Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not ready yet...

Happy Saturday people! I know I say this all the time, but I really love Saturday. I just think it's the best day of the week. Boston weather today.... 11°F Real Feel® -10°F Brrrrrrr! Too cold!

I woke up this morning and for some reason in my head I started to think...I'm going to jump out of bed and my hip is going to be miraculously healed, there will be no pain damn it. Well, unfortunately that's not exactly the case. Better though. I notice that I can get out of bed in the morning and put weight on my leg and walk without wanting to cry. That's good right??? This is just a slow healing injury but since I have taken the last 5 days off (ugh!) I notice a marked improvement. We're getting there. I wish I had done this sooner rather than trying to work through it. But at least I'm doing the right thing now. It's just not ready yet. Have to keep repeating that word in my head...Patience.

Today? Today I really have to urge to put yoga clothes on and head to my Bikram studio for a nice Hannane class. It's like I have the angel and devil on my shoulders. The angel is saying...Your hip is still healing; you are doing the right thing and resting it. You have taken steps forward in the healing process and don't want to take steps backward at this point. The Devil? He's saying.... Oh, just go you wimp! You haven't been to yoga since last Sunday...Almost a week! You'll be fine. Just go.

Hmmm....Whom should I listen to? I know, I know. I should be smart about it and not head back yet. It's hard though! Don't you guy's find the less you workout the less energy you have. I feel like a slug today and just know a good Bikram class would take care of that. Oh well, soon enough I suppose. I'll just need to find another way to pump up my energy! 

I did some easy yoga postures to loosen up this morning. Just had to stay away from any postures that use or stretch the hip. Ever notice how many postures use the hip? ALOT! Anyway, what I could do felt good.

Hope you all have a great Saturday. If you practice Bikram today enjoy some postures for me, okay? Typical Saturday chores and errands to do and then I'm looking forward to a fun girls night tonight! Bundle up out there!

Cheers all! Traci

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! 

Not much to say today since I can't really work out much. So sad. I think my hip might be getting a little better.  The worst part is when I first stand up from my desk.  Once I get moving it loosens up and feels somewhat better.   A couple more days of rest and hopefully it will feel much, much better.  The good news is I don't think I have the penguin walk any more! Still limping, but a little less I guess. Any improvement is good at this point!

I really, really, really can't wait to get back to my Bikram practice and my running.  I miss both so much. I honestly do. And as I read all the other blogs about your great, challenging classes the green monster appears and I get so jealous. Injuries...they just suck. Oh well, I know I'm doing the smart thing now so I can be back in action soon. Patience. Not exactly one of my strengths, but that's what I need right now. Patience.

Hope you all have a great rest of your Friday and have lots of fun things planned for the weekend!

Cheers...Traci :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jolted out of Bed!

Morning  to ya!
Early this morning I was jolted out of bed by an extremely loud horn sounding. It sounded like a freight train was going through my bedroom! After my eyes popped open I looked out the window to see the biggest tanker I have ever seen leaving the harbor escorted by tugboats. Tankers come and go all the time, but this thing was gigantic and loud! Not an ideal way to usher in the morning, but at least I was up nice and early to do some light stretching. Always a bright side of things, huh?

I was at the office late last night. I was here late probably for 2 reasons:
1) because I was catching up on things and I like the quietness to do that after hours and 2) because I knew I couldn’t workout. I was procrastinating leaving because I was sad about not being able to run or go to yoga! And much to my chagrin I stuck to my no running/no yoga last night. Instead I did some arms & planks. Here’s what I did:

1. Pushups
2. Bicep Curls
3. Shoulder Presses
4. Tricep Dips
5. Overhead Extensions
6. Planks
7. Side Planks
8. Stretching

I wanted to do some Bikram postures but I realized pretty much all of them seem to pull at my hip flexor. Decided not to.

We have a great gym in our building here at work. I don’t really use the one here but it’s actually excellent. Weights, about 20 treadmills, elipticals, bikes etc., tv's, locker rooms & showers...We are definitely a company that believes in fitness and want to support those who want to be healthy. So there’s a group of trainers and one of the benefits for our employees is we can have an assessment done by them. They’ll create a plan specifically for you. The owner of the training company is awesome. Former Captain in the Marines, Triathelete (Iron Man and others), Marathoner, has climbed various mountains...really just the fittest guy I have ever met. Pretty hard core. He also leads our Boot Camp on Friday mornings. Outside. Rain or Shine. In snow, in rain, in single digit temps, whatever. They are out there. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I think I might go see him to set me up with a good routine while my hip heals. I sense it would be helpful. Have to keep the body moving!

Well, hope you all have a great, productive Thursday. Have to get to work at checking lots of things off my “to do” list!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Injuries Stink!

Good morning everyone. Hope you all had good Tuesday's. Mine was pretty good . I was here at the office until around 7 last night finalizing things with a candidate. Makes me happy because I filled a high level open requisition with an awesome candidate. He's a great fit for the role. And I love how excited he is to be joining our team. I know I've said it before but that is truly the favorite part of my job. Matching candidates to a role. Such a great feeling presenting an offer to someone and seeing how happy they are. Especially in this economy!

Anyway, about this morning. This morning I'm not such a ray of sunshine. I’ve come to the realization I finally have to give in and listen. I tell people all the time: Listen to your body. If it's in real pain you need to pull back. Now it's my turn to listen and take my own advice. I need to take a break from my workouts and rest my hip flexor. I realize this is not something you can just work through. It's just not getting better and I don't want to end up with a problem that will be permanent. I need to listen to the docs and my body and rest this damn thing.

That means no running, no yoga for...well; I'm exactly not sure how long. Going to give it a few days and reassess where I'm at. They tell be this could take weeks  to heal. Not sure I could handle that! It's going to be truly difficult for me to not workout. It's such a huge part of my life and I love it. But if I don't take care and get my hip better, things could end up worse. During this break I'll just concentrate on upper body exercise. Not my favorite but it’s something.

Oh well, that's my story. Not great, not making me happy. But life is not all sunshine and tulips everyday right? We just need to take the situation and make the best of it. It could be worse. I know this will heal in time. That's just what I need to give it. Time.

Like the quote hanging on my wall here at the office says "Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results." I'm sure I've posted this before but thought it was appropriate today.

Have a great day everyone. I'm off to try to find a way to be positive!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain gives way to sun...

Life is kind of like too isn't it? You could be having the darkest of days and then all of the sudden the sun is shining on your world and all is good!

Good morning. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we had some wild weather around here. Tons of rain and high, high winds. Lots of broken umbrellas (no not like in balancing stick!) strewn about the streets I thought I was going to get blown over as I walked to my car last night!

Which reminds me of a little story...

A few years back I actually did fall down on a very windy day in the Financial District in downtown Boston. I went down pretty hard. I opened my eyes to see a small group had formed around me. I popped right up, bruised ego, body and all, gathered my bags and was on my way. Quickly.

A friend of mine living in another state heard the story from a friend and thought it would be funny to send me ankle weights in the mail and told me to wear them on windy days to keep my feet on the ground. Nice huh?

Have I mentioned how seriously clumsy I am? How people here at work say I should be wrapped in bubble wrap? How when someone falls they say to me "Oh, I just had a Traci moment". And they always seem so excited to tell me about their mishaps! People always say to me...How can you be such a clutz? You do yoga and were a gymnast! Don't know...just am. Always have been and probably always will be. Adds to my charm, that's what I say.

Oh I could honestly write a book on all my clumsy moments. Some of my favorites happened during first dates! And they actually came back for a second. I think the most important thing is to be able to laugh at yourself. If you’re laughing everyone else will too right?

Anyway...The sun is shining and the wind is lower today. Thank goodness!

Last night I made it out of the office around 5:30pm! Not bad huh? I had a serious case of the Mondays. With the weather and all I really just wanted to go home. I knew if I went to yoga I wouldn't get home until about 8:30pm. So I scrapped yoga and pointed the Jeep in the direction of home. On the short drive I had to develop my workout for the night. I decided to roll out one of my yoga mats, turn up the heat in my home office and do the Bikram series at home. Actually felt pretty good. Of course not as good as in the studio, but good to get the blood flowing and open up some muscles.

I'm going to try really hard to take a break from any running this week and be more consistent with icing my hip. I have come to the sad conclusion that running is only making it worse at this point. I almost get teary eyed when I'm driving along seeing all the runners hitting the streets. Just need to heal and I'll be back out there soon! I'll be back. Injuries are so freaking frustrating aren't they? Grrrrr!

My yoga bag is sitting here with me in the office waiting to go to Maria's 6:30pm class this evening. I think I need a good yoga session tonight! Looking forward to a good sweat.

Shout out to Michelle @Bikramyogachic: Chin up girl! Things always have a way of working out. They just do :)

UPDATE: Just ran to the market  to grab lunch and a water bottle comes crashing down onto my cheekbone. Leaving me with a little bruised swollen patch on my face. Lovely.  See...I really am clumsy! OUCH!
Have a happy Tuesday everyone! Until next time...Traci

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sore Muscles...And That's a Good Thing!

Good Monday morning everyone! I slept like a log last night. Usually I’ll wake up a few minutes before my alarm sounds, but not today. When the alarm went off I just rolled over and was like...Ugh, I’m still tired! I think it’s in part because of the really dreary day outside. It’s warm though. They are talking about near record temps today of around 57 degrees! Too bad the sun wasn’t out for us to enjoy. Oh well, can’t have it all right?

In yesterday’s post I talked about working to my maximum in class. It felt great to do that in class yesterday morning and I could notice a huge difference. Things opened up more and I could feel the muscles doing what they were suppose to. Sometimes I hold back in class and don’t really go to my maximum right away. That’s not a good habit and it’s something I’m trying to get better at.

Well, let me tell ya, this morning I noticed the difference even more! I can’t remember the last time my muscles were truly sore from a workout. Today? Oh yes, today I have sore muscles. Sore in a very good way, mind you. Just slightly sore, not painful. When I got out of bed this morning and felt the soreness as my feet hit the ground I smirked. Soreness in my back, in my abs and in my legs. This was validation to me that I worked my body hard yesterday. That I worked to my edge.
The soreness is kind of like the prize. Sherie keeps telling me to work harder. Yesterday I listened and did. And today I’m happy for it. My body is happy for it.

I stretched out this morning before getting ready for work. That’s really all it took to make my muscles feel nice and loose again.

So next class no slacking for me. Not that I ever sit postures out, but I DO just go through the motions at times. I know where I can get to in postures and that’s where I need to get to right out of the gate. Stop holding back Traci. No saving it for second set. Any other 2nd setters out there? Just go for it. That’s why we’re there, that’s why we’re practicing this yoga right? To get the most out of it that we can. If I don’t give it my all while I’m in that room, why am I even there? And on any given day my all could be different depending on what happened outside the studio. Busy day at work, not enough sleep, not feeling well. All play a role in how my practice will go. The point is to work to your edge, wherever it’s at that day. Oh sure we hear leave all that stuff outside the studio. But sometimes I think it’s ok to bring it in with you and work through it.

Here’s what I know: To get the most you have to give the most. And of course that goes with each and everything in life. If I want a relationship I have to be willing to let my guard down a little and let someone in. If I want to advance professionally, I need to work hard and show my dedication. If I want my Bikram practice to be at the level I want it to be at, I need to work hard. No fears. No excuses. Just get it done.

Well, I’m off to focus on my Monday now. Lot’s to do! I had planned on Bikram this evening but I’ll just have to see how the day goes.

And remember “A great flame follows a little spark” Dante ...Always does.

Cheers! Traci

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working at my Maximum

Hi! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. It actually felt pretty mild out there today, warmer than it has been in a long time. No sun, but I wanted to look like a cool chic so I still sported the shades anyway. :) Weekends are just so recharging aren't they? It's like we get to Sunday evening and I'm ok with the fact that it's Monday tomorrow. Well...Almost ok. Of course it would always be nice to enjoy a 3-day weekend EVERY weekend.

Let's talk Bikram shall we?

Saturday's 3:30 class with Hannane. Oh Hannane...How are you doing it? Hannane is 30 weeks pregnant and still teaching like a rock star. She cracked me up yesterday though. I enter the studio, she looks up from the desk, smiles and says...I was going to ask you to move your car so I could park there. See, I had secured a nice prime spot directly in front of the studio and she had to park all the way up Hancock and, I mean walk...down. I wish she had tapped on my window. I absolutely would have moved for her! Next time, Hannane.

Class? It was good. Nothing really stands out as notable. Maybe just the fact that the pace was very quick. Her classes are like that. She holds you in postures for a little extra time and then moves quickly on to the next. No rests in between. As I type this I can't really remember class. It's so odd. Usually I can remember the entire class from breathing to final Savasana. Or at least pieces of the 90 minutes. I honestly can't even remember who was practicing around me. Very strange. Oh well. I just know I felt good after.

Sunday's 10am class with Sherie. It was awesome. My stomach felt a little off this morning so I didn't have a snack before class. Made sure to hydrate well before though. Set up in my favorite corner with Yong and her husband Mark. These two are an amazing pair. Such great people to practice beside. I love their attitudes, how they can laugh at themselves and at the same time I love the determination in their eyes to just keep on going. They make class fun. I guess I hope that's what people say about me too!

Anyway, it's about 9:50am and there are still PLENTY of open spots on the floor. It has started folks. I was wondering how long it would take. The New Years Resolutions people are starting to drop off. Slowly, but it's definitely happening. By the time class begins in very full, but not packed like the past couple of weeks. Still good room to move a bit. Actually it was a pretty perfect size if you ask me.

Class begins and as in every morning class my shoulders feel tight during the opening breathing series. But my body and mind feel strong. Half-moon...Sherie has a way of getting me to my maximum. And she knows it. So if I am hanging out and not going deep enough she definitely lets me know. It feels so good when I drop all the way down. Mental note here: Go to your maximum right away Traci. Every time!

Class cruises by nicely. I worked hard and with purpose. Sherie did and awesome demo for Standing Head to Knee using 5 yogis. All are at different points in the posture. Great visual. How impressed are you guy’s that I accept the stop and start now? Second set Sherie tells me to just go, don't think. So I do and forehead is on my knee. There ya have it. Just get into the posture!

Notable on the floor: Cobra pose. Sherie kept giving me great direction the entire pose. And I tell ya, this posture never felt so good. I could feel 100% of my back muscles doing 100% of the work. Left me open and happy. For the first time in a while when we hit Camel I was tired. This was a good tired. I knew I had worked my body hard. And Camel felt lovely as it always does.

Class ends and I take my time in final Savasana. I let my body sink into the floor and totally relax. It felt amazing. I look in the mirror as I stand to exit the Hot Room. I’m drenched. There's not a dry inch on me and my face is red as can be. What a great thing! I smile ever so slightly knowing I had put in a good practice today. Thanks for getting me to work to my maximum Sherie! What a difference!

So that's it. It was a good couple of days of Bikram. Some fun with friends. And now here we are at Sunday evening, preparing for the busy week ahead. I'm hoping to get to the studio Sunday (Sherie DONE), Monday (Mimi), Tuesday (Maria), Wednesday (Sherie), Saturday (Hannane). That would put me at 5 practices for the week. I'll get in 4 for sure, 5 if work isn't so crazy. Day at a time. No stress. No pressure.

Have a lovely Sunday evening all, take a deep breath and let's get ready for the week ahead of us! Oh...and smile...never forget to smile! Challengers: That goes extra for you! SMILE, BREATHE, HAVE FUN.

Cheers! Traci

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, Sunshine & Bikram

Saturday. Don't you just love Saturday's? I love waking up with nowhere to rush off to. To just get up when my body is ready to pull itself from a comfy bed. Enjoying a leisurely breakfast along with some caffeine. I don't drink a ton of caffeine, but I do need a cup a day (sometimes 2). I know a lot of people try to give it up completely, but I can't. Saturdays…they do a body good. Chance for us to re-energize!

Anyway, last night was a lovely night with friends. Always a great way to wrap up the week. Lots of laughs (as usual), silliness and fun. And that margarita I was looking forward to? Yes, that showed up for the fun along with the pizza I was craving. Got home and had a wonderful sleep last night.

I use to be such a terrible sleeper. I would have the hardest time falling asleep because my mind was going a mile a minute (typical of a Type A personality like myself). Once asleep I'd wake up and not be able to get back to sleep because I’d start thinking again! All this would of course leave me tired the next day.

Now? Now I pretty much am out the minute my head hits the pillow. Unless there's some sort of loud noise or something to wake me up I'm fast asleep until it's time to get up. I only need between 5 and 6 hours of sleep a night and I'm good to go. I don't know, maybe our beloved Bikram has helped with my better sleeping? Maybe. Score another point for Bikram.

What a lovely day it is out there today. The sun is shining bright, temp is around 30 degrees as I type, and I hear it's suppose to warm nicely into the 40's. When we get to this point in winter as long as I see the sunshine I'm good. Sun just helps so much doesn't it? I swear when the sun is shining people are just happier and nicer. Nothing worse than all those cold, dreary, dark days. Sunshine I love you! You make me happy.

So what's on your agenda today? For me: A little work to do which I'll do from home this morning. Has to be done before our 8am meeting Monday morning so no procrastinating! Then of course I have some errands to run early this afternoon, as I do every Saturday.

After that I'll be heading to the 3:30 Bikram class with Hannane! It's been a couple of weeks since I've taken a Hannane class so I'm looking forward to it. 2 days away from the hot room in a row and I feel like I really need this practice. You know when you take a couple of days off from any sort of workout and your body just starts talking to you? Well, mine is saying...Uh, Traci? Please get moving. Get into the hot room or tie the running shoes in those double knots and move! Can't wait to get to the studio this afternoon. I'm interested to see how my class goes since I had that big AHA moment this week. I'll have to be sure to fill you guys in later on how it went.

So how'd I do with my workouts this week? Not bad, could be better. I'll hit my minimum goal of 4 Bikram classes.

Sunday: Bikram; Monday: Bikram; Tuesday: Run; Wednesday: Bikram; Thursday: OFF; Friday: OFF; Saturday: Bikram (this afternoon). Light on the running this week but I think this is best for my hip. I have to get this damn thing healed. Driving me insane!

Well all, I hope your Saturdays are great! Bikram on your schedule? Enjoy the class and remember to smile. Look at yourself in that mirror and smile. The rest will just happen.

Cheers!!! Traci

Friday, January 22, 2010

Not just aha but...A......HA!

We have arrived at Friday my friends! Welcome and happy freaking day! This has been a very long and busy week at work. Not complaining. Busy is good! Especially when so many companies are struggling. Busy is good! But whew, it’ll be good to catch my breath for a couple of days. Don’t you agree?

Last night I was here at the office until just about 7pm. Bikram wasn’t on my schedule last night so at least I don’t feel like I was missing out on it. Isn’t that the worst? When you have your bag with you and you miss class? Hate that. My plan was to head out for a scheduled run once I got home. But I did what I usually try not to do. I gave in to being tired. Sorry, but sometimes you just have to. Schedules and plans are great starting points to get us organized but it’s ok to make adjustments as needed. I decided if I did get into my running gear and head out for a run it wouldn’t be pretty. Still in my work clothes I flopped down...seriously flopped, as in totally collapsed...on my cozy, fluffy bed and returned some calls.

Every day this week I have interviewed between 6 and 8 candidates (as you can see we are still hiring like crazy here!). That’s a lot of talking! I never tire of talking about our company and learning about candidates. People are so interesting. And I have even met a few candidates who practice Bikram! Imagine that.

Last night my vocals cords were shot. Even today my voice is a bit scratchy...hmmm maybe I kind of have that sexy voice now? Ok, maybe not. I returned calls, but my calls were brief. I felt somewhat rejuvenated after about half an hour. Made myself some gnocchi topped with vegetables, some butternut squash sauce and tons of fresh ground pepper (I’m a pepper freak, took a nice long bath, watched a little TV (though I can’t even recall what the heck I watched), and called it a night. It felt so good to crawl into bed. The minute my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. Good. Night!

Woke up this morning ready to go! Bring it on world. Show me what ya got! Today is a total catch up and reorganizing day for me. I’m close to filling a few key roles here. Couple of offers to present, one offer was just accepted, candidate searches, paperwork catch up, special project, new hire paperwork for Monday...that’s kind of my agenda for today. Little bit of everything.

I just went out to grab lunch as was thinking as a drove along. Every once in a while in our practice we have a BIG “AHA” moment. I had one this week. I think it was actually lots of little ones that added up and came to me as one big one. Something just totally clicked and it felt like a light went off in my head. You hear the words the teachers say so often, but many times never really listen to them. We’re on auto pilot. But this week I listened. I heard. And I got it. What I finally get is what this practice is all about. Sure, we put ourselves in that room and work so hard to make our butts cute, to create tight abs, to get that yoga glow and to sweat. And initially that’s probably the only reason we start this practice. Oh but wait! It’s so much more. It’s about the mind. It’s about learning to deal with situations as they are thrown at you, accepting things and knowing you have the power to change things, learning how to be calm and peaceful, learning how not to let little things bother you. I don’t know what triggered it, but it clicked with me. I almost feel like I’m at a different place in my practice now. A good place. Oh yes...I still love the positive effects it has at toning up the body. But I also love how I can be in that room and let less and less things bother me. How I can be an encouraging source for another person. There’s just so much to this Bikram we practice. So much. This is powerful stuff for certain. I am truly thankful to have it as part of my life.

So here we are. Friday. Good plans for the weekend? I sense there will be a little recharging, re-energizing in store for everyone.

No work out yesterday and today will be another day sans workout for me. Looking forward to a great Birkam class tomorrow afternoon though! Meeting friends out after work for some food and drinks. Perfect way to end the week. I see a nice margarita in my future this evening. On the rocks, salted rim please. And I’m craving pizza too! I truly think pizza is the perfect food. So good. Has to be a nice thin crust, light on the cheese topped with black olives and sliced tomato though. Perfection.

Enjoy your Friday everyone! Do something fun and surround yourself with people who make you laugh. And smile. Just the act of smiling has a way of making us feel instantly better.

Cheers! Traci

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staying Present, Having Fun

Hi! What a beautiful sunny day out there today. The sun is beaming in my office and feels so good! Sunshine just has a way of making you happy doesn’t it? And of course something else makes me happy...ok a few things actually make me happy...One of those things just happens to be a great Bikram class.

Last Night: 6:30pm Bikram with Sherie: Fun Class!
As I mentioned last night my 5:00 meeting was rescheduled so I was able to skip on over to the 6:30 class with Sherie. Made it to the studio with plenty of time to spare. I had the feeling it was going to be another crowded class. And it was. Set myself up in a nice hot spot way away from any doors. One girl comes in with like 5 minutes to spare. Looks around and tip toes up to the front. People were avoiding the hot corner for some reason last night so the last really open spot was right up front with me. She said she hates the front. I tell her we’d have fun. We could work off each others energy. It’ll be great! She gingerly unrolled her matt looking unconvinced, fixed her hair in braids and sat looking nervous. People were still coming in so class gets started late. After 1st set of breathing class stops to shift mats around to make room for some last minute arrivals. Usually this would really bother me, to start and stop, but I have really been trying to let things go a little more. So I just stood and smiled. Oh and breathed too.

Class was full so of course there was awesome energy. I don’t think there were any 1st timers but there were certainly PLENTY of people on their 10 day intro. The two guys behind me who are about a week or so in really have taken to this yoga. They look almost like pros. I think they’ll be sticking around. They still get the scrunched up face from time to time but they’ll be ok. Since there were so many newer people Sherie stopped class (I think that’s why) after 1st set of Triangle to do some demos on how it should really look. Again, you know this would normally annoy me, but for some reason last night I just tried to roll with it. I tried to take class in stride. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my mind present. Not getting ahead in postures. Staying present and just having fun. Yoga is fun guys, we need to remember that. Sometimes I forget.

And the heat? It was GOOD! The heat was pumping so much so that the fans didn’t bother a particular yogi who hates the fans...ahem...that would be me. Standing series is good, except for the fact that my hip was killing on certain postures so I had to pull back a bit. Really only hurts in Standing Head to Knee, left leg kickout; Toe Stand and wind removing on the floor. Odd. Oh well.

Sherie announced that one of the girls practicing last night is a cancer survivor. She took no treatment but kept practicing yoga. Today she is doing great and cancer free! Right in the middle of class all 40 plus of us broke into applause. There I am thinking...And I’m complaining about a little hip pain? PLEASE Traci!

Rest of the class rolls along nicely. I get a few corrections from Sheri. Of course I love and always listen to corrections. This is how we grow and get better! And  the girl beside me who hates the front did great.  I could see she was pushing herself to her edge. She looked tried in the end, but I sense she will be pleased with herself today.

Class ends and I am happy and I’m drenched. I note again how I always bring water in with me but never drink it. I just have it there by my side “in case”. Kind of like my security blanket. I also noticed how I use to wipe the sweat away more; no I just let it roll. It’s just sweat right? Sweat is good!

In final Savasana Sherie was telling us how yes this yoga is great for our bodies, but just as great for our minds. I loved when she said “maybe next time you go to say something really mean to someone, you’ll say something really kind instead.” That’s what Bikram helps us do. It helps us be calmer, happier, gentler human beings. It just does. Or at least I think it makes us more conscious of decisions we make and how we act. How we handle situations that are stressful. And don’t forget the muscles, have to love them too!

Tonight is a scheduled run. I have another 5:00pm meeting today that I sense will go well over an hour. Hoping to get home by 6:30 or so I can head out for a light run. If it gets too late I might just hop on the treadmill. Just have to see how I feel. I’m already looking forward to my next scheduled visit to the Hot Room!

Ok people that’s all I have for today. I truly hope you all have a fab rest of your day. If Bikram is on your calendar please have a great practice. Just remember, it might not always be perfect, but it’s always good! Always. Like they say, just show up to the studio, get in that hot room and the rest is optional.

101’ers Stay Strong and Smile! You are all doing amazing!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nobody is Perfect

Hi all! Mid week already. Can you believe it? Week is zipping right by.

Here in Massachusetts an amazing thing happend last night. Republican Scott Brown was elected to the Senate! Brown will be Massachusetts first Republican Senator since 1972! Wow! I couldn't be more pleased. His speech last night was amazing. Full of energy and talking to the crowd like he was on their level. I think he's going to rock Washington! Congratulations Scott Brown.

As suspected I never made it out of the office until late last night, after 6:30pm. So Bikram was out. Sadly. I probably could have used it for my pounding headache too. By the time I got home alls I wanted to do was lay down and close my eyes. The headache started to come on early in the day and got worse and worse. i seemed to be pulled in a million different directions yesterday. Oh I hate headaches! Rather than giving in I decided to just do a very easy treadmill run. Very easy. I hopped on for 30 minutes at a nice easy pace. Really I just wanted to see if it would kick the headache out. Nope. Pretty much lasted all night. Oh well a little headaches not going to kill me. I could not even decide what to eat for dinner. Nothing sounded good. I ended up with Amy Vegetarian Vegetable soup and a green salad. Easy and quick.

I was keeping an eye on the poll results all evening and it was clear Brown was about to win the election. Scott Brown came on TV with his speech at around 11pm and it was fantastic. My friend and I were texting back and forth. He thought it was just as amazing as I did. Let's hope he can do some great things for us!

So at Bikram the other day in the locker room I'm waiting for the bathroom right before class is set to start. I notice this woman kind of staring at me. She's new to the studio. So I kind of smile at her. Then she says...If I was skinny like you I'd have the guts to wear those tiny little shorts and tight tank too! There she was standing there in her "Bikram Snowsuit" aka, long pants and long t-shirt. Not looking comfortable.

OH! I say...The key is to be comfortable in there. I told her to look around. There are people of all shapes, sizes and ages. No one is judging. Really, they're not. I told her how I use to feel self conscious of being too skinny, how I use to hate exposing my thin arms (now with nice little muscles thank you very much Bikram) but you get over it. I would rather be comfortable. The more comfortable you are in your clothes, the less tugging and pulling you'll do. The more you will be able to concentrate on your practice and stay still and just breathe. She kind of smirked and said ok...hoping I got through to her.

It makes me sad when people compare themselves to others. None of us is perfect. NONE of us. We're all different and unique. Different is good. Imagine if we all looked the same! How boring would that be? So please, shed the Bikram Snowsuit, walk into that room with your head held high and be proud of yourself. Be proud that you are there in the hot room doing something very good for yourself.


Update on my hip:  Still hurts, but I think it's slowwwly getting better.  Someone commented I was limping a little bit less today so that's a start!  Been rubbing Badger Balm on it (sore muscle rub) which feels pretty good.  In class on Monday I couldn't go down in Toe Stand left side. Just hurt too much, so I stayed in Tree pose. I think that's the first time I didn't go down to Toe Stand.  Felt kind of wimpy but I always preach to people to listen to their bodies and I guess that's what I was doing for myself.

So my friends, I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.  Hoping like hell to get to Bikram at 6:30 with Sherie tonight.  Have another 5pm meeting so I'll just have to see how it goes.  If I can't make it to Bikram I'll be heading outside for a run. Honestly Bikram sounds much more appealing to me right now.

"Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”Winston Churchill:  In Bikram the only tools we need is our bodies. We've got them so let's go use them!

BIG UPDATE: Just talked to my 5:00 meeting and he needs to reschedule until next week. So you know what that means?  BIKRAM tonight! So happy. That just made my day :)

Cheers! Traci

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bikram tonight? Hope so!

Hello! I'll give you one guess what it's doing outside. Good guess!  That's right, snow is falling from the sky here yet again. Someone just stopped by my office and said...I didn't know it was suppose to snow today. My response: Just bank on it snowing everyday and if it doesn't, then great, a bonus! It's not really sticking even though it's been snowing since I arrived at work at 7:15 this morning.

I hadn't looked at my Outlook calendar since I left work on Friday so I was surpised to see my very packed schedule for today.  I forgot I had scheduled 8 meetings for today. Flying from one to the next today with my last one starting at 5:00pm. Oh No! That puts my Birkam class in jeopardy tonight. I have my bag right beside me here ready to go. So if the meeting is brief I can still make it.  I adore Maria's class and would hate to miss it tonight. Even if I run into the studio 5 minutes before class, it'll be worth it.  Wish me luck!

The co-workers who are suppose to come with me. Yeah, they're not.  Rachel has a bad cold, Mike came to me and said he's not mentally ready and Dave is avoiding me. I don't want to push them. When they're ready to go, that's when they'll come.  Until then I'll just keep planting the seed. I remember I was the same way before my first class.

I just received another requisition to fill. Usually the Hiring Managers will give me plenty of time to fill the roles but this time they need me to hire 12 people for a Monday 1/25/10 start.  Whew. I generally like a bit more notice. I'm working with outside agencies to help me get it done.  It'll get done, just going to be another one of those weeks. Deep breathing, lots and lots of deep breathing!

My Workout Plan for the Week:
Sunday: Bikram: Done (10am Sherie)
Monday: Bikram: Done (4:30pm Chris)
Tuesday: Bikram (or run pending schedule) (6:30pm)
Wednesday: Bikram (6:30pm)
Thursday: Run
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bikram (3:30pm)

Oh and before I forget. I had picked up a lasagne in the prepared foods section at Whole Foods. One word. Yum! If you like lasagne be sure to check it out. Pair it with garlic bread, greens salad and a glass of wine. so good.

Ok I better get going since my next meeting is right around the corner.  Hoping I can make it to class this evening.  Have an awesome day all!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Hot Room I Love You!

Hi Everyone!  Did you all enjoy your Monday?  We had a day off for the Martin Luther King Holiday today. Even though it was cold, sleeting and flurrying I didn't care.  A day off is a day off. Am I right? Kind of weird because most people were actually working today, but  good anyways.

I toyed with either the 9:30am Bikram this morning or the 4:30pm.  I felt like being lazy this morning and easing into my day so I opted for the 4:30.  I have no idea where the first half of the day went. Honestly, before I knew it, it was 1:00pm and I was still puttering around the house. Yikes. I better get moving or the whole day will be a bust.  When I actually have a free day I hate to waste it doing nothing. Does that sound weird? Anyway, so I grab my yoga stuff and head out. And I have no plan on where I'm going.  If you know me well you know this is not like me at all. I always have a plan. A list. An agenda. I found myself at Sports Authority where they were having a great sale.  I was in there for a pretty long time and I was happy to see it was time to make my way to the studio. I came to the conclusion I'm no good without an agenda or a plan of action. I just feel lost. Good God I'm such a structured person! Too structured perhaps? I don't know. It works for me so I guess it's ok.

Anyway, the 4:30 class with Chris. Get there at 4:00 and set my mat up in the front corner.  Unfortunately the smelly guy (I hate to be mean, but them are the facts folks) sets up beside me and is lying there with his legs wide open making some strange noises. I guess warming up? Hmph. Not good.  I decide I can't deal with it so I move my mat over a few spots. Ahhh much better. Out in the lobby I'm talking with Phyllis whose saying how she had a migraine but forced herself to come.  We both agree it was a good decision to come. We always feel better after class. As we are chatting people are piling into the studio. Chris tells me there were 51 people in the 9:30 class!  Now THAT'S a full class. We ended up with I would say maybe 42 in our class. Still lots of newbies. One new guy beind me totally rocked his first class. He looked like he knew exactly what he was doing and flowed through the postures.  I think his name was Anthony...Bravo!

My practice today:  Was good! I'm in love with the fact that I adore the HOT room again.  For a few weeks I was a bit cold to it but I'm back. I'm back to really just enjoying the hell out of every single second of those 90 minutes. Oh! And Full Locust! Something totally clicked second set and up my legs went. Chris was in he back of the room and said, there it is Traci, go higher, higher.  That's it! Go right there everytime. It felt so good. And as I turned my head in Savasana, I smiled at myself.  I kept hearing BYC's helpful hints.  Guess what, it worked! Thanks Michelle :).  Class was great. It ends and I'm in final Savasana wishing I'd brought another set of clothes. I would have done a double (never done a double!) if I had dry clothes. Maybe next time.

What an absolute perfect way to end my day off.  Chris, your class was fab today. Thanks!

To the 101 Day Challengers:  Stay strong, smile and take it one day, one practice, one posture at a time. You all are amazing me! Truly.

Have a fantastic rest of your Monday everyone and tomorrow is already Tuesday.  Which reminds me.  3 co-workers are suppose join me for class tomorrow.  Hmmm, I think I've heard that before.  Rachel, Mike and reading this?  This is me holding you guys accountable.  I know you guys will love Bikram. I just know it!  Look forward to practicing with the 3 of you tomorrow at 6:30! Ok?

As usual my stomach is talking to me.  it's telling me it's time for dinner and who am I to deny it! Good night guys!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bikram Kicks Cold to the Curb

Hi everyone! Hope your Sunday is going well so far. Little rainy out there right now and I guess it's supposed to switch over to snow later. Whatever. I've surrendered to winter knowing that it won't last forever.

Anyway, so if you read my blog yesterday you know I was not feeling well. I was having an internal fight with myself about whether I should go to Bikram or not. Well, as the day went on I felt worse and worse. My head felt like it might explode at any minute. Not a particularly good feeling. So I decided against yoga.

This morning? Well that's a whole other story my friends! I woke up still not feeling great but decided at this point the very best thing I could do for myself was head to class. So off I went to the 10am with Sherie. I arrived at 9:30am and could already tell this was going to be yet another packed house. Still lots of new people hanging on. Mat to mat with I would say around the 48 mark again. Got a nice spot up front in the corner. Class was very good. It was hot. Very hot and there was amazing energy in the room. And these new people? They are good! They try so hard and I didn't see many of them sitting out postures. Good for them!!!

Due to my little cold I was feeling a little weak at times but pushed on. i've never sat out a posture and a little cold was not about to make me do that now! Sherie gave me some awesome corrections. I love corrections and will always listen and try my hardest to get it right. By Tree/Toe Stand you could just hear the sweat dripping off people onto their mats. We were raining. Sherie commented it sounded like the Rain Forest. And it did! It's a good sound. Fans came on and you know what? It didn't bother me at all! Felt good not to be fighting with them. I was happy to hit the floor for Savasana. I totally let my body sink into the floor and recharge.

Floor series was good if a little weak for me. Just make it Camel...I kept saying...and all will be good. And it was. We arrive at final breathing and I'm thinking my body is very happy to have sweated out some of this cold. I swear I always come out of that room feeling better. When I got home I was a touch more tired than usual, but many of the cold symptoms have all but disappeared. My shower felt so, so....soooo good. Yes it did. Oh Bikram...I love you so. Have I said that lately? Because I really do. And good, solid, strong teachers, you got give them credit too! They are the ones who lead us through our practice, who motivate us, who joke with us, who make us smile when we want to frown. Class after class they are the ones who say such inspirational and thought provoking things. Quincy Bikram Yoga teachers...Thank you!

Mimi, Maria, Chris, Audrey, Hannane, Sherie...You all rock and deserve a big thank you from all of us! You truly touch lives and help so many. You probably are getting through to more people than you know.

Alright people I do believe that's a wrap. Our company has a Holiday for Martin Luther King tomorrow. Yay! A Monday off!  Right now the biggest decision I have to make for tomorrow is whether to head to the 9:30am Bikram or the 4:30pm. I'm aiming for the 9:30 but we'll see what the morning brings.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!

Cheers and hugs from Boston...Traci

Saturday, January 16, 2010

To Sweat or not to Sweat?

Happy Saturday! Looks like we have a beuatiful day out there in the Boston area today.  Right now it's 38 degrees and sunny, but I hear it might be pushing 50 later this afternoon.  Yay!

My head is a bit foggy this morning and I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I think. Either that or I'm just tired from a stressful week at work. I feel like I have been fighting a cold for a week now.  It's never really come out fully but I know its there. I really think Bikram and EmergenC have been keeping it at bay. As I type this post I'm trying to decide if I want to head to yoga this afternoon. Part of me is saying go! That's the part of me who immediately put on some of my yoga clothes after my shower in preparation.  The other part of me is saying...oh please don't go. This body of yours is tired and doesn't want to move and sweat. Your mind doesn't want to be aggravated when the room is too cool and the fans come on. I honestly don't know what I'll do.

So if you've been reading this week you know I had a big project deadline yesterday.  I'm so happy to report that I completed the project on time and didn't have to get an extension.  My goal was to finish it up and not carry it with me over the weekend and into next week. There will be a follow up part of the project but the hard part of it is done...Thankfully! I hit the send button and off my report went at 4:30pm. What a great feeling.  Naturally I decided to stick around the office a bit late to clean some things up I have been neglecting all week. Hate coming in to a pile of unfinished work on Monday (or Tuesday this coming week!).  I almost always try to leave on time on Fridays. Didn't exactly work out that way again this Friday . Managed to head out around 6:30 last night. Later than I would like but no too bad.

After a trip to the market I got home and had a pounding headache. The kind that makes you feel sick to your stomach. I figured it was a stress thing so worked the pressure points to release it. If I can take care of a headache this way I rather do it than popping an Aleve or such.  I'm not against them, just don't like to take them that much. I did manage to release the headache and felt a little better. Decided at this point hanging in would be the best idea.

So here I am still unsure...Will I go to 3:30 Bikram, will I sweat or will I listen to the part of my head that's saying your body is tired? Don't know. I need to head out and run some errands and will bring my yoga bag with me. If my car heads in that direction and stops infront of the studio around 3:00, then I'll go in. If not, that's ok too.  No pressure.

I know many of you out there are nursing colds so I hope you guys are feeling better.  Take care everyone and enjoy your Saturday!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Serious Case of the Giggles!

Hey everyone! And welcome to Friday! So happy and we have a mini January thaw today. Looks like we will be in that 44-46 degree range today. Which of course after the last few cold weeks will feel like a veritable heat wave.

I did in fact make it to the 6:30 Bikram class last night with Chris. I changed here at the office before heading out. Not too much traffic getting across the city but it took me 20 minutes of circling the street to get a parking spot. Ugh! I finally secure a spot. It’s a little bit of a walk but at least I found a home for my car. The whole time I’m circling of course I’m thinking...I better hurry up or I won’t have time to eat my snack! I really can’t practice without something in my body right before class. I just find it gives me more energy.

I jump out of the Jeep, hike over a snow bank, grab my red mat and black bag out of the passenger side door and make the trek down the still ice covered sidewalk. Arrive at the studio door to find it’s not open yet. It’s cold so I start jumping up and down to warm up. What a sight I must have been jumping around with my yoga mat. One of the other girls took the towel from her bag and wrapped herself in it. Not a bad idea! Finally the door clicks and in we go. It’s the best sound when that door clicks open!

Sherie’s 4:30 class is just getting out and looks like it was pretty packed. Secure my nice hot corner and go and talk to some of the others while we wait for class to begin. You’re probably not surprised by this but I like class to begin on time. I’m actually like that with everything. Don’t like lateness. And most teachers are good with this. But tonight class didn’t get going until late. Never sets a good tone for this yogi. The other thing that never sets a good tone? Fans! I just don’t like them. I know people at the studio and teachers tease me about it, but I really just don’t like the feeling of wind on me as I standing there sweating. Not a good feeling for me. Poke fun if you will, but I will never embrace the fans.

Anyway, class gets going and I’m not sure if he was trying to make up time or what but we raced through the first few postures. I mean seriously fast! One of the girls looks at me and says “What’s he doing?” Then just like that class, for me anyway, took a turn for the worse. There were a lot of new people again last night and I feel like class was catered to them.
Class was stopped at least 4 times to do demos. I hate demos. Let’s keep the class flowing. Don’t like all the stopping and starting. I equate this to being out on a great run and stopping and walking. It kills the momentum. I was just aggravated and trying to calm myself. Inside my head I was screaming.

Then it happened...The girl beside me is a bit of a firecracker. So funny. She says whatever is on her mind. So during sit up she looks at me and (excuse the language) says...”What the fuck!?” “Is he drunk?” No, he wasn’t...but OH MY GOD! I got the giggles which made her start giggling and then I was just full out laughing. There she is saying stop! But as soon as we looked at each other the giggles would start again. I felt like such a little kid! A sweaty, giggling, red face, little kid. So freaking funny. And it was just what I needed. I was so annoyed with the slow pace of class, with the fans, with the doors opening etc...that a laugh made me feel so much better. It was almost a release of all this bad energy that had built up.

Class ends and sadly I feel like I didn’t even practice. My mind is not happy and my body doesn’t have that nice tingly feeling. Just not a positive class for me. And not because it was a tough one, just because I got a bad vibe and didn’t like the way class was run. I let it get into me head and ruin my class. The starting and stopping thing, it just kills me.

Ok! Sorry i'm not exactly a ray of sunshine today! My project deadline is hanging over me today. I foolishly scheduled 3 other meetings today while I should be concentrating 100% on getting this thing done. Oh well, I’ll manage.

No yoga tonight and might take a night off of running too. Shocking! I think a night off is just what the doctor ordered (for my hip). Can’t be walking like a penguin and look cute at the same time, ya know?!?!

BIKRAM: Practiced 4 (Sat, Sun, Tue, Thurs) out of last 7 days. Not bad.
RUNNING: Ran Monday (treadmill) & Wednesday (outside)
DAY OFF: Friday!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any tattoos? Would you recommend getting one?

Have a fabulous Friday people and thanks for listening!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


HEADING TO YOGA NOW AND SO EXCITED! YAY!  Happy workout everyone!

Heading to Sweat Later

Hi guys! Thursday already, isn’t this week flying by?

Feeling a little tired this morning. I woke up 3:30am and work immediately popped into my mind. Once that happens there really is no way to shut it down. So there I am lying there thinking about all I need to accomplish in the next 2 days at work. Friday is the deadline for my project and I just feel a little overwhelmed right now. It’ll get done, just need to block everything out around me. Concentrate. Focus. Have to remember my "live in day tight compartments" rule!

Even though I had planned on not meeting with any candidates this week so I could concentrate on the project I didn’t stick to that. Some of the divisions I hire for were pretty much begging me to interview people so I broke down and fit it in. Kind of my personality to want to help everyone. I think I might have closed out 2 positions yesterday and found solid candidates so it was worth it. Just meant that I stayed a bit late last night to get some work done. Which I didn’t mind. It was nice and quiet and got a lot done. It wasn’t a yoga night so I was ok with being here. That’s the good thing about my running nights. There’s no schedule so whenever I get home, that’s when I go. No pressure, no stress to get there.

By the time I got home I just changed, ate a PowerBar and headed out for a quick run of 30 minutes (found my hats!). That’s about all I could muster last night, and even that felt hard. Winter is getting to me. I need warmer weather soon! My legs didn’t feel great, didn’t feel strong. I actually probably should have taken the night off to rest my hip. And my head wasn’t even 100% into it. But it was on my schedule so I stuck to it. Dave, a guy I work with, said I’m walking like a penguin. Great! Just the look I was shooting for. Really once I get going I walk better. But if I’ve been sitting at my desk for a while and stand up and try to walk, THAT’S when it kills. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve given it a chance to heal properly. When working out everyday is part of your life, it’s just really hard to stop. You know? Oh well.

Tonight’s a Bikram night. 6:30p class with Chris and I CAN NOT wait to go SWEAT. I’m pumped. Wicked excited to get into the hot room tonight. I hope it’s another one of those rocking classes for me again, but you never really know what’s going to happen in there right? We can go in all revved up and ready to go and then something happens and it’s like all the air is sucked out of you. Then you can go in there dragging and have the best class ever (like Tuesday night). So we go and listen to our bodies and give what we can that day. Going to work on some of the postures I have set goals for. The biggest challenge tonight I suspect will be Savasana. With work being so busy and the deadline looming on Friday I just know it’s going to be very hard to keep my mind in the room. That will be my #1 challenge this evening: Staying present in the room. Trust me that WILL be a challenge tonight for sure.

Haiti Earthquake: We’re having a Jeans Day here at work tomorrow for local families affected by the terribly tragic earthquake in Haiti. Every Friday we do a Jeans Day for a benefit. 100% of the money we raise goes to charity and our president matches it. Charity changes weekly and we generally end up contributing a few to several thousand per charity. Nice way to give back to those in need. My heart goes out to all those poor people. Horrible.

Ok so I’ve got tons of work to get to day and I WILL be heading to the 6:30 Bikram class. Shutting it down on time and heading to class. No question about it. No excuses. Isn’t blogging great for that? It holds us accountable. Once it’s out there for all to see we almost have to follow through. Good stuff.

One more Audrey for you since me & BYC adore her: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person.”

I love this little book of happy I have. In coming posts I'll give you a glimpse of what's inside.

Have a lovely day!  Cheers...Traci

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Just a Bundle of Energy!

What's up everyone? Isn't it a great day? The sun is shining and I'm still feeling the amazing effects of a lovely class last night. So much great energy racing through my body.

So last night I did indeed make it to the 6:30 Bikram class with Maria. And good God I was glad I did! I knew it was going to be a great class when I pulled up to the studio and secured a parking spot right out front. No circling Hancock street tonight. The doors open at 6pm and in I go. At this point I was dragging a little, had a headache and my nose was stuffy. I think I'm still fighting off that cold. Bikram's helping keep it at bay :). Anyway, so I open the hot room door to put my mat down in the hot corner and am immediately pleased. It's nice and hot & humid. Loving it already. That put a little pep in my step. Isn't it funny how sometimes even just being in the studio can make us feel better? I completely forgot about my head and nose. Class was so amazing.  I don't think my words on this post will convey just how great it was. But I'll try.

Before class I was talking to Krissy  about work. She had to fly out in the morning to Dallas to give a presentation and was really nervous. I'm actually one of those people who love presenting. I love the preparation, the practicing and the delivering. I love clicking with te audience and engaging them.  I was giving her tips from the Dale Carnegie 12 week course I finished up a year ago. We gave 2 presentations a night during the 12 weeks. I was telling her the key to any good presentation is preparation, knowing your material and being confident in your delivery. Engaging the audience is important. I suggested she go home after class and practice her presentation OUT LOUD. Pretend like she was in front of her audience and run through the presentation a few times. To me this is the most important part of prepping. Anyway, Krissy, you’ll do great. You've got this! Good luck!

Class last night was crowded, but not really mat to mat. I didn't look at the sign in sheet after class but I am guessing maybe 36-40? Good size. Lots of newbies in the house last night. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them stick around after their 10 day intro special is up. Two newer guys who are in good shape set up behind me and Krissy. I could tell they were looking at little old me and thinking...This girl is little and looks weak, let's get behind her. Well, they would be wrong. Watch out guys, looks can be deceiving. Class starts right on time and I immediately know I'm going to have one of those classes where you feel like a Rock Star. Yay!

Right from breathing I was happy...energized. My mind and body were 100% in the hot room. These are the kinds of classes we love so, so much. It felt like old times when the studio use to be hotter than hot. I was sweating out of the gate, as I should be. I flowed through the standing series and really gave my 100% effort to each and every posture. Thinking about the goals I have set for myself during class and working on them.

Standing Head to Knee: I really love this posture now. I do. The guys behind me at this point were now looking right at me almost looking amazed at me kicking out, pulling my elbows down below my knees and touching my forehead to me knee (though I did loose balance at the end of first set). Well, right side anyway. Left side my hip just would not have it. It just said, not today Traci. I tried though and felt shear pain as I kicked out. Not good pain either. Ouch. Ok, ok hip...relax. I hear you yelling at me not to push it. That was really the only point in class where it hurt.

By the time we hit the floor I was in my glory and having a fabulous class. Devine. I did a pretty good job in Savasana keeping my head in the room. Not perfect but better. At one point I realized I was smiling as I lied there. Lots of sighing from other people in the room...And it didn't even bother me. I didn't let it steal my peace. I worked the standing series hard and I was going to enjoy these 2 minutes to re-energize my body!

Floor series was good. Still no luck with Full Locust. Ugh! Legs get up there! Oh well, keep working on it kiddo.

Camel, oh Camel, I adore you so! Something about this pose I just embrace. I love the feeling in the pose as well as when I come out of it. I was disappointed to see so many people giving up on it last night. I know it's hard for many, but they are missing out on something great! The two guys behind me by this point were just done. Cooked. You know when someone is flopping their arms on the ground and panting...they’re done. Poor fellas. I hope they come back because you could see in time they’ll be good. This Bikram we practice is not like anything else. It's not easy. It takes strength, determination, focus, concentration, flexibility and so on. Mind over matter. We hear that a lot in that room.

Class ends and I'm sad it's over. Truly. It was a nearly perfect class in every way. Maria, you rock as a teacher! The guys behind me say "let's get the hell out of here!" Made me chuckle. Come back guys, it will get better. Promise.

I'm drenched in sweat, my towels are soaked, and I’m a complete bundle of energy after class. Seriously bouncing off the walls. Looking around the studio it looks like most had a tough class. I was kind of in the zone during class so didn't really pick up on it during the 90 minutes. I felt like I had just had about 5 cups of Startbucks coffee! You know you had a great class when it leaves you that energized and elated. You know you opened up what you were suppose to open up. Pure and absolute bliss.

As I’m exiting the studio onto the street, Chris (owner) is coming in. I smiled and said...Now that was a perfect class. So happy. He just smiled back and said...That's great! I get home and the energy is sticking with me. I had to tell myself to bring it down. I thought I would have trouble sleeping because I was so hyper but after dinner and a nice bath I slept like a baby. And here I am today...Ready to go! Bring the work on! Lots of meetings plus my project deadline approaching in 2 days? No problem!

I'm so happy I shut down my computer a little after 5pm and made myself get to class. Like they say in class, it's never a bad idea to show up. Never. I have practiced 3 out of the last 4 days, so not bad. I want to get back to consistently practicing 4-5 days a week. I think that's where I’m happiest. 2-3 is not cutting it for me. I'm not an every day Bikram girl, but I think this is a good target. Still have to get my running in, ya know? So 4-5 days of Bikram is good.

I hope you all had great practices last night too! And don’t you just love the fact that the great feelings Bikram gives us lasts for like 24 hours? I wish everyone could experience this.

Another Audrey Hepburn Quote for you today: “Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”

Tonight will be a running night for me.  Tomorrow will be another Bikram class.

Wishing you a day filled with smiles!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listening to the Alarm

It's 5:10, I'm shutting down and going to yoga!  Happy practicing everyone!  Thanks for the mini Challenge BYC!

I Need to Sweat Tonight!

Hi everyone in bloggie land! Hope your Tuesday is shaping up nicely. Can it just get to Friday already?  Not trying to rush my life here but the weekend would be nice. AND it's a long weekend coming up for us as our company is closed for the Martin Luther King holiday Monday.

Anyway, so how was your practice yesterday? I was really hoping to get to class last night, had my yoga bag with me and ready to go!  Mimi's class was last night and she's just awesome. Truly one of the best. Sadly, I left the office fairly late so switched the workout to a running night.  We have to be flexi with our bodies in yoga and we have to be flexi with our workout schedules in life. Sometime life just gets in the way.  Unless of course you're doing a Challenge, then you know where you must be each day. 

I miss that about the challenge.  That feeling that it was just a fact I would change at work a little before 5:00pm and head to the studio for class. It was just part of my routine.  It's a good feeling when I look back on those days. Sure some nights it was down right hard as hell to drag my butt to the studio.  There were nights I didn't want to walk through the studio door, I didn't want to put yoga clothes on, I didn't want to see anyone at the studio (even though they are truly amazing people!). But overall, what a great experience.  And sweating always felt great. My body felt great, my mind felt great.  Maybe I'll take part in the next Challenge.  We'll see.

I'm rambling again huh? Yeah, I get like.  My thoughts just flow and my fingers go click, click, click.  So last night's run.  Too cold by the time I got home and I have no idea where my 2 running hats went (I think they must have grown legs and walked out the door) so I decided it was a good night for the treadmill.  Still will never like it but it gets the job done.  I will never ever feel like I have the same workout on the Tmill. A huge part of the awesome feeling I get on my runs is the outside factor.  Just makes me so happy! I hopped on the conveyor belt for the feet and ran for 40 minutes.  Ended with some nice stretching. Fixed Firm pose feels so good for my hip (hip? Please heal, ok?).  Also did some Camels because, well, I truly love that pose.  I adore how it opens up my whole body. Anyone else with me here? You love that one too?

Random....When I run outside the pic below is the absolute coldest part of my run. Brrrrr! Wind just whips off the icy waters and onto my face. In the summer though this route is perfect!

Workout Scheduled: Tonight calls for a nice hot Bikram class at 6:30 with Miss Maria.  And you know what I'm going to do?  I am setting that alarm on my computer and I AM getting to the studio.  My mind will be more refreshed Wednesday morning and I will, in turn, be more productive. And the guys here at work are suppose to join me, but I have this feeling they are going to ditch me! When they walk be me this morning they're trying to avoid eye contact. So funny.

Feel free to shoot me a message and nudge me out the door to the studio. And no need to be nice. 
Us Bikram people?  Yep, we can handle a little toughness, right?

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

Update:  Our VP (who's a very funny guy & one of my bosses) just walked into my office to find me doing yoga poses (was in Tree Pose) and he told me I need to have my head examined. I told him to join me! Then I proceeded to do Standing Bow and hold it for a really long time while he was trying to make me fall out. II was so determined and finally slowly came out of the posture.  Just funny.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible!"
                                                                             Audrey Hepburn
Cheers! Traci

Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfecting Savasana...Or Trying

Good Monday morning everyone!  Oh it's a cold one out there for sure. And in my office the thermometer on my desk said 63 degrees this morning.  Too cold for me to work in!  I think I heard on the news this morning we are in line for a warm up to the 40's sometime later this week.  Yes please.  That would feel good!

I figured I would write a quick post before getting my day going. Actually I think I might just be procrastinating delving into my work!

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday there are some postures I really want to work on during the next month. Our studio is beginning another Challenge today.  I'm not doing it this time around, but I thought it would be good to have my own litttle Challenge.  Not a Challenge for days practiced, but a Challenge to get better at a few postures. Of course I could work on EVERY single posture.  But I decided to focus on just a few right now. So without further delay I present to you the poses:
  1. Standing Head to Knee, left leg kick out: This one hinges a lot on my hip getting better, but I want to work on kicking out the left leg again.  Before I injured my hip flexor I could kick out, legs locked. Now I can only kick out the right leg.  Hopefully once the pain eases I can start to work on it.
  2. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee: I know, not the toughest posture.  But for some reason I just can't seem to balance to get my hands in prayer, right side.  Left side? No problem. Both sides forehead is on the knee and legs are locked,  but on that right side I just can't seem to go back to prayer without toppling over. 
  3. Full Locust:  Get the legs up!  Try as I might I never get them up high enough. Think I need to work on the set up a little more maybe? This is a toughie for me.
  4. Bow Pose:  Mine is not bad, but could be so much better.  When I look at some other people's Bows I'm like...Oh, that's how it should really look.  
  5. And rounding out the list of 5 is...Savasana. Silly right?  But this is honestly a hard one for my personality type.  My mind is constantly going a mile a minute. So to shut it down for even two minutes is a big challenge for me.  Teachers know this and can probably see my mind working and always say...Let it go Traci. I just smile and look up at the red stars on the studio ceiling.
Obviously there are so many more things to work on, but I'll be taking them on in groups of 5.  Once I get to where I want to be, I'll move onto another goal. 

Oh, when I came in this morning Pink was still in Savasana and looking oh so rested! Here he is waving at ya'll and saying Happy Monday! And isn't that a cute pic of my nephews in the backround.  Oh how I wish it was beach weather right now!

Ok guys, enough procrastinating. I'm off to a 10:30a strategy meeting now.  Wishing everyone a great day and start to the week.  If you're doing the 101 Day Challenge I hope you're having a great experience so far and staying strong (mentally & physically)!  Think of me as the Cheerleader cheering all of you on from Boston. Go Challengers!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full House and a Pat's Loss

Hello!  Hope you all had a nice Sunday.  Sadly our Patriot's lost to the Baltimore Ravens in a season ending game.  And they lost bad.  I can't even bring myself to publish the final score.  Oh well, we still have the Celts, Bruins and believe it or not Spring Training for the Red Sox is just around the corner.  As soon as that starts it kind of gives us hope around these parts that warmer weather isn't too far away. Right now I feel like it's never going to get warm again.  Every year around this time it just feels so dark, so cold, so frozen.  We need a January thaw...badly.  Please oh please give us a thaw. Enough with the 10 degree mornings.

Before the disastrous football game this afternoon, I enjoyed a devine Bikram class! I got myself up early for the 10am.  I was puttering around the house, taking my time and pulled out of the driveway around 9:40am.  Keep in mind I am ALWAYS at the studio :30 before class. I have no idea what I was thinking this morning.  I pull up to the studio at 9:50 while talking to my mom on the phone.  Finally at 9:55 I realize class starts in 5 minutes!  Crap! Gotta go I think I thought class was at 10:30 for some reason.  Don't know. Anyway I sign in, tear off my shoes, grab my mat and open the Hot Room door.  WhamWhat the....I have never seen that many people there on a Sunday morning.  Seriously looked like Thanksgiving morning again.  Actually less  bodies than that but there were I think 48 people? Ugh. 
I was now one of those late people entering the room with her mat looking around like hmmmm...where to set up. Looking like a lost little girl. Anyone feel like being nice and helping me squeeze in? Or must I gently force myself in somewhere.  People made room.  But I was wayyyy in the back.  Been a really long time since a took a spot back here.  This will be good, I thought.  Will give me a different perspective and make me challenge myself.  Yep.  Completely different when you are looking at lots of backs rather than yourself.

Class was lovely. Lovely I say.  Just one loud breathing guy which is always funny.  The entire room was silent sans this one loud guy.  He's going on a month practicing I think.  He even talked a few times.  People...Shhhhh...Please. Thanks. 

I think my hip is starting to get better slowly.  I notice it most on Standing Head to Knee.  Right side I can kick out no problem, no pain and pull my elbows down.  Even got my forehead to my knee.  Left leg? Nope. Not happening.  Pain, pain, pain. So I just stood holding my foot up.  No kicking out on that side until this thing heals.  Overall class was great.  I made a mental note of some postures I really want to work on.  I'll save that info for another post as this one is getting pretty long.

Ohhh guys...It's Sunday evening and that can only mean one thing. Tomorrow is Monday.  I love my job, I do, but I could always us one more day of rest. Don't you agree?  Would 3 day weekends  rock or what? Have a very challenging work week ahead of me. Already stressing about the sheer magnitude of work ahead of me.  One thing at a time. Just take it one thing at a time right? Not sure what that means for Bikram this week.  I'm going to bring my yoga bag with me and just see how the days play out.  Best I can do. Don't want to over promise or commit myself.

Well, Enjoy the final hours of your Sunday.  I just got home a little bit ago and I plan on totally decompressing with a magazine (Yoga Journal...of course), a bath and I think some bad TV.  I should mention I might just be a magazine junkie but that's our little secret, ok? Shhhhhh!

Happy night to ya'll!  Until tomorrow friends...
Cheers! Traci

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here...

...As Nelly says
Hey guys! Just a quick update.  Went the the 3:30 class this afternoon.  I had a few errands to do before class and was seriously dragging.  I was actually thinking about ditching class but then...then I called my Mom. Here's how the conversation kind of went.  Me: I'm really tired and think I might be getting sick.  I think I might pass on yoga.  Mom: No, go to yoga. You need it and it will make you feel better.  You always telll me how much better you feel when class is done.  Don't think about it, just go. Me: Ya, ok...I'm going. No whining allowed today with Mom. She knows I have a lot going on at work right now and I think she knows class today was the perfect way to release the stress. Whatta know! The woman was right...again....grrr!  Why is she always right? Thanks for being that nudgeI needed today mom.

Class was just what the doctor ordered indeed!  I actually felt the energy kicking in even before class began. Thank goodness because I so needed a strong class today. I needed it hot and I needed to sweat. Well, it was hot (I actually could have used a bit more heat but I'm a bit of a wacko when it comes to that) and I did sweat. Felt absolutely divine.  And to make it even better I practiced side by side Franca.  Franca is one of the coolest, sweetest yogi's at the studio.  She has an amzing and strong practice.  She's very focused and determined as she moves through the series.  Awesome practicing beside you today Franca. I felt great energy coming from you!

The studio has another 30 Day Challenge starting on Monday.  The board is up but not many names on it just yet.  Really just 2 plus Chris the studio owner.  I actually would love to do another Challenge to make me get there every day. But I have to be realistic and honest with myself. There is just way to much "life" happening right now to make the committment.  Perhaps another time my friends. Another time.

Ok, since yoga made me feel a bit better I think I might venture out with friends as planned. Right now I'm in desperate need of a shower then it's off to meet the girls for drinks.  I plan on being home early tonight, don't want to wake up feeling icky...I think I am still on the verge of a cold. Going to either the 10am or 3:30 pm tomorrow.  Leaning towards the 10 so I can enjoy the Patriot's game tomorrow!  GO PAT'S!!!

Well folks, I hope ya'll have a perfect Saturday evening filled with lots of laughs and maybe...maybe just a bit of mischief! ***smirking***

Cheers! Traci

Wicked Tired

Happy Saturday all! I don't know what's wrong with me but I woke up wicked (like that Boston use of the word?) tired this morning. You know the look? Even after you have shower and get ready you still look half asleep. eyes look like little slits. I look like I was out partying all night (wasn't by the way). I haven't really been sick in about a year, so hopefully I'm not coming down with something. Tons of people at work are nursing colds and such. I've managed to escape all the bugs and viruses floating around there so far. Going to have a couple of EmergenC packets today just in case.

I think I need Bikram bad today. Which I'm going to at 3:30, it's Hannanes class. Hopefully I'll be able to find some energy to get through class. I hate being tired like this. I usually pop right out of bed ready to go. Maybe it could be work. This week was insane and yesterday a couple of extremely important projects were dropped in my lap. Usually I try to get out of the office by 5pm on Fridays to set the tone for a great weekend. My last meeting didn't end until about 5:40pm so needless to say I was at the office until about 6:30 or so. Going to take the next couple of days to recharge!

Bikram is great about helping us find our energy isn't it? You can be dead tired, dragging your way through the day. You really don't think you will even have the strength and energy to make it through the first breathing exercise. Then something always (or almost always) seems to happen. You get through that breathing and you feel this new energy racing through your body. Your body has the fresh oxygen it needs to have a great class. You get to Camel and it feels so good to open your whole body up. Good stuff. Class ends and you feel great. You are so happy you showed up. Hoping this is what happens this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

Last night before I left the office I put Pink in Savasana (I actually really did!). I figured it would be a good pose for him for the weekend. Didn't want to leave him in Locust all weekend. That would suck, huh?

Oh, and yesterday I did not have a workout. Took the night off from any sort of exercise. I think I needed it. Or maybe THAT’S why I am dead tired? My body is saying.... Uh, Traci? Did you forget something? I don't know, maybe? I didn't even go out last night or have anyone over. By the time I got home I just wanted some quiet time, some candles, a glass of wine, some dinner and a bath. So that's exactly what I did.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to sweating in the Hot Room this afternoon. I really, really am. Before I head to class I think I'm head to the Athletic Club to check out the facility again and maybe join. I mentioned in a previous post I'm thinking of adding Pilates, Zumba or Body Pump to my workouts. We'll see....

Hope you all enjoy your Saturdays. Make sure to do somethig great for yourself today.  You deserve it!

Cheers & Smiles! Traci

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pink tries some poses...

He needs to work on his postures...but he's giving it his best! Here he is trying Standing Separate Leg Stretching and Full Locust.  Go Pink!  See my messy, messy desk in the background.  Well, if you could see it, it looks like a bomb exploded.  Running from meeting to meeting and literally throwing stuff down in between.  Off to yet another meeting (my last one today!) then it's time to tri to clean this place up!  No way I can come into it looking like this on Monday morning.  Enjoy the afternoon! Hugs....

"Friday, I'm in Love"

Well, I'm not really in love but I am in Love with the fact that it Friday! And I love The Cure too.
Happy Friday! Looks like we did it...We made it through the first full work week of the New Year! And as I write this post, looking out the window there is the lightest little snow flurry falling from the sky. The tiniest, weakest snowflakes drifting down from gray skies above. It's the kind of snow that keeps falling but is so light it never really adds up to anything on the ground. I think we are only supposed to get an inch or so today. Not bad.

This is the first Friday I've been in the office since the end of November. Feels strange to be here. Of course it would be just lovely to be off, go to an early yoga class, and enjoy the day. I'll admit that when my alarm went off this morning I shut it down thinking I was staying right where I was in my cozy bed. Needless to say I woke up again about 30 minutes later and quickly realized my mistake. Panicked, I bolt out of said cozy bed and the mad rush to get ready begins. Thankfully, every night I prepare my clothes, food etc. for the next day. Saves valuable minutes in the morning. I literally have my mornings down pat. Seriously, I leave the house at the exact same time every day. One day I left like 4 minutes late and my neighbor actually said...A little late today huh? I had to chuckle at that one. People could set their watches by my schedule! Whew... Not a good way to start the day off. Whenever I get up late my whole day just feels off. It's the worst! Hopefully it gets better :)

At the office just a touch late last night. Made it out of here by around 6:15. It was seriously like a ghost town, felt like it could have been 9pm! I'm actually happy to see people get out of here on time. The whole work/life balance thing is so important. I need to remember that sometimes.

Made it home and headed out for a 4 mile run. Was a bit warmer around 32 degrees and actually thought I could have shed a layer. Sad when 32 feels like a heat wave! 60 would feel like the Hot Room right now! My mileage has been light lately but I'm trying to get this hip better. It's taking so freaking long. Hoping I can get some longer runs in soon. The longer runs feel so amazing. I can't wait for the spring when it's light out and warmer for my runs. Can Not Wait. Dinner, shower, catch up on emails bed. Exciting Thursday night huh?

Been thinking about mixing up my workout routine a bit. Things I'm thinking of trying out and adding into my routine. Pilates, Zumba (I LOVE to dance) and Body Pump (the core can never be too strong!). All are offered at the Quincy Athletic Club so that’s where I'll be trying them. Of course I'll also be doing Bikram and running. Just want to spread the love around for my workouts. I'm an equal opportunity workout girl!

And guess what? I finally have convinced 2 of the sales guys I work with to join me for a Bikram class! These guys are in top shape and work our pretty hard core everyday. They even do our company Boot Camp on Friday mornings at 6am. Tough, tough class with a former Marine Captain and TriAthelete leading the charge. I'll just say there's telephone poles and sandbags involved. Outside...Even in the single digits weather. They tried to get me there...Ummmm no thanks, I'll have to politely decline that invite boys. And when I told one of our Premier Account Managers about the boys joining me she said she might too! She worked out all the time before she had baby Ava last year. Currently she's on a diet and I told her she might just fall in love with Bikram! She was a total cheerleader for me during my Challenge and her interest is piqued. So next Tuesday at 6:30 with Maria is the day they'll be joining me. So much fun! Of course boys being boys they say...Can we set up in the back and just watch the girls. Ha-ha guys...Nope! They're both ultra competitive so I know they'll give it their all. Can't wait!

Ok, I think I 'm finally settling into the day since waking up late this morning threw me all off! This afternoon I kind of packed my schedule again with meetings: 1p; 1:30p; 2p; 2:30p; 3p & 4p. I'm sure I'll be running late all afternoon since I scheduled them so tight. Happy Friday!

Any good plans for the weekend? I'm actually looking forward to the first weekend in a while that hasn't been mapped out yet! I do know that Bikram is on my schedule for sure. Looking forward to a couple of good Hannane classes. I feel the Sweat that is!

Pink Panther Yogaism "Dream big, but don't forget to help other achieve their dreams, too"

Oh and Pink is currently practicing Standing Bow Pulling on my desk.

Cheers and hugs all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink's into Yoga

Good Morning guys! So the good news? Sun is still shining here in Boston. Not so good news? Still cold. But looks like we are going to miss that storm tomorrow so we’ll have a snow free weekend! Yay.

Just got out of my weekly meeting with my boss and look what I got! It’s Pink Panther Yoga. Complete with yoga cards and a little Pink Panther to put in positions! He’s going to sit right on my desk and make me smile all day. As you can see I had him hanging out on my keyboard for a little bit. And look he even does my favorite pose Camel!  I know, I’m a complete geek right?

Anyway, I decided to start my computer alarm clock idea next week. Just too much on my plate here at work this week to make sure I leave in time for 6:30 yoga. It was about 6pm last night and my boss was still here too. Looks in and says “burning the midnight oil huh TK”. Packed up and left around 6:30. Which isn’t too late but it’s funny that our office is like a ghost town after 5pm. Seriously, there are 700 people here and the mass exodus cracks me up everyday from 5:00-5:15pm. I always seem to get so much done from 5-6 because it’s so quiet.

I get home and decide to head outside in the cold, dark night for a run. Brrrr. Once you get out there it’s not so bad. Really. The hardest part is getting your HEAD out the door. So as usual I drop my bags and immediately change to brave the elements while eating a PowerBar. Got some really awesome cold weather running tights, hat and gloves for Christmas presents (I’m so easy to buy for: Get me running or yoga gear and I’ll love it! Oh, jewelry works too, no doubt). Jumped into all the gear. Strapped on my new reflector. This thing rocks. Its battery operated and glows bright orange. When I say bright I mean BRIGHT. You can also set it to blinking, but I just use the solid light. On come the tunes. Carefully stretch out my hip and I’m off. Not the best run, but winter runs are like that for me. Give me summer time hot runs any day! Got in 4 miles in about 36 plus minutes. No speed records set for sure but good to get the run in. This morning the hip was not happy though.

Last night it would have been so easy for me to just get home, make dinner and call it a night. But on my drive home, on my running route I came across a guy running with what looked like the same reflectors as mine. Soon as I saw him the motivation kicked in. I sat up a little straighter in my car, grasped the steering wheel, turned up the radio, car danced to Britney’s “3” and committed to a run. Doesn’t take a lot to motivate me. I tend to be pretty competitive. So if he can do it...Well then so can I!

Whew...Today I have packed my schedule with meetings. Meetings: 9:30 (done); 10:30 (done); 11:00 (on my right after I hit Post); 1:00; 2:00; 2:30; 3pm; 4pm. Lot’s of talking today! But tomorrow is Friday....

Pink Panther Yogaism: You may not have your own finger-snapping theme music, but follow the Panther’s lead and always do your own thing!

Cheer to a good day guys!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"I'm Shipping up to Boston"...

Love that song!
Hi everyone! What a pretty day out there. The sun is so beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. Pretty to look at, but still cold. We’ve warmed up to about 20 degrees so far. Not exactly beach weather.

This morning we started our work day off with our Annual meeting and it actually only lasted about 2 1/2 hrs. As I knew it would be, the meeting was very positive. We hit and exceeded all our monthly and annual goals for 2009. Even given the state of the economy we had our 2nd best year as a company ever. So we stand today at a 7 year old $480,000,000 private company with zero debt. We started with 7 employees and today have 700. Not Bad! We also went over several goals for 2010, it’s going to be a big year for us! The first goal is to become a $500,000,000 company by March. When that happens every person will get a bonus. In August if we hit another goal there will be and additional bonus. What motivates people more than money? I don’t really think anything motivates like money. Great meeting, good energy, and people left feeling positive and ready to take on 2010!

Was here at the office until well after 6pm last night. I just had so much paperwork to get through and really didn’t want to face it in the morning. With the morning meeting I knew I would be loosing a few hours. And I knew I had 3 hour long meeting scheduled for the afternoon. So I stayed.

Also, I Co-Chair our company’s annual charity event in June and planning actually starts now for it. Just another thing to add to the list. Always a great event though. Last year in tandem with the event we raised and cut a check for over $160,000 to Dana Farber Cancer Institute & the Jimmy Fund. Lots of work but so worth every minute of it. 

On my way home I needed to stop to fill up the gas tank in the Jeep. The Bikram window had closed so I was planning on hitting the road for a run (so much for resting the hip, huh). But as I stood there refueling, jumping up and down to stay warm, trying to make the gauge click faster, (come on gas pump faster will you!), looking at my black Jeep that appears gray from the salt on the roads, I started to think; Oh it’s just too cold. I can’t get out there tonight. So when I got home I changed into my running indoor running gear that is. I hopped on the treadmill and did about 4 miles (I say about because I don’t trust the mileage clocked by it). Eh, you know how I feel about the treadmill, but got it done. Hip was ok, not great but I think it’s healing. Song of the day I love to run to “I’m Shipping up to Boston” Dropkick Murphy’s. You like that one too?

After the run and dinner I decided I needed a treat. My throat was feeling scratchy and I figured this would help! ;) Delish.

Ok everyone, I brought my yoga bag with me again and am going to try my very best to get out of here in time for the 6:30. After this week I'm making a commitment to myself: Not matter what I will leave the office in time for class. I need my Bikram. It makes me feel good and energized. The work will still be there, so I need to do this for myself. Sound good?  I think I need to set an alarm on my computer and have it say to me: SHUT DOWN AND GO TO YOGA...NOW!

Have a happy day people. “If you truly don’t like something, change it.” Maya Angelou Going to try my best!
Cheers all! Traci