Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going Back to Bikram

Good morning and happy Saturday everyone! Little better out today, 25 degrees. Better...right...rolling my eyes.

So I just finished my schedule for the week coming up and Monday is the day. Monday, Monday, Monday. What's happening on Monday you ask? What could possibly be so good about a Monday? Why, it's the day of my return to the Bikram studio! Finally right? I picked Monday for a few reasons. 1. Because I always have really good workouts on Mondays. 2. Bikram is a great way to start the week. 3. Because I don't want it to go 2 weeks before I'm at the studio and 4. Because one of my favorite teachers, Mimi, is teaching. So there it is. And if you know me you know that generally once I make a commitment to do something like this I'll follow through. Especially now that I put it on here to hold me accountable. Thanks for telling me to get my butt back to the studio Dan :) Maybe I'll see you at the 6:30 Monday night!

Oh, and check out what a cutie pie my nephew Noah is. Those are a couple of pics I snapped while we were hanging out yesterday. We played all sorts of very exciting games to pass the time: Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders were among them. Is it crazy that I had no clue how to play Chutes & Ladders? Not a clue folks. I lost every game we played. He's a pretty competitive 3 year old so if I even thought about winning the tears would have turned on.
In deep thought...
"Hi guy's...I'm Traci's nephew Noah!"

After a snack we were talking about his favorite sports: ranked in this order his faves are Lacrosse (been carrying a lacrosse stick all around Duxbury since he could walk), baseball, football and soccer. Can you tell he has 2 older brothers who are total sports kids? Then I tell him MY favorite sport is Yoga. He grinned, looked at me, shook his head and says TT (when he was a baby he couldn't say my name so started calling me TT and it stuck) that's not a sport! Yes it is, I say. Now he's giggling and says, What kind of a sport is yoga? So I say, let me show you. So we jump up off the cozy couch and I start to show him how to do some postures. It was pretty funny and he was actually pretty good! For Toe Stand I put him against the wall to balance then stood in front of him to show him how to do it. He did the posture perfectly with both hands together in Namaskar! So freaking cute. And I'm telling you he was more focused than some people who have practiced for years. He also does gymnastics so I'm sure that helped. We might have another Bikram lover in the family! Of course he got bored after a bit and just wanted to play trains so we headed to his playroom where the Thomas table is set up. Wasn't long before my other nephews Ben & Luke returned from school and it got really loud! 3 boys...I don't know how my sister Erin and brother-in-law John do it. Whew!

Ok guys off to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of shopping and lunch with a friend. Hope you all have a great day...and I really hope it's warmer for you than it is for us here.


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