Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's off are the Best!

I thought it would warm up by now. It's 10am and still only 21 degrees with a real feel temp of -1 deg. Meaning that not only is it really cold it's also windy. Great! Well, at least the sun is shining.

Enough about the weather right? Sooo...Morning all and welcome to Friday! My Friday's off in December continue. Because I'm one of those people who neglect taking vacation during the year I have lots to use up now. So no work for me today. No work next Friday and then I'm off Dec 24th and don't return again until Jan 4th 2010. THAT will feel great! Of course me being me I still log in from home and work a bit. Unless I'm in a place with no internet and no cell service it's tought to disconnect myself from the office.

Ok so no workout last night due to a fun Holiday party. I think my hip flexor thanked me. This hip flexor has been giving me trouble for over a week now. It's pretty aggravating. It doesn't hurt when I sit or even walk up and down stairs. It only hurts when I walk or run forward. So my runs have been a bit wierd this week. I wrapped it tight to compress it during my runs which seemed to help. Making sure to ice it after a workout. Still haven't been back to the studio but only because life is busy. I can't wait to get back there. Especially when I read all your blogs about your practices. Is it ok to say I'm jealous? It's kind of like there is a void there without it. I think now that the weather is so freaking cold and running gets harder outside it makes me want the hot room even more. Tell me to get my butt back there!

Today I'm heading to Duxbury to my sisters. I told her I'd babysit my nephew so she could step out and get some Christmas shopping done. Noah's my youngest nephew, 3 years old and cute as can be. When he was younger he looked exactly like baby Shilo (Brad & Angelina's little girl). Not only is he really cute he's alot of fun. So we'll just play for a few hours.  Maybe I'll teach him some Bikram poses to keep him busy! He's a total sports kid already so I bet he'd love it. Ok, wish me luck babysitting!

I'm off to brave to cold outdoors! Stay warm out there everyone!!!


  1. get your but back to yoga

  2. Dan: Thanks! Monday. Going back Mondy. Heading to the 6:30 with Mimi!