Friday, December 18, 2009

Clumsy Girl!

Hi guys! Happy Friday!  I have the day off so I've just kind of been easing into the day.  Actually I think I'm procrastinating going outside in the cooold.  I just wish it was in the 40's. 40's I can handle. Single digits, teens and 20's I can't. Just can't

Anyway, last night being the silly girl I am I decided to go for a run. Lot's of branches and stuff on the ground.  Lot's of things to trip on.  Not good for a clumsy, accident prone person such as myself.  I should probably mention, I tend to be a little...ok, ok alot...clumsy.  Always have been.  Anyone who knows me is never suprised when I tell them I fell down, walked into a wall, tumbled down the stairs (people at work always want me in front of the m in the stairwell because I might fall on them if I'm behind them!) or the like.  Pretty funny actually.  They are not suprised but they always say, you were a gymnast and you do yoga, HOW can you be such a clutz?  People at work tell me I need to be wrapped in bubblewrap! My family and friends shake their heads when I fall and say...Oh, why am I not suprised?

I've even fallen flat on my face on dates...FIRST dates!  That's right.  Walking in Boston in the North End after an awesome meal and some fabulous wine, I step off the curb and...oops!  Down I go.  My date didn't realize it and was still talking away.  Finally he notices I'm not beside him. Turns around and sees me there.  We both start laughing.  What else can you do right?  Good thing I can laugh at myself. I once read "You grow up the first time you have a real laugh at yourself." Well then...I must be really grown up! My date kept laughing about it at random times of the night.  So funny.  Oh I could write a book about all my stories. I'm not kidding, I really could! One of the guys I dated in the past still texts me about some of the silly things I did.  Always makes me laugh.  Laughing at yourself is good!

Where was I going with this?  Oh, last night I'm out on my run and I trip on some branches and debris and down I go.  Not the first time I've fallen on a run, last time was in front of some really cute firemen! Ugh! But last night I really thought I broke both my kneecaps. OUCH! Thankfully I wasn't far from home.  I limped home and was scared to look. I did and what I found was 2 very bruised and swollen knee caps. Oh Great! I could tell they were just bruised. No problem putting pressure on them.  So I iced them (more cooold, teeth chattering). By this time they were already so bruised! Not pretty. Thank God it's winter and I can hide them! 

I woke up this morning and gingerly put my feet on the floor. I was scared my knees were going to kill. But was happily suprised when I felt almost no pain! I took a look and you would never even knew I fell! So wierd.  No bruising or swelling at all.  I tend to heal very quickly.  Which is a good thing given my track record!  I always say it's all the vegetables I eat! Have I mentioned I have not eaten meat in about 22 years? Just never liked it, not even as a kid.

Ok guys, have to go finish up my Christmas shopping.  I've been such a slacker this year with it.  Usually I'm better but this year...not so much.  List Traci, List. Must bring a list with me. Hopefully I won't fall or walk into any walls!  Wish me luck! And I think I might take a day off from any workout to let my knees recover.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great Friday and stay warm out there!



  1. A woman after my own heart! I am a HUGE clutz! Bikram has actually helped me a little with that though. I guess I'm more "body aware" and don't trip over my own two feet as often*
    *note: still trip, just not as much LOL

  2. Too funny Michelle! Someone once told me I'm clumsy because my mind is going a mile a minute and I'm thinking about what to do next rather than concentrating on what I'm doing. At least we make people laugh right? I even did a forward roll in Bikram during a posture one day. Mimi just laughed and said "well that was interesting!" Have an awesome Friday my dear!

  3. Oh gosh, I can totally relate! I found myself skipping down a hill a couple weeks back during a run. I was running downhill when I tripped. I must have looked like a rock being skipped over a pond as I rumbled up and down, making my way down the hill in a less then graceful fashion...haha. Thankfully my knees healed pretty quick too...phew!

    Anyways, I love your attitude. You're so right. It's good to laugh. :D

  4. Srah: Oh! Good to know I'm not alone! Sorry, but the image make me giggle :)Happy to see you have a great attitude about it to. Sometimes there's just nothing to do but laugh. Have a gret run if your going out today!