Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Morning All!  Hope the weekend was great for everyone. Just a quick fly by post this morning.  I'll be back later with more.

Ahhh...It felt so great to wake up this morning and not have to get to work for my 8am Monday meeting! Instead I'm heading shortly to the Hannanes 9:30am Bikram class with my sister Robin. What an awesome way to get he day and week started, yes? Took her class yesterday too and it was just an awesome, challenging class again.  Lots of people seemed to be struggling.  Not sure why? Maybe because of all the holiday festivities.  One girl even said she could smell all the bad food and drinks coming from her pores!

I think Hannanes becoming one of my favorite teachers now. I love how she tells people she likes it hot and humid in the room, like it's suppose to be, and that's how it will be. My kind of teacher! Hannane is strong, focused and gives great corrections. Ok, I better go get ready for class now!

Have a fabulous start to your week guys! See ya'll later.



  1. Ah, lucky you to have the day off! Enjoy!

  2. It's a lot more fun to start a Monday off with yoga, than going to work! One of my teachers once told me, "Less work, more yoga." I like that saying!

  3. It sure is a great way to start a Monday morning on :-) I did the same. Hope you had a great class.

  4. I, on the other hand, slept ALL morning to make up for a stupidly long day of travel yesterday. Last class was 3pm in Boston on Saturday - next class will be 4:30pm in California!

  5. Hi guys! BYC, BigG, HappyYogi, DancingJ: It really was a great way to start the day! I was totally surprised to see a very full class for a Monday morning. Maybe 30 people? I think lots of other people took this week off from work too. Awesome class. Very good energy and even about 6 newbies. AND...I seemed to have turned the corner with morning workouts I actually kind of fancy them now! Hope you all have a great practice today if that's on your schedule! Can't decide on 9:30am class tomorrow or 4:30pm. Guess we'll just see how I feel in the AM. Hope Boston was good to you J! :)