Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby it's cold!

Looks like the party is over and weather reality has set in. It’s freaking cold! The kind of cold where it takes your breath away for a second when you step outside. Bone chilling even. Ok, ok I’m being a bit dramatic and I am a weather wimp but nonetheless it’s COLD. And we did end up getting a little snow on Saturday night. Not a lot but the grass is still white. That poor little bush is all covered in snow. I think it needs a nicewarm blanket!

When I left my house for work this morning it was about 25 degrees. It’s 9am now and has warmed up nicely to a balmy 28! They apparently shut down the heat in my office over the weekend and the thermometer on my desk is reading 59 deg. So currently I’m typing in my gloves, coat and scarf. Winter, isn’t she great? Going to be a very, very long winter indeed. People ask me all the time...Why did you ever move back from California? The only answer I can come up with is that I was born here. This is where my roots, my family, my friends are. Sigh. You west coast readers...please send sun and warm temps ASAP!

On a warmer note I give you my weekend workouts:

Saturday was just miserable. Rainy, cold and raw during the day with the rain changing to snow around 7pm. Running outside was out of the question. I kept holding off thinking maybe the weather would get a little better but it didn’t. I knew what I had to do. I don’t love the treadmill, don’t even like it, but really had no choice. Treadmill it was. Ran for 50 minutes. Good God! Time goes by so slow on the t-mill. Outside there’s so much to look at and the fresh air is awesome. On the treadmill it’s really just about getting it done. Worked up a good sweat but my hip flexor is still giving me some trouble. After the run I got in some strength training (arms), abs and then decided to work on some Bikram postures. Running tightens up my muscles so felt good to stretch them out. Pretty good workout overall.

Sunday: This morning the sun was back out nice and bright! It looked like a beautiful day! When I pulled the curtains back in my bedroom and looked out the window the sun was shimmering off the choppy water. Yeah! Oh... but wait, as they say looks can be deceiving. It was really cold. Bitey. How am I ever going to make it through Dec, Jan, Feb, March etc.? How? Normally I would have gone to the 10am Bikram with Sarah but I’m still on the fence on what I am doing. Decided to hop on the treadmill again. Did 40 minutes plus some stretching. Ice the hip flexor, shower, grab breakfast, STARBUCKS, Whole Foods, and watch Patriots game at friends (ugh...just a terrible, sad game). Once home I decided to bump the heat up in the home office again and do some Bikram. I can get it up to 90 which isn’t the 105+ but still warm. I went through the entire series. Finished up much quicker than in class though. I think my time was just over an hour. I know I shortened or skipped some of the Savasanas. I know, not good. Savasana in class is hard enough for me, but by myself is even more challenging.

Not sure what’s up for tonight’s workout. Pretty sure a run is on tap. If the temp can get up to 40 that would be great. Forecast calls for a high of 42. By the time I get home from work I’m guessing it will be about 38, then factor in the wind chill from the wind coming off the water and we’re looking at a real feel in the 20’s. Bundle up Traci! Honestly, once I’m out there I’m ok. Dressing right is the key. I just need to give myself a pep talk. To motivate me I saw one lone runner out there this morning. Definitely have to give him credit. That’s dedication for sure.

Hope it's warmer and sunnier where you are today than it is here in the Boston area! Have a great Monday!



  1. I guess I should stop complaining that it's **cold** here. I'm sure it's nothing like what you are enduring. :)
    Cool that you did some bikram postures mixed in with your running.

  2. BYC: I really am a cold weather wimp. Some people just role with it. Me,not so much. We've lived here long enough to know it happens every year. It's not like its like "Surprise!" I just need to schedule a couple of vacays to warmer climates during the winter as a break. And yeah, it felt pretty good mixing bikram in with the running. AND I sense your spirts are better :) Have a great day!

  3. No warm weather over here to send you, unfortunately.

  4. G: Oh! Well, it's good to know others are in the same boat! Hot room would feel great right about now huh?

  5. And I am complaining because it's 54 degrees over here today!!

  6. Cirita: I was just saying to my mom that I would be so happy for a 50 degree day! Enjoy it :)

  7. Oh, snow! Be happy!

    Here it is not cold enough yet for snow, we have 5-8 degrees C and grey and rain. Just can't wait for it to be a bit colder so the snow can come so it will get a bit lighter outside. Please send it to me!

  8. Oh my goodness Happy Yogi! I will be more than happy to send it your way. Looks like we have more on the way tonight into tomorrow (ugh!) So many layers to put on! :)