Saturday, May 22, 2010

Running Stronger...And a Charity Event

Don't you just adore Saturdays? You wake up not having to rush to work and you know you still have another day before getting back to business. Oh, trust me I still do plenty of work on the weekends but pretty much just from home. Work has been so busy and it helps to keep up with it on the weekends instead of coming in to madness on Monday.

Aside from my normal Recruiter duties at our company I'm also the Co-Chair for our annual Granite Day Charity event. Months of planning go into the event and it's coming so close now! The event is June 5th and still tons to do! It'll get done. Every year around this time I start seriously stressing about it. But in the end the day is always great. This is my 5th year doing it and though it takes up a lot of my time, I can't imagine not being involved. Ya, I'm one of those types that like to get involved in everything! Last year we raised $161,000 for Dana Farber Cancer and the Jimmy Fund. Hoping for that again this year! If your local please stop by! The day itself is FREE for everyone.  Awesome, fun day for kids. Check out my flyer below.

Anyways...You know that helps minimize the effects of stress? Running! I am so happy to almost be back to myself in my running. The injuries I had over the past few months were tough but I am back! Well, almost...

Mileage is still low but here's what this week looked like:
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 5 miles
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: Yoga (at home), planks, pushups
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 5 miles (this was the BEST run since I got injured!)

My run yesterday was great. It was the kind of run that just leaves you feeling elated. Like anything that was bothering you before you headed out (and something WAS bothering me) just doesn't matter. Or if it does matter it helps you come up with a solution. That's one of the things I love so much about running. It puts things in perspective. Really any exercise does, but for me it's running. Bikram does that for me too, but the weather is just too nice lately to not take advantage and be outside.

Yesterday I could have run further, I felt like I had wings, but I’m still trying not to overdo. The last thing I want is to re-injur my foot and deal with that during the summer!

Ok...Have a fabulous weekend!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Like running against a brick wall...

Happy Monday guys. Hope you all had a great weekend and feel energized for the week ahead. As usual it will be a very busy one for me. Busy is good though!

Yesterday was a great day with family. Even though we all live in the same state and within a 45 minute drive I don't seem to get together with my 3 sisters much these days. We're all just so busy. My work, my nieces and nephews sports (LAX, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, hockey, etc...) and so on...So we really have fun when we are actually all together. Yesterday it was me, my parents, my 3 sisters, my brothers-in-law, 7 nieces and nephews. You can imagine how loud it gets. Always, always tons of laughs. You never know where the conversation is going to go. We'll just say there have definitely been some very interesting things talked about ;)...I always crack up when I glance over and all the guys are lined up just watching the "show". Always a great show when all the sisters are together! Fun, fun, fun.

All the nice warm temps we saw last week have gone into hiding here in the Boston area. Yesterday was really chilly and Windy! I still made it out for my run yesterday but I actually had to put my running tights and long sleeve shirt back on! Brrr...Bring back the warm temps!

So how windy was it? Well, at some points during my run I felt like I was being pushed along by the wind...until I'd turn and run into the wind. Then it was like running against a brick wall. My ponytail was flying like crazy in the breezes. But I was still smiling and having a great time out there on the road.

Only did 4 miles but it felt like a lot more with the wind. It was so windy that my sister who is also a runner looked outside and said "Nope!" And headed to a nice HOT Bikram class. I think she possibly had the right idea. But I just love being outside, getting the fresh air and listening to my music. That time I'm outside on the road nothing else matters. It's just me and my thoughts. No computer, no cell phone, no people asking me questions...So good. Plus as usual I got some yoga poses in with my 7 year old niece. She loves trying the postures with me. And she is good!

Well...That’s all for now. Hope your week is off to a great start and that the sun is shining where you are.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Running, Rain and Rainbows

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!  I'm not a mother but sometimes I think I treat my 7 nieces and nephews like they are my own!  They are all so amazing in their own way.

Anyway, yesterday was a rainy, chilly day here in the Boston area.  I really wanted to get a run in,n so late in the afternoon when the sun started to peek out from the clouds I was so happy!  I quickly drove home, changed into my running clothes and....ummm whats that?  I live on the water and over the bay the sky had turned black again.  You could see the rain was on its way again.  Oh well, I thought.  I'm already changed and my mind is already in runnig mode.  So...Out I went. 

I was just a few steps down the street when I could feel the lightest of sprinkles coming from the sky.  Ok! This won't be so bad.  Off I go.  Then, about 1.5 miles into the run the skies literally opened up. There I was in my little running skirt stuck in a complete downpour.  So what did I do?  Well, the only thing I really could do!  I looked up at the sky, started to laugh and continued on my run.  I seriously must have been quite the sight.  Crazy girl running in the rain and smiling.  Sometimes you really just need to laugh at life, ya know?

At around mile 4 I was running down a hill along the sea wall.  I looked over the ocean and there it was.  The most beautiful full rainbow spanning over the water and across the neighborhood.  Literally stopped me in my tracks.  I just looked up at it, smiled and said...All is good. What it is about rainbows that make everyone smile?

By the time I get home the rain had stopped.  I was drenched from head to toe. But happy.  Twas a very good run.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday! 

Chat with ya later.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Amazing! That word pretty much sums up the weather here in Boston this weekend.  Truly amazing.

Hard not to take adavantage of it so no Bikram this weekend.  Nope. The idea of frsh air sounded more appealing. Now is the time to really enjoy lacing up the running shoes, cranking up the tunes and truly appreciating a good run.  Since my injury i have really come to appreciate the fact that I get get out there again.  Yesterday I did my nice 5 mile loop.  I forgot to time my run (oops!) but I felt I really pushed it at times.  Trying to get my speed back up there.  It'll happen.  After my run I felt great. Energized and happy.  Don't you think 99% of the time after a run you feel like that.  So good.  Heading back out for another run this afternoon and of course looking forward to it. I have my long run planned today.  It will be a good test for my foot and hip. First up on the agenda today though...Go Buy New Running Shoes!  I'll be sticking with Mizuno.  Been wearing them for years and they just feel best on my foot.

All right guys...Just wanted to check in and say hello.  Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the spring!

Enjoy the afternoon!