Monday, December 14, 2009

Bikram, it's so good to see you again!

Happy Monday bloggies! Hope you all had great weekends. How is it that even when you have 3 day weekends it’s still just too short? Another day off would have felt great!

First things first! I need to wish my niece Sarah a very Happy Birthday. She turns 22 (what?) today and is truly amazing. We’ve always had such a special bond and she’ll always be my little girl. Happy Birthday sweet pea. Love ya!

Ok onto the yoga! Yesterday as planned I went to the 3pm with Sherie. Awesome...but well get to that in a minute.
I was so happy to be getting back to the studio! It felt good to walk up the long staircase, pull open the door and immediately feel the positive energy floating around. The 30 Day Challenge board is still hanging on the wall with a big Congratulations sign above it. Good reminder of what I just accomplished. Sherie was at the desk with Chris and I knew immediately this was going to be a great class. Lots of unfamiliar faces moving about the studio. Figured out pretty quickly many people came from all around to see Sheri and take her class. The class was packed, especially for 3pm on a Sunday afternoon right in the middle of the Pat’s game!

I set myself up in the front of the room far right corner (or the hot corner as some call it, though it doesn’t feel much different to me). I think it’s my favorite spot in the room. Before class begins I hear Sherie talking to a guy and called him “Charlie”. I looked at him and figured out pretty quickly it was Charlie from Noho Yoga! I tiptoed over to his mat and introduced myself. It’s so fun actually meeting another blogger in person. Before class begins it was really loud in the studio. I think people were seeing people they haven’t seen for awhile so it was like a reunion. Some of the unfamiliar faces looked confused by the chatter. I think they prefer it to be silent in the room. I’m actually ok either way. I just can’t take talking DURING class or in final Savanasa. Other than that it’s ok with me.

So as I mentioned class was awesome. words can not explain. I was just so happy to be there, to be moving through the postures. And to be taking the awesome Sherie’s class, well that was the icing on the cake! She moved throughout the room the entire class. Weaving her way around all the bodies. Making corrections. She never stopped talking, her energy level never waned. There was just one first timer in our class of 50 or so. Sherie made certain to keep giving him positive comments all along the way. He did great! The back row was a group of girls still in their 10 day intro. They seemed to be doing ok, but one girl looked like she was struggling the entire class. Sherie was good about giving her encouragement too. Though when she went for her water after half-moon, Sherie said, No, not yet actually.  The girl looked stunned, but did put the water down. She'll learn.

It was just one of those classes for me that I didn’t want to see end. Honestly, you know the kind of class....when you get to head to knee pose towards the end and your saying in your head...I wish there was another class because I would love to do a double! During head to knee Sherie walked by and gave me a great correction. She pulled my ponytail up so my back was more rounded than straight, so my forehead was higher on my leg. Wow! What a difference. And then she says “you have beautiful postures, but I won’t be here everyday to pull your ponytail up!” Love corrections and compliments equally.

During class my contact lens ended up in the back of my eye. I know...more eye issues! I just tried to forget about but with one posture left I looked in the mirror and tried to fix it. Sherie say “Glitter girl, forget the eyes and get in Savasana.” I just laughed and of course did get right into Savasana. Class ends and I’m not tired at all. It was an absolutely perfect class. Perfect. It was that kind of class. I felt so alive and energized after class I could have run a race.

After I change I walk over to thank Sherie for an amazing class. She asked if the corrections helped. Yes, for sure they did! Then she told me I had a beautiful spine! Love, love, love that compliment. Only someone that practices yoga could really understand that right? A beautiful spine. So good. Floated over to my nieces to give her the birthday presents. She’s really easy and always loves everything! What a great Sunday! Oh and the Patriot's won!

Going to the 6:30 tonight with Mimi. And I can’t wait.
Hope you all have great Mondays. Don’t forget to smile! One thing I do for myself is buy flowers weekly.  Trust me, it makes you happy. This is a pic of the ones I bought this weekend. I love this pic.  I put them on my white carpet and took the pic from above.


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  1. Nice complement about your spine! Glad you made it back into the hot room!