Sunday, December 20, 2009

18"...give or take an inch or 2

My hand after playing in the snow...Brrrr....                                                                 Snowball!

My wintry backyard & icy-cold looking water!                                           Big, big snowbank at the mall!

Snow fall totals where I live:  Looks like we're at around 18 blissful inches. There go my sidewalks for running! 
Guys, given how ugly the day was today, around sunset the sky actually looked quite beautiful.  There were colors of orange and red and pink spanning the sky against an amazing canvass of stark white.  Couldn't stop staring at it. So pretty.  I did make a trip to the mall where a nice front row spot was waiting for me.  Needless to say there were no crowds to be had there this afternoon. Just my kind of shopping!  And the people working in the stores were more than attentive...I think they were actually bored.  Made a visit to Teavana and sampled some spicy, cinnamon tea.  Warming & delish.

Oh, and on my way home I made sure to check out the sidewalks (crazy runner girl, right?). Guess what?They already have the little Bobcat out clearing the sidewalks just for ME so I can get my run in. Awww, thanks DPW guys! Ok, Ok, so it's not really for me, it's actually for the kids walking to school.  But I'll take it!
Ok, my stomach is telling me its time to make dinner and then get cozy. These are the kind of nights fireplaces are made for.  Lighting some candles and putting on Christmas music while I make dinner.  Do you guys have a favorite Christmas song?  There's many on my list but I love Santa Baby!

Enjoy your evening all....TK


  1. Great pictures! Crazy that the yoga classes were canceled. Not something I have to worry about in Vegas:)

  2. G: Lol! I need to move to a warmer climate!