Monday, December 21, 2009

Sidewalks Cleared?

Hi all!  What a difference a day makes huh?  Yesterday was dark and cold and snowy.  Today is bright and sunny. Still cold but good to see my friend the sun again.  The sun is so bright it's glaring off all the white snow! The day after a snow storm it's always so beautiful out.  You can pretty much bet on it being sunny the day after. Albeit cold, but sunny.

Already tired of this weather and it's only December?  Long way to go. Don't even feel like venturing outside for lunch so just grabbing something from the cafe in the building. Soup's sound really good right about now. I usually like to get out and get some fresh air but I'm not wearing sensible shoes today for the snow. Don't need to fall down yet again. Note to self: No 3 inch heels in this weather!

Driving to work I was checking out the sidewalks for running. Not bad, not bad. Not great, but still good enough to get a run in.  Must be careful though! Along the water they plowed the sidewalk nice to the pavement which is great.  I actually saw a woman out there this morning for her run at 7am. Brrrr.  She had the full face mask on and everything. I just can't do the morning workouts. Can't do it but admire those who can.  Night time is best for this girl.

I have tons to get through before my holiday vacation (off Dec 24th-Jan 4th!).  I've prepared mentally for being here at the office late every night until then so I can leave here Wednesday evening knowing everything is taken care of.  Have to work on a position that has been a real challenge to hire for. Looking for a very specific candidate. Goal I  have set for myself this week is to at least get some solid candidates in the pipeline for it.  Anyone out there looking for a Carrier Relations Analyst (telecom experience) position? :)

Workouts planned this week: So since I already know my work week looks crazy I'm scheduling my runs Mon-Wed; Thursday 9:30am Bikram (me and my sis Robin are going together...yay!). Christmas morning run with my parents. I love running new routes so it should be a good run.  They live by the water as well so hopefully the cold wind is not coming off the ocean that day! Saturday Bikram 3:00 and Sunday Bikram 3:00.

And yes, my parents still like me to come and stay at their house Christmas eve so I can wake up with them Christmas morning. Silly at this age isn't it?  I only live about 15 minutes away from them but they like me waking up in their house to see if Santa came. And my Mother actually still says that when I come down in the morning. They're just being silly.  Makes them happy, which makes me happy too. Always funny to sleep in my childhood  bedroom.

To think about today...actually always: Try to be the best you can be. Ask yourself "Is what I'm doing going to help me become my best?"  Simple question, but I think it can help keep us anchored.  Especially this time of year when things get so hectic!

Side note: Our Corporate Attorney is wearing a tie that plays Christmas music.  I keep healthy treats at my desk to share (almonds, walnuts, trail mix, Cascadian bars...And of course some chocolate).  Every time he comes to my office he starts playing playing it. Trying to decide if it's funny or annoying :)

Have a great rest of your Monday guys!

Cheers! Traci

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