Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you can, you must!

If you can you, must! If you can, you must!  Those words play out in my head in teacher Hannane's accent almost every Bikram class now. Hannane will say this over and over during class.  The other morning in class she stood directly infront of me during Triangle and said those words.  The teachers obviously know I can do the poses the right way, so when they see me slacking and drifting away they have no problem letting me know to get my head back in the room. I always just smile and do it.  I truly, truly appreciate corrections. Sometimes our minds (well, mine anyways) travel outside the room. I love when they pull it back for me. 90 minutes in the room. 90 minutes in the room. Stay present. Concentrate, Meditate, Focus!

Anyway...How was your Wednesday? I took Audrey's 9:30am class this morning.  Great way to warm up on a frigid East Coast morn and perfect way to get the day started for sure. Audrey's amazing and class was fantastic. She's tough and knows how to get you to go to your maximum, but she adds tons of humor into her class. I think Audrey got me to do my best Triangle ever. Can't you just feel the positive difference when you do it right and give 100%?  So, so good.  Class was great, just wish my hip flexor (ugh!) would heal already. For the most part it doesn't bother me in yoga, only running.  I think the only really uncomfortable posture for the injury is Wind Removing, right leg. So I just pull down slightly rather than all the way to my shoulder. 

Guys, can you believe New Year's Eve is tomorrow?  How fast did this year go by!? Well...Maybe because I spent the first half of the year dreading my...gulp...40th birthday that passed in July.  It was a biggie and I was not handling it well.  People would say, oh please you look like your in your late 20's so who cares.  Uhhh, that's not the point, the point is 4.0. Fourty? I'm, like, old? But you know what? That day came and went and all that happend was the number changed. I was still me. Seriously, right after my birthday passed I felt almost empowered, like I could do anything. Oh sure, I would honestly love my 30's back. 30's are awesome! But 40's...I'm determined to make my 40's even better. 

Tomorrow's the  day I want to make my post about  my goals for 2010 (and for the years following).  As a prelude I'll let you know they include the following topics: Beginnings, Love, Challenge, Adventure, Changing People's Lives, Leadership, Moral Courage.  Have many personal and professional goals for myself this year.  How about you guy's? Given it some thought? 2010 is going to be outstanding for sure! Get ready to rock!

And for you 101 Day Challengers...You are almost to the starting gate...Are you ready?  Wish I could join you all but I don't want to commit and have to stop because of work. Anyway, I look forward to living vicariously through you all!

Enjoy your evenings and I'll catch up with you here tomorrow!

Cheers and Hugs!  Traci

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