold, dark, snow covered streets. I was hoping to see some other runners out there on my drive home to motivate me. Nope. Not a one.  Didn't see one runner, walker or anyone braving the elements.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to motivate myself.

 It would have been so easy to just change into cozy clothes, make some dinner and call it a night.  But already scheduled a run and I knew if I didn't go I'd regret it.  So I unlocked my front door, stepped in, dropped my bags and immediately got changed.  I knew the key to this run would be gearing up properly.  Pulled on my Under Armour Cold Gear running tights (these things are amazing! You can't even feel the air on your legs at all. Love them.) running turtle neck, running zip up, running jacket, gloves, hat, running scarf, music...stretch, stretch, stretch...take some really deep breaths and I'm off.  Soon as I got outside I realized I forgot to put on my reflectors and ID.  I knew if I went back inside it would be really hard to head back out.  So I did something I would yell at people for, I ran at night with no relectors, no ID. Don't do this guys, not safe!

Didn't take very long before I realized it was going to be, well, a challenging run for sure. The sidewalks that appeared to be cleared? Yeah, not so much. Just had to smile and make the best of it. At least I was outside, running, getting fresh air and rosey cheeks.  I kept think the whole time...Cleats...cleats would be great right about now to dig into the ice! The sidewalks were icy and snowy. Id' be running along and then wham! Another snowbank to traverse.  I must have looked crazy jumping up and over all the snow banks.

I decided to just run up and down random streets. Easier because I could just run in the street. Again, not the safest thing I've ever done. But taking all random streets was kind of fun. Saw some really pretty light displays. And it was so, so quiet out.  Even though it was about 20 with wind chill in the single digits I didn't feel the cold with all my gear. It did it's job.  Because of all the random streets I took (and because I don't have a Garmin...Christmas present maybe???) I have no idea of the mileage. The run was so random I don't even think mapmyrun.com would help. Was out there for about 40 minutes.  Got it done.

Still having a problem with my hip flexor. Iced it when I got home from my run. But still hurts alot. Aside from resting it...UGH, don't want to...Not sure what else to do. Thinking a trip to the doc might be next. Just very frustrating. Anyone ever have the same issue?  Advice?

Ok guys!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday and workout if that's on your agenda today. I have another run scheduled for this evening.  Thinking I might hop on the treadmill though. We'll see how I feel after the sun goes down. As always, prefer to be outside!

Cheers to ya! Traci


  1. You are dedicated to run in the snow! brrrrr.....:)

  2. BYC: Dedicated and maybe a little insane ;) Hope all is great with you in Las Vegas!

  3. It's 1.6 degrees over here. Brrrrr No BY studio around here and too cold to run :( Never done this in the snow. Way to go Traci!

  4. Cirita: Brrr..is right! Honestly, if you put on all the right cold weather running gear and get your head in the right mindset it's not bad at all. The worst part is getting ready to head out and then trying to get around all the snow banks without getting hit by a car! Think of it like a little challenge :) Sigh...I will be so happy to see warmer temps!!!