Friday, December 4, 2009

Savasana on the Sidewalk?

Hi everyone. A very happy Friday to you guys! Even a better Friday since I'm on a vacation day. I still have so much vacation time left at work so I'm off a lot this month.

It was nice waking up and leisurely easing into the day. We spend so much of our time rushing from one thing to the next don’t we? Sometimes I find myself rushing so much and I forget to breath! I’m serious. That ever happen to you? You have such a packed schedule and constantly running and then you realize…Uhhh why am I holding my breath. Weird but happens to me all the time when I’m super busy. Sometimes it’s nice to just take it easy. To relax. I say that, but in all honesty I have that personality where I can’t sit still for long. I’ve tried. I have. But I just have to be moving all the time. Energy is definitely something this girl is not lacking. This morning I did to pick up around the house, have a nice breakfast and latte before getting ready to head out for the day. (Heading out after I post this)

Let’s talk about yesterday’s workout. A run was on tap for the evening.

Miles: 5.5  Time: 48 min (I use for mileage but would love a Garmin!)

As I mentioned yesterday we had truly amazing weather here in Boston yesterday. Once the morning rain/wind storm blew out by around 9am or so we were left with a picture perfect afternoon. Bright blue skies, sun so bright it hurts your eyes. And the temp? Well I think it might have reached 70! Where the heck are we? As we say here in Boston though, just wait 5 minutes it’ll change. They’re mentioning the 4-letter word for the weekend…SNOW that is, just flurries but I still hate it. The thought of hail, sleet and snow coming out of the sky sideways in true Nor’easter fashion sends shivers down my spine. Yuck. With all that being said HOW could I possibly not take advantage? I just had to head out for a nice run after work. Got home and hit the street around 6pm sans my running hat! I still pulled on my gloves because I hate cold fingers. And man, it felt great last night.

Small problem though. Due to the storm that passed through earlier there were tons of tree limbs and branches, leaf filled puddles and the like littering the sidewalks. Made for a pretty interesting run. At times I felt as if I were doing a trail run! What looked like piles of leaves turned out to be big old puddles. Soggy feet much? I have a few different routes I run and decided to do one of my favorites. In the light of day it’s great, but at night a bit scary in some spots. About a mile of the stretch goes by a graveyard and it was DARK. Think it actually made me run faster which I guess was good.

During my run I started thinking about how funny it would be if I took a Savasana in the middle of the run. Picture it, running along I just stop, drop and lay on the sidewalk in dead body pose. Heel touch, toes fall open, arms close to my sides, totally relaxed. Eyes open, breathing normal. I’m thinking before too long there would be a crowd around me…along with an ambulance! Funny what pops into our heads huh? Made me laugh out loud though. Yeah, I’m that crazy girl running down the street who entertains herself and is not too shy to laugh and sing out loud if that’s what I feel like doing. Life is way to short to be serious all the time, yes?

Ok folks, today I need to jet and try to do a little Christmas shopping. I’m thinking gift cards is a great way to go this year. Easy and people love getting them! For myself I need to head to Sports Authority and pick up a reflective running vest. The reflective bands I have just are not visible enough. Been off from the HOT room for 2 days now and it feels like it’s been 2 weeks! Need to get back soon, but I think I needed a couple of days away. All in good time. The yoga will be waiting for me, right? Planning another run later today to take advantage of the nice weather. I’m suppose to visit a friend out of state this weekend but not sure if I’m motivated to take a long drive. If not I think dinner and drinks with friends is on tap for the evening. Wine, dinner and good company….what's better than that?

Have awesome Friday’s guys. I'm off to shop! Hoping I don't meet up with many crowds


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