Wednesday, December 23, 2009

High Energy Kind of a Day!

Hello, Hello, Hello guys! Tons of energy today! What a crazy week it's been. So much work to get done in 3 days! After today I'm not back in the office until January 4th. Just saying it sounds weird. I'm definitely the type that has a hard time mentally taking time away from work and disconnecting myself. So of course I'll still be logging in from home. Crazy girl, I know. I'm pretty sure the company will be just fine without you for a few days Traci! As one of my guy friends says to me "you’re a gooba". Don't know why but makes me laugh every time, and still have no idea what he means by it :)

This morning started off fabulous. Came in to work about 7:30am to find lots of cards on my desk. Gift cards in all of them! Presents are so much fun (still waiting on a little blue box though ;). Mall gift cards, Starbucks (yummm) gift cards, Amex gift cards. Gift cards rock! Love to shop so what could be better to give me right? Perfect gift if you ask me. Anyone out there still looking for a gift for me? Two words: Gift Card...or a little blue box (I mention that one a lot huh?)

Had my weekly status update meeting with my boss at 9am. I actually love this meeting. We don't really talk much during the week since we're usually running like crazy, so it gives us a chance to catch up, both on work and personal stuff. Always lots of laughs and stories. Have I mentioned I work for the best people? I really do. I feel so lucky. Oh sure we all have a bad day every now and then, nothings perfect, but 99% of the time, it's all good. BUSY, but good. I always tell my candidates & potential new hires this: If you can get up in the morning, get ready, get in your car, drive to work and never think about it, just do it on auto pilot...That’s a good thing! It's a bad thing if you’re constantly thinking...UGH work tomorrow! Or if on Sunday you hear the 60 Minutes clock tick tick tick and you think...Oh no! MONDAY tomorrow, also not so good. I can honestly say I almost never feel like that. Something so good about having an amazing team to work with isn't there?

Funny story that I’m still laughing about! One of our Directors sees me walking by and says "TK wait!" and comes running over. Pulls me into one of the conference rooms and tells me he needs me to walk on his back to work out a kink! What?!?! NO WAY...Come on, he says...Please! Says his daughter usually does it and since I'm tiny I'd be perfect. I concede. Off come the4 inch high heels (should have kept them on, THAT would have been funny). There I am walking up and down on his back as he lies on the conference room floor. He’s making all sorts of noises. Finally we hear his back pop back into place. I'm now laughing at the situation. Step back into my shoes, he pushes himself back up to standing and straightens out his pants. With that we turn and walk towards to door. It's then we see like 5 co-workers looking in. We open the door and they just say, Really don't want to know what just went on in the there. Lots of smirks and by now I'm belly laughing along with my co-worker. He says...Oh the rumors are going to start flying now! Maybe you had to be there, but I'm just saying it was hysterical. I work with some very silly guys... indeed I do.

That's the kind of day it is around here today. Lots and lots of smiles and laughing and overall good spirits. "Comfortable, easy, flexible"...oops sorry about that...the Bikram dialogue just popped into my head. That ever happen to you Bikram guy's? You’re having a normal conversation and there it is playing out in your head...Bikram!

Workouts: Guess what? Yesterday I had so many people yipping at me all day long about my hip flexor. I was limping around the office all day. Everyone was telling me, don't run, don't run, don't run. Well, it's so unlike me to listen and take advice (I can be just a bit stubborn at times) but I did! And you know what? It feels a tad better today. The rest was good! Still there but at least I can walk normal. tonight I'm off to have holiday cocktails with friends. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve! Huh? What? Well that really snuck up on us now didn't it? Anyway, my sis Robin texts me this morning at 7:45 making sure I was going to the 9:30am Bikram tomorrow. Yup. I'll be there. That's right. A good old morning class. Don't like em, but tomorrow it's the only class of the day so morning it is. I anticipate a full house studio.

After that my family does a Christmas Eve cocktail party at my sister Kellie's house and Christmas day is at my parents. Busy time of the year! Fun to spend it with my fam that I really don't see that much, but whew! Always good when the holidays are over.

Bloggies, hope you have an awesome afternoon filled with smiles and sunshine!
See ya back here tomorrow!


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