Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running = Smiles

Happy Saturday!

As suspected my run yesterday made me feel so much better.  Oh, I won't lie, tying up my Mizuno's and hitting the streets was not easy.  Part of me kept saying just curl up on the couch and relax (um...right then...relaxing is something I am not so good at by the way.  I always find a closet to organize or something!) but the other part of me was saying get out there. You will feel so much know you will!  What are you waiting for Traci. Get going!  Ok...ok...I'm going, I'm going.

Happy I listened to the latter.  I headed out for my run, blasted my tunes and within the 1st half mile I knew.  I knew this would be a great run. And indeed it was.  It was 7 miles of happiness.  I always do some of my best thinking during my runs.  It's just a great time to really put things in perspective. I came to realize that although I still am a bit sad about what happened this week...I am less sad.  I know it's for the best. With each step of my run I could feel mysel returning to my postive, sunny self. Ahhh...yes, that's much better. There's my smile.  I found it! I thank my lucky stars for my running.  Don't know what I would do without it.  Thank you running...I love you!

Moving on is great.  It can be exciting not knowing what is going to happen next. I have to get going on that next chapter!

I thought  about doing a Bikram class this afternoon but the weather is just way too nice today to not take advantage. Dry, 70's and sunny.  Picture perfect.  My running shoes are calling.  Thinking maybe a Bikram day might be on tap for tomorrow. I think my head could really benefit from the warmth ofthe studio...and i'm not just talking about the temperature.  That room and the people just have a way of making you feel so goo.

Anyway, my wonderful Mom has justed phoned me and said she got me a suprise that I am going to love. She's great like that.  Whenever me or one of my 3 sisters are a bit down she kicks into super mom mode  and does what she can to make us smile.  My Mom is the BEST! I'm off to go see what the suprise is!

Ok.  That's it for now.  Have an awesome Saturday.  Be sure to do something great for yourself...And for someone you love.

Best!  Traci

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saying Goodby is Hard...

I hate goodbyes...I always have. They crush me.

Saying goodbye to someone you care about, who you have cared about for over a’s hard. It sucks.

Sometimes we prolong things because we’re afraid to say goodbye. Afraid of not having him in your life anymore. Afraid of not having him there to pick you up when you’re having a bad day. Afraid of not hearing him calling you by the nickname he gave you. Afraid you will never again laugh at the inside jokes you share. Afraid you will never again melt from him looking at you with that boyish grin. Afraid you won’t feel the chills you get when he touches you. Afraid you won’t have that feeling of safe happiness you get when he gives you one of his amazing hugs (god I love hugs). Afraid you won’t have that feeling of when you two are out together in a crowded place it still feels like it’s just the two of you. Like no one else is there. Afraid of being alone and starting all over again. I still remember the very first second I saw him walk into the bar over a year ago. Our eyes connected and I just knew we would be together. It was instant attraction. Sigh...

But when you think with your head instead of your heart you know it’s the right thing to do. To say goodbye, I mean. Being afraid to move on is never a reason to stay in a relationship that isn’t working. You know you both want very different things and it’s time to move on. Yes, there are lots of good things, but there are many things that just do not work too. Why is it that in relationships it very often seems one person wants more than the other. That one person is willing to make the other a priority, but the other person is not willing to do the same. I think we all want to be a priority to someone don’t we? I think we all deserve that.

Goodbyes are tough for me. I hate them. I do. But they are a reality. Sometimes they have to happen to get to being happy again. Of course I wish him all the best and still care about him but it was just time to say goodbye.

Enough of that...Time for this girl to pick herself up, dust herself off and SMILE! Time to start a new chapter! That’s kind of what life is like...Chapters in a book. Excited to see what happens next. Stay tuned!

You know what always picks me back up? A good long RUN! Works every single time. As I was driving to work this morning seeing the morning runners along the beach I knew that was what I needed. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Boston and I see a nice long run in my afternoon plans. Just me and my music. And then later this evening out with my girlies for lots of laughs (and maybe...ahem...definitely...a margarita!)

Ok guys! Have yourselves an awesome weekend! Talk to you soon


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hope summer is going great for everyone. Summer here in Boston has been just amazing.  We could not ask for better weather so far. Well, if you like it hot and humid it's good!  And of course I do!  To me this is perfect running weather.  Although after my run last night I think my face stayed red for quite a while and even my ears were sweating...but all in good fun.

It truly just feels so good to be back to my runnning with ZERO pain. After my injuries a few months ago (hip flexor pull and stress fractured foot) I felt as if I would never run pain free again.  I feel so happy and lucky everytime I hit the road.

And if I ever start to think "ugh, I really do NOT feel like getting changed into my running clothes"...I stop that thought and remember the injury days when I COULDN'T run.  I remember how frustrating it was.  And then I'm good.  I feel so lucky to be able to tie up my Mizuno's and hit the streets.  Doing between 5-6 miles a day, 5-6 days a week right now.

I've also become one of those runners who sings while she runs. Just out there having a good time!

And Bikram...Oh I have taken a break from the studio.  I just adore being outside. So while we have this great weather I opt for more running than yoga.  I do at home yoga to stay loose though. Great way to end the day. 

Alright guys...Just wanted to check in.  Enjoy your day!