Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crreating Memories...

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an awesome day yesterday and created some wonderful memories. Goes by so quick doesn't it? Yesterday was such a great day filled was tons of laughs with my crazy (in a good way) family.

My day started off with a nice Christmas morning run to get things going. Had a pretty good run (aside from my sore hip flexor…please get better!). The temp was warmer in the 30's with tons of melting on the sidewalks. Still spots where the snow is packed down but I'm hoping after some rain this weekend we'll get our sidewalks back. Just makes for a much nicer run. Although...I do seem to be getting pretty good at the sport of snow bank hurdling! I hear it's a new Olympic sport this year (ok, maybe not)

Managed to get in about 5 miles yesterday. Came home and made myself a lovely Christmas breakfast and had it along with some tea. Got ready and headed over to my parents around 12 noon. Decided to make a stop at the only Dunkin Donuts open for miles and miles (sadly no Starbucks open at all!). The line was out the door...oh what people will do for coffee! Seriously guys, I was actually waiting on line outside for like 10 minutes before I even made it into the store. I even said to the girl in front of me...I don't know if it's worth it; think I'll give up. She says...OH! It's worth it; it's going to be a long day! Just stay. So I did. Got my latte and I was on my way. Made it to my parents around 1pm. I was the first one to arrive. My family exchanges gifts in shifts. We don't do it all at once, we do it by family. Weird, I know. But there are just so many of us now it would be a madhouse to do all at once. Robin & her family early in the morning. Me, whenever. Kellie and Bill & the girls right after me. Erin, John & the boys last around 3. It works for us.

Santa ( parents actually) was great to me as usual. My parents adore Christmas. Ever since we were little they have gone above and beyond to make the day special. Truly have so many amazing Christmas memories. Even my nieces & nephews shake their heads and say...Way too much! My 6 year old niece Hannah said to my sister Kellie…I figure I don’t really have to be good for Santa because Nana Clause always knows exactly what to get me! Hannah’s a bit of a spitfire. My sisters say she just like me!

I know our parents really enjoy doing it and it makes them happy to see everyone's smiling happy faces. Thanks Mom & Dad for always making Christmas so special! Gifts included money (always good!), jewelry, gift cards, North Face gear, lots of running gear etc. My mom even threw some really cool new reflector armbands in with my new running stuff. The bands are great and are battery operated and really bright! So excited to try them out. She looked for a new Road ID but could find it. Think she’s ordering one online for me though.

So my parents… Yeah, it’s pretty impossible to buy for them, really nothing you can get them. So I usually end up getting them a gift certificate to the hotel they always stay at on Cape Cod. Practical. At least I know they'll use it since they stay there tons of times during the year. Of course I filled in with little extras for them as well...Yankee Candles, wine, wine glasses...just little things.

The day was great. It was loud and crazy. Just as it should be. Our family is now up to 16. At one point as we were all seated at the dining room table and enjoying the beautiful sit down dinner my mom says...Wow, remember when it was just the 6 of us! Seems like forever ago for sure.

The day and dinner equaled pretty much non-stop laughing. You put my 3 sisters and me together and forget about it. We just get so silly. My brothers-in-law all just shake their heads. Now that my oldest niece is 22 she's pretty much like one of the sisters too and gets in on the silliness. Fun, fun, fun.

After dinner my nieces and nephews coaxed me into a game of Simon Says. I, of course, was Simon. Felt like I was10 again! My nephew Ben finally says...Traci, are these yoga poses? Ummm, maybe? ;) Then the little guy Noah says...I want to play red light green light. No clue about this game but gave it my best shot. My parent’s family room is 30 feet long so pretty good running room. I just kept picturing Noah running straight into the hearth and into the fireplace so I kind of stopped the game. Then he wanted to wrestle. Ugh...boys! Non-stop!

I wrapped the night up and left my parents around 8:30 or 9:00, somewhere around there. Long but fun day. Came home and of course had to look at all the gifts again!

The day was perfect in almost every way. Thanks Mom & Dad for creating another wonderful Christmas memory for all of us. You two truly are amazing and I love ya both tons!

Today I am heading to the 3:00pm Bikram class with Hannane. Should be a great class.

Hope your day was just as you wished for yesterday. Enjoy your Saturday!

Oh...and RT if you're reading...good to catch up with you, don't be a stranger!


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