Saturday, February 27, 2010

Listening to my body

Happy weekend! Hope everyone had a great week. It was good but a busy one for sure. I'm happy to say that all the snow the Northeast is getting these days is just hitting us here in the Boston area as rain. So happy!

I've been a rally bad blogger huh? Every time I open up my blog to type away I just look, grunt and close it. You see this blog was created to talk about my running, my yoga, my workouts. The past couple of months I have had more injuries than ever. I've been working out all my life (pretty much anyway) and have never had to deal with injuries like this. So needless to say, I have had a tought time dealing with them now. First my hip flexor in December (which is still not 100% healed), and now the stress fractured foot. So frustrating.

Speaking of the foot. It still hurts and the swelling is still there. BUT when I think how it felt 3 weeks ago, that's when I realize how much it is actually healing. I have been really good about sticking to the "resting the foot” part of the healing process. 3 weeks ago I couldn't walk across the room without intense pain. Now I can walk in my running shoes and manage ok. I really just want to run or go to yoga, but I am fearful. I just want to heal this thing right. I don't want to still be dealing with this when the nice weather comes our way.

Luckily I have been swamped at work to keep my mind off of it.

So my workouts these days continue to focus on upper body and core. This morning I worked through the entire Bikram series at home (sans the heat). I rolled out one of my yoga mats, the blue one, (you might remember I like to change it up and have 3 mats!) and from breathing to spine twist I did the series. Some postures were modified of course. The only posture I left out completely was Awkward. Other than that everything else felt pretty ok. I thought about taping up my foot and heading to class this afternoon. My head could absolutely us it! I would love to get that feeling of total peace when class is over. After running through it over and over in my head doing a mental checklist of goods and bads, I decided to give it another week. I'm already this far into it, what another week? UGH! I really think this is the best choice, for me anyway. I always tell people to listen to their bodies. Well, body, ya I'm listening. I hear you. You are not ready yet. Soon though, right? Promise?

For now, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing on the workout front. I'll keep resting this foot. I'll keep taking my vitamins. I'll keep eating healthy. I'll do all the right things I can to get this healed as fast as possible.

To my awesome niece Sarah who is in her senior year at University: Congrats on passing the Teachers exam! You are going to make an amazing teacher sweetie!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope it involves lots of fun things!

See you back here soon…Cheers! Traci

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday...At least it's over :)

Hey there! Everyone have a great weekend? Weekend was pretty good here (I think) but went by way, way too fast (as usual). Ever get to Monday and you get those typical Monday questions at work? You know…How was the weekend? And... What did you do this weekend? Or... Do anything exciting? Well, as people were asking me that today, I just kind of looked at them and said.... uh, I guess it was ok, don't really remember! Either I'm getting old or it was a pretty uneventful weekend. Oh well, either way at least I am well rested! I was ready to tackle Monday.

This past weekend we actually had some pretty mild weather in the high 40's with sunshine, so it felt almost spring like! Good, but it really made me want to head out for a run. Soon. Not yet, but I see it in my future soon. Still have to remember to be patient and not push it too soon though. Don't want to take any steps backwards!

My foot: It's getting better and better every day. I just know I will be back to fighting form in no time. I just know it. Counting the minutes. Looks like I might be shedding this boot of mine in a week (or so). Woohoo! When I got home from work today I put on my running shoes and walked around in them. Still in them as I type. Verdict: Pretty good, so far so good. Going to walk around like this for a while to see how we do.

Speaking of the "boot". I'm not sure why but people keep telling me I look cute in it. YA RIGHT! Real cute. I swear at least a few people every day say it. I just shoot them a look as if to say...Uhuh, right, cute. Sure. Someone even told me I was the only person who could make it look fashionable. Well, just have to do the best you can with what you have to work with right?

Ok, I'm off to do an arm and abs workout, have some dinner, answer some emails, shower, bed...and then do the whole thing over again tomorrow.

What was the best part of your weekend? Can you remember or did it just fade into the background like mine?

Hope you all have a nice evening!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sliding into Sneakers

Evening to you all. Tomorrow is Friday?!? That week pretty much flew right by. Guess that's what happens when you are straight out busy. Running from one meeting to the next all day long. Finally at 4:30 I sat down at my desk, which is in total shambles, and literally let out a huge sigh. My desk and office is usually very neat and organized. One of our Sales Reps came in today and said. Oh! This is not like you! I find while making a pit stop by me desk after a meeting all I have time for is to toss down documents, grab what I need for the next one and keep on running. So by the days end it looks like a bomb exploded. And all the papers strewn around are the aftermath.

From about 4:30 until about 7pm I was able to catch up tons of things. As always, I prefer to stay a little later than come in to a pile of work in the morning. And since I can't go to yoga or run, I really don't mind putting in some extra hours. I have recently taken on more responsibilities at work so trying to find a good balance with that right now. I'm pretty good at juggling so I know I'll work it out. Just have to make a few adjustments is all.

I just got home at decided to take the air cast off, put on the foot brace and slide into my running shoe. Just to see how it feels. Result: Not tooo bad. Not great and not ready to rock n roll. But honestly I don't have that piercing pain. How tired are you guys of hearing about my foot-healing saga? Promise it will be done soon. Or at least I hope it will be!

All right! I am about to do some light yoga and abs followed by some sort of dinner. Nothing is really sounding good right now. Leaning towards soup, garlic bread and a tomato, basil, mozzarella salad. Yeah, now that I typed that out...It sounds good.

Enjoy the evening! Cheers...Traci

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Miss, I Miss, I Miss

Hi everybody! How’s the week going so far? Awesome I hope! Yesterday was a bit of a crazy weather day. Pretty much snowed on and off all day. That's the view from my office around 3pm yesterday afternoon. To get to my car after work I had to once again put my aircasted foot in a garbage bag and tuck it into the top. What a look! Very attractive indeed. And the bag was white so it really stuck out against my black tights. What a pretty girl! Actually, I looked a little bit like a freak and made some co-workers laugh, but I didn’t care. At least my “boot” stayed nice and dry. I have come to the conclusion there is no way to look good wearing this thing on my left foot and a shoe on my right. Just not a good look folks. Alls I can say is better now than in the summer! I even asked one of my “friends?” (don’t ask) to come to my work, clear my car off and pull it to the front of the building for me. No such luck. I was kidding of course. Well, half kidding. I was secretly hoping he’d show up. Not just to clean off my car but because I really wanted to see him. Sighing... the end of the day after running all around this 130,000 sq foot building of ours, my foot generally throbs. Today, not as much. Hmmm...healing perhaps? One can only hope. And my hip flexor? Although it is not 100% pain free, it seems to be about 90%. I noticed the more I stretch it out the better it feels. Stretch, stretch, streeeeetch! One of the candidates I was interviewing the other day looked at me and literally said “you’re kind of a mess”. Normally I would take offense, but I had to laugh. Right you are candidate, I am a mess! But the mess is temporary. I’ll be back soon!

I get home last night and decide to do some easy yoga poses (did some in my office earlier too). I love how it opens you up and how you can feel the blood pumping through your body. Also did some ab work and pushups. Not a fancy, hard core workout but at least I felt like I moved my body!

Things I miss...and miss...and miss...insert big sigh here:
You know what I really miss? Of course you do. This is no secret. I miss my yoga studio. I miss the hot room. I miss the heat (oh how I love that heat), I miss the feeling of sweat first breaking during the first couple of postures and how you make note of when you start to sweat (I always make a mental note of this for some odd reason). I miss when the sweat first starts to drip off your body. I miss how when it’s a really hot room and you can hear the sweat dripping on the mats and it sounds like a rain forest. I miss standing on my yoga mat, MY little space for the next 90 minutes and challenging myself. I miss looking myself in the eye in that mirror and saying “get after it”. I miss the amazing energy that comes from the other yogi’s in the room. I miss the seeing the faces of newer yogis in the room as they try and try and try (don’t give up yogi’s). I miss giving them positive feedback and encouragement. I miss teachers telling me they know I can do it right so DO IT RIGHT! I miss my yoga clothes. I miss my yoga friends. I even miss the things that sometimes irk me. Like the tiny locker room and jockeying for a little space to change (one time there were so many people in there I just said...Oh damn and changed right in front of the door. No time for modesty in Bikram). I miss the sounds of people’s water bottle caps turning (ok I really don’t miss that one), I miss dragging my weary body up the long staircase to the studio. I miss the orange walls. I miss falling out of postures and having the determination to jump right back in. I miss battling for a parking spot near the studio and the odd sense of satisfaction I get when I secure a prime spot out front. I miss the rush of getting to the studio after work. I miss my routine, my schedule, my passion. I miss the feeling of euphoria after class. I miss that feeling of pure happiness. I miss, I miss, I miss....I all. My heart, my mind, my body...All are aching to practice Bikram. To feel THAT feeling we get after 90 minutes of class. I am going to be one very happy girl when I finally get back. One very happy girl. My other love, running.  Well, he's still a ways away. Yoga first, then running.

 Random Act of Kindness Week: How ya doing with it?Last night I simply handed a basket to a guy at the store before grabbing one for myself. He looked confused and shocked and said “oh...thanks and smiled” Your welcome, as I smiled back. As I passed by a co-worker in the hall today her head was down and she looked pretty sad. I simply said...I love your outfit today! Very cute! With that her head popped up and I swear walked away with a pep in her step. You see, the acts, they needn’t be big, or costly. Just a couple of words, a simple gesture. That’s it. And bonus: It will make you feel good too! Give it a shot.

Thought for the day: You can’t force flexibility. It’s about releasing and opening gradually. Body + Soul, March 2010

Ok friends that’s about all I have for today. Can’t wait until I can actually talk about my Bikram practice again. I sense it will be like learning to walk all over again so I should have all sorts of interesting things to say! Hoping for only another week in the boot so keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? I can use all the positive energy I can grab!

Good night all and of course...Cheers...Traci

Monday, February 15, 2010


What's up guys?  Did you have to work today or did ya have the day off?  We worked.  Typical busy Monday. 

Today, as I am getting through my interview schedule, I started thinking about how my job actually makes a difference in many lives.  I think we all want to feel like what we do makes a difference in some way.  I looked at how many people we extened offers to and hired during the past year.  It's a fairly big number, well over 100.  That's over 100 people who have been laid off, downsized etc. I never really stop to think how by hiring them, we have picked them up and given them a chance to start again. And how they can feel confident when they join the Granite Telecom team; they will be joining a solid, growing company.  Pretty good feeling!

Anyway, talking about good feelings, do you know what this week is?  Today starts Random Acts of Kindness Week!  And it doesn't have to be anything major.  Simple things like:  Holding the elevator for someone instead of letting the door close, smiling at a stranger, letting someone in line at the store who looks rushed & stressed go in front of you, paying a compliment to a co-worker on a job well done, email the corporate headquarters and let them know what a great job the barista team at your favorite coffee shop is doing (believe me this goes a long way).  There's tons of things you can do.  Most take but a second of time, but to the recipient it can change their day. It really can.  Your simple act might be the thing that puts a smile on their face for the rest of the day.  Let me know if you have any good experiences experimenting with it this week.

Still no workouts for me :( .... Need to get this foot healthy stat!

Enjoy your evenings everyone!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Lot's of love to you all.  Hope your days and nights are filled with lots of hugs and kisses.

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.  Have a great evening!

Lots of Love...Traci

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Luck!

Happy Saturday! I haven't ventured outside yet, but it looks pretty nice. Some sun, temps in the 30's...I can deal with that!

First and foremost I have to send a big old GOOD LUCK to Chris Bopp, owner of the Bikram studio in Quincy where I practice. He's out in California for the International Yoga Asana Championship this weekend. Good luck Chris! And congrats on making it there.

Sometimes I look at the postures these people do and sit there thinking....Good God! My body will never do that. And you know what? That's ok, because yoga is personal. It's about you, not what the person beside you is doing. It's you, on your mat for 90 minutes. A "moving meditation" as they say. I was thinking about that the other day. We rush around all day long, running from one point to the next. Talking, talking, talking. Sometimes forgetting even to do the most simple thing, breathe. And then for these 90 minutes we literally stand on this little mat and say zero words. Oh sure, most of the times we have lots of words running through our heads. I think we all have had some pretty spirited silent conversations. Sometimes they are pep talks, sometimes they are fights. But no words are spoken out loud. These 90 minutes are all mine. 90 minutes just for me. How good is that? Pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

As you know I have been sidelined with injuries the past few weeks. I feel like when I get back to the studio I'm going to be a beginner all over again! And when I tie my running shoes and hit the streets, it will be a struggle to find my breath. I'll get it back though. I will. That's a promise.

This morning I ran through the Bikram series at home (well, I did what I could anyway with my foot). Breathing, half-moon, eagle, standing separate leg stretching, triangle (modified), tree (modified), cobra, locust, camel. So I had to pass on many of the postures. But the ones I could do I held extra long and boy did it feel great! My body is getting tighter and tighter the longer I'm out of the studio. Can't wait to get back. I have to loosen this baby up!

My foot by the way? After one week I can feel it getting better already. I have been extra good about letting it heal. I just know I will be ready to ease back into my workouts in no time. I just know it. Can. Not. Wait!

Enjoy your Saturday, people! I'm really hoping to be back in the studio by next weekend. I would love to be able to post about a workout! Oh, I'll set up in the back of the room and do modified postures.  But at least I'll be back in my yoga clothes, back in the studio and back to practicing our beloved Bikram. Running? Well that's still a ways away.  One thing at a time.

Smile and hugs...Traci

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your week.  It's finally Friday and we have all earned a relaxing weekend haven't we?  We're working Monday, but hope you guy's can enjoy a long weekend!

My foot is still on the mend.  I am absolutely going out of my mind not working out.  Doing what I can to keep limber but I can't wait to get a real workout in!  Patience right?  The more patient I am the better and faster I will heal.

Right now my foot (and my whole mind and body) is tired.  I'm constantly running all week long around the building from meeting to meeting. Which normally I love, but by the end of the day today I was done.  Drained.  I was tired of carrying this air cast boot around. By the end of the day it felt as if it weighed 50 pounds. And I was tired of answering the question "what happened?" I know everyone was just being nice, but people who know me know enough to just keep moving along.  The last thing this girl wants is attention because of an injury.  The weekend sure showed up at the right time.  Couple of days of rest and I'll be good to go again! That much I know. Right now I'm looking forward to a nice quiet night at home with my leg propped up on a pillow and possibly a glass of cabernet in my hand.

Enjoy your Friday evening everyone!  And Challengers...Thinking about you all and hoping you are staying strong!  Cheering you on from Boston :0) 


Monday, February 8, 2010

A Beautiful New Boot!

Happy Monday all. Welcome back to the work week.  Hope everyone had a fun and rejuvinating weekend! After all that's what it's for right?  My weekend?  Eh, just ok.

I thought I would show you the perfectly lovely boot I am sporting on my left foot as of Saturday. Isn't she a beauty? Looks like this will be my stylish footwear for a couple of weeks. Lovely. I do hear they are all the rage. Seems that wearing heals and limping around for a couple of months wasn't the best idea. This left foot of mine really wasn't happy about it. Sorry foot. This thing is actually amazing. My foot doesn't hurt one bit when I walk in it. Something about immobilizing it and not letting the foot bend. I don't know, as long as I can walk and it gets better, that's all I care about. It's kind of heavy and clunky though and I feel like I’m walking around in a ski boot (I'm a terrible skier by the way!).  I keep thinking...Ok, I just need to get through the next few weeks of all these pains and injuries, then it'll be spring and my body will be back to normal! The art of positive thinking is powerful and can create amazing results. I'm a true believer in that. Really am. Just need to kick out those "woe is me" thoughts that keep creeping into my head though! Just have to rock on, right kids? No time for self pity.

I've been letting myself get down about not being able to workout for the last 2 weeks. Finally over the weekend I knew I needed an attitude adjustment...FAST. I pride myself in being a positive person. So I said to myself...Well, Traci, you can walk around with a frown on (which creates wrinkles!) and stew about all of this OR you can accept it, deal with it, get well and move the hell on. You can't wish it away.  Sounds better to me! So that's where I am. I'm going to do all I can to get these injuries healed as fast as I can. I'm going to do what I am told (rare & hard for me!) and listen. In the meantime I'll keep working my upper body. And halfmoon poses actually feel so good on my spine.  There's lots of stretching, arms & ab work I can do.  For now it will have to be good enough. Besides, summer will be here before we know it and I'll have these amazing arms from all the arms workouts! Tank tops here I come! And when I do get back to the Bikram studio (MISS IT!) I’ll still be nice and strong. See...there it is.  My positve attitude is still lurking around.

Ok people! That's it. That's all I have for ya. Busy day here at work.  I might have to ask them to bring my candidates up to me.  Going up and down multiple times today with the boot thing might get pretty exhausting.  Or...Maybe it will be good for my body to move?  Don't know, we'll see how it goes. Hope every single one of you  has a perfect day.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Hip to Foot? Now What???

Happy Friday to you! What a week this has been huh? Whew! Really ready to get the weekend started. Just need to get through the next few hours...

So get that my right hip is getting better out of nowhere my left foot starts hurting. I give up. Throwing my hands in the air. I don’t even know what happened to it. I have a few thoughts on this. 1. All the limping around I have done since December has taken a toll on my left foot. 2. The other night I was stretching and I might have pulled my feet back too much and pulled a muscle in my foot. 3. I wear heals every day and run around the building for like 11 or 12 hours a day. I can’t imagine that is good on the feet. For the first time I can remember at work I am wearing flat shoes today. I feel like such a shortie! I’m such a mess. I think I’m falling apart. I never had all these issues in my 20’s and 30’s! Welcome to 40 I guess?

Work has been busier than ever this week. For the most part I handle stress very well. I can juggle with the best of them and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Pretty much your typical Type A. I actually prefer to be crazy busy. Right now I have about 12 roles I am recruiting for. Some of the roles need multiple hires (one role needs 6!). It’s great that we are still hiring so many people in this economy! Last night I sat at my desk after pretty much everyone had packed up and left for the night. I sat there staring at my To Do list and decided to practice some deep breathing. I closed my eyes and pictured myself doing pranyama breathing in the yoga studio. It did help to calm me down. When we run around like crazy all day, I think this is a great way to pull it all back, calm down and refocus.

I didn’t feel up to an arm or ab workout last night when I got home from work so I just had some dinner, ran a bath, lit some candles, read a magazine and called it a night. Sleep. Sleep felt so good last night. I woke up this morning feeling totally rested and refreshed. Ready to start the day. Until my foot hit the floor and then OUCH. I feel like I just keep shifting the pain from one part of my body to the next! Stinks. Honestly, I don’t know if my hip seems like it feels better because my foot hurts now or if it really does feel better. I need my strong, healthy body back soon! And the thing is I have a high tolerance for pain. So if I complain, it really hurts.

When I get a little stressed out it changes my voice. Stress goes right to my vocal cords. So I’m in my weekly meeting with my boss this morning and you have a cold? I smile and that’s just where my stress comes out. Currently sucking on some Bee MD Organic Honey Throat Drops. Soothing. Looks like I have 5 more interviews to get to this afternoon and plus sourcing candidates for a brand new role for our company. New roles are fun and challenging to recruit for.

What’s up for tonight? I was supposed to have drinks with a certain guy tonight but he cancelled on me. Oh well. So looks like I can either enjoy some nice quiet time and decompress at home (sounding very good right now!) or head out with friends for some appetizers and drinks. Not sure which path I’ll take...

Anyway, you guys have good plans for the weekend? I plan on getting some rest, recharging and most of all I plan on doing lots of laughing with friends. Laughing fixes everything yes?

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. Thanks again for listening to me whine guys!

Cheers! Traci

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still a Hitch in my Giddy Up

Hey everyone!  Nice sunny day out there today.  Not exactly a heat wave at 27 degrees, but I'll take the sunshine.

Whew! I seriously over booked my calendar this afternoon!  I hate when I do this because it's almost a given that I will be running behind all afternoon.  Oh well I'm sure the candidates won't mind sitting tight for a bit.  I'm usually right on time for all my meetings.  Hate to keep people waiting.  I just really like to see as many people as I can manage to fit into my schedule.  The more people I see, the quicker I can find the right candidate to hire!

Injury Update: The hip flexor is still better than last week, but not any better than how it felt on Monday.  At this point it is just totally frustrating.  Last night I did some arms and abs as well as some yoga poses.  I miss doing my favorite Camel posture so decided to give them a shot after doing some stretching.  I think that was a mistake.  The hip kind of yelled at me. Lesson learned I guess.

Here at work today I was walking down the hall and I said to one of the guys (he practices yoga too!)...I'm walking better huh? He replied...You are but you still have a little hitch in your giddy up! Yeah, I know, I know. But at least I don't look like that penguin anymore!  I like penguins and all, I just don't want to walk like one, ya know?

So lunch was approaching and what's a girl to do? I wasn't really hungry but knew I need something to take me through the busy afteernoon.  The guys are ordering sushi again...Sounds good to me! Plus had an oh so lovely Honeybell Orange...Isn't it a beauty! Delish

You guy's ever notice that when you can't do your normal cardio workouts your appetite pretty much disappears!  I hate that.  Truly do!

I sense an afternoon latte is in my future if I can find a few minutes to step away.  I wish Startbucks delivered!!!  If not I have some devine Dark Hot Cocoa that I could substitute. We'll see how it plays out.

Have a great afternoon.  And I have to say thanks to all my bloggie friends for your encouraging  words. You guys all totally make my day!  Seriously, you really do.  Your words mean more than you know. What a great community we have!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cardio I Miss YA!

Hi all! Happy middle of the week. Hope your day is going swimmingly wherever you may be. In Boston we woke up this morning to a bit of snow falling from a gray sky. Wasn't expecting that! Just a flurry but enough to create a white blanket on my car.  I was too cold and lazy this morning to brush it off so I did the old trick of putting the windows up & down and turning the windshield wipers on.  HA! Look at that...Good to go and I didn't even have to brave the cold!  Thankfully the snow was really nothing to speak of.  I kind of feel like we are about due for another storm soon. Ugh!

Crazy busy day again at work. I was talking to my mom last night and she says...When do you think it's going to quiet down for you?  Ha!  What a funny girl you are mom!  It's not going to slow down and I like it that way.  Busy is good!  Sometimes I feel like there are so many people trying to get just a little piece of me all day long though. Just one Traci to go around.  Maybe I should clone myself?  And I have run out of room on my desk today so the floor of my office is littered with folders. Seriously, I need to organize big time before I leave tonight.   I thrive on this though. Good stuff!

I took a few minutes away from the action to grab some lunch at Panera though.  Had a delicious Tomato & Mozzarella on Ciabatta. So good.  One of the guys wanted  me to be in on the sushi run again today but I like to mix it up a bit.

And of course this delish afternoon treat!  That would be a tall non-fat pumpkin spice latte. It was really good but I think there must have been an extra shot of espresso in there. Left me a bit hyper! I just might be addicted to them...
Not exactly what I love but got in my arm workout last night along with some of those planks that I love.  You really can feel them working!
Wish I had a crystal ball and could see when I would be pain free!  This hip flexor/psoas is driving my insane! Oh well, could be worse. Could always be worse right? Need to do cardio soon! I miss my cardio!!!

Have an awesome evening all.  Keep on staying strong 101's dayers! Enjoy a pose or two for me :).


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Good afternoon all! How was the day? A good one I hope! I honestly feel like we should be much further into the week than Tuesday. I have been asking my candidates all day how their week was going. Finally in my last candidate meeting of the day my candidate says...well, it is only Tuesday but I guess it's going well so far. Wise guy. Great candidate though and has my thumbs up to hire!

What a whirlwind of a day. Ever get to the end of the work day, the sun is just about set and you are just like...How did that happen? Where did this day go! One of those days today. It always cracks me up that as fast as I fill an open requisition there's another new one right behind it. Working on a couple of roles here that are brand new to our company, so trying to find my way to the right candidates for them is kind of a challenge. Makes it fun though! Always up for a challenge. I love the fact that I hire for so many different positions, divisions and levels here. So interesting to meet with candidates from new college grads all the way up to Senior Level Management. People are just so interesting.

Lunch today was oh so lovely and that set the stage for a great afternoon. Me and 3 guys I work with decided to order Sushi from a great local place called Beni Cafe. Of course once some others got wind of it they wanted in.  Next time guys...sorry.  I got the Spicy Avacado and Cucumber Maki.  I love spicy and used so much wasabi my face was bright red and my mouth was on FIRE. A little wasabi goes a long way doesn't it?  I got 6 rolls and finished every single one of them. Yum!  Just the thing I needed to boost my energy to tackle the afternoon. Our conversation the enitre time revolved around running and working out! The whole time I kept thinking....Oh I miss it so! For an additional boost of course I needed my afternoon latte fix too. Naturally!

So how's my hip? About the same as yesterday.  Last night I tried doing some yoga poses to test it and I think I might have over stretched the hip flexor a bit.  I tried some Trees, Eagles, Triangles, Half Moons and Bows. I just wanted to see where my hip was at.  Conclusion: Not Ready! Need a few more days of being patient with the healing process. Wish I could just hit the fast forward button though! Soon enough.

So I have a planned upper body workout tonight: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Push Ups and also some Planks. Going to toss in some yoga poses to stretch out.  Think I'll give pull ups a shot too, but really not very good at them.  Love, love, love Planks though!

Have a fabulous evening everyone!  Enjoy your workout/Bikram practice and remember to have fun with it. We do this because we choose to. Because we want to...Remember that.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Healing is Happening!

Happy Monday! Everyone have a great weekend? As usual it went by way too fast.

Isn’t it funny how our dreams are so related to what's going on in our lives? Since I can't run or practice Bikram right now I had a dream last night that I said...Oh the hell with it! And decided to jump in at the last minute and run a marathon. The starting line was set up in a department store and there were only a handful of people running it. See, I have been so upset the past few days about not being able to workout and this is how it played out in my head. Funny.

Anyway, it's so cold out and I really just wanted to stay in my cozy bed under the nice fluffy covers a little bit longer this morning. I thought about rolling over to grab a few extra minutes of coziness. Then I figured that would only make it more difficult in the long run. Sigh...I threw of the warm covers and picked my body up.

As I hung my legs over the side of my bed I started talking to myself....Please, please, please let my hip feel better. PLEASE. I have been so good about resting and icing it this past week it just HAS to feel better. My feet hit the floor, I take a deep breath and stand up. Keep in mind that for the past several weeks the simple act of getting out of bed and moving my legs across the bedroom every morning has been a very difficult task. When my right leg would go to push off the floor and move my body forward...nothing less than sheer pain. So this morning I stood there a second before moving forward, almost waiting for the pain to come. Hmmmm... not too bad. I start charging (ok, not charging so much. More like inching) forward and while there is still lots of tenderness there is not that sharp shooting pain I had become accustomed to! Progress...I think! Definite progress.

As I'm getting dressed I also notice how I can stand on my right leg without wincing. Oh it still hurts but I think I have turned the corner. This hip? I do believe she is healing!

Why oh why didn't I take the time to rest it earlier? What did I do instead? I thought...I'm strong and tough. I'm not fragile. I can work through the pain. But guess what? You can't work through a real injury. Injuries need time to heal. You have to take care of them. They won't just "go away". When I look back over the past several weeks I'm so mad at myself. I'm mad I didn't listen to my body. That I walked around limping, walking like a penguin. Fighting back tears at points.

Why did I think this was ok? Why did I think it would just get better without time to heal? Why didn't I listen to people when they kept telling me rest was the only way to heal my injury? And most importantly, why didn’t I take the advice I so often give to others? Rest equals healing. It just does. Practice what you preach Traci.

Well, no sense in beating myself up now. Past is past I always say. The good news here is I did come to my senses. I realized I would rather take a week or 2 off now and heal it properly than end up with permanent damage. In some ways I think this sort of "work through the pain" mentality stems from years ago when I was a gymnast. That's what we did, we worked through the pain...Back pain, torn hamstrings, palms of the hands so torn and bloody from the bars (ripped palms were a like a badge of hard work), bruised bodies from falling off the bars and beam, on the floor and off the vault...on so on. We just rocked on. That was expected and that's what we did. I guess it made us mentally tough, but wow! Crazy stuff when I think back.

So here I am. I haven't run or done yoga since last Sunday. While it certainly doesn't make me happy (possibly even a bit cranky), I know this is what my body needs to heal. I'm on my way! Isn't that great news? I'm not quite there yet, but I would say I'm better than 50%. Lots of healing in one week! I just get all excited with the anticipation of getting back to my practice first and then my running. I think a few more days and I might, I just might be pain free. And that will make this girl very happy!

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday and start to the week!

To the 101 Challengers...Congrats on 1 month done and good luck with month #2. You guys totally rock!

E...Hope your leg is feeling better!

My niece Hannah: Congrats on your 1st place All Around finish! Ah, yes, yet another gymnast in our family!

Cheers! Traci