Tuesday, August 8, 2017



So this morning on the train ride into Boston I, for some reason, after years, pulled up my old blog! I started this page way back in 2009 to chronicle my 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge and my love for being active!

During my train ride I went through and read back through a number of my old posts.  Good God...a rush of memories came rushing back!  I even teared up at one point (sap!).

We rush through life at lightening speed. Seems now more than ever.  How great is it to sometimes take a breather, reconnect with some past memories and refocus?  Feel that emotion you were feeling at one point.

So much in my life has changed over the past several years.  New jobs (I ADORE my role), moving for the 3rd time, new relationships etc.  Yet in many ways not much has changed at all.  I am still as active as ever.  Running (30-50 miles a week), Cycling (still healing from a crash!), Bikram (tho my beloved studio closed so had to find another one!).  My family is still their amazing selves.  So proud of my nieces and nephews growing and taking on new challenges.  Life is good my friends.

I still have Pink Panther Yogi with me!  A friend gifted it to me in 2009 and I blogged about it.  It remains with me and sits in my office still to this day.  A touchstone in a way I suppose.

I still try to Reach for the Stars every day.  I try to find the positive spin on challenges. Each day is going to throw something at you. How the day turns out is how you take on that challenge.

Not even sure if anyone still uses these Blogs.  But I really enjoy streaming thoughts so there ya

Hugs and love!