Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's a Full Moon!

Hi guys! Half-way through the week already. Hope it’s been a good for everyone so far. Did you see that moon last night? I couldn’t stop staring at it so big and bright in the dark night sky. It’s completely full tonight so should be even more amazing. Take a look up later. That's a pic I snapped right before heading into the studio last night. Some people (my sis Robin) hate full moons and feel out of sorts. I love them! I think they give me extra energy. Oh, great, I hear lots of people mumbling. Just what Traci needs...more energy!

So don’t you guys love when you’re talking to someone and discover ***shreeek*** they practice Bikram too? As you probably know I’m a Recruiter. Yesterday afternoon I was interviewing a candidate for a Senior Project Manager role. I always make small talk in the beginning to break the ice, put the candidate at ease. We’re talking about fitness so I brought up how I just finished a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. He stopped and said Bikram? YES! Turns out both him and his wife practice. Well, mostly his wife but he loves the feeling when he does get to go. His wife was even thinking about doing teacher training before she had their baby. He told me about the postures that give him trouble and how he loves watching the front row people flow through the practice. Could have talked about it with him forever but had to move on to the interview! Which went very well by the way. Very focused and driven guy...Well of course he is silly, he does Bikram!

Monday marked the end of my 30 Days and guess how I celebrated last night? That’s a pretty easy one huh? With another Bikram class of obviously! And not just any class but class with Maria. Yay!

Traffic was so bad across the city. Bad, bad, bad. A 10 minute drive took me 40 minutes. I think the holiday shoppers are already hitting the streets! Ugh. Still made it with plenty of time to spare though. That’s why I love the 6:30 class. Even with tons of traffic I know I’ll make it in time. I get to the studio and was so happy to see 3 other challengers made it back for class tonight! Chris wanted to take a picture of us in front of the challenge board. Hmmmm. I really don’t like pictures but decided to be a trooper. We set up the pose and...ooops. Battery in the camera is dead. :)

Maria's class was of course nothing short of fantastic. Full class, but not overly crowded. I loved that before we began Maria announced that she likes it hot and the temp will never fall below 105 deg in her class. Thank you! I think there are some people who don’t like it hot so teachers sometimes bring the temp down for them. I always say, this is Bikram and it’s suppose to be hot, not merely warm. Class felt great. I was just so happy to be there practicing. I think I was smiling for much of the class. My back was a little tired in spine series, but truly a happy class for me for sure. Like Janet said last night, the stress of thinking I HAVE to get to class is gone. She use to call it her Yoga Rage. Now we’re just back to going because we want to. Because it’s what we do, what we love to do. A perfect way to wrap up a day I always say.

Right after class I was telling Janet I was starving. She said she loves food but is never, ever hungry after class. Me, I can never wait to get home to eat dinner! Last night I made a quick tortellini with fresh veggies topped with some Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash sauce. Yum! Guys, this sauce is amazing. Please check it out if you can. I know you’ll love it! So good especially this time of year. Also had a little bit of frozen custard to fill my sweet tooth. It can be 20 degrees out and I’ll still crave ice cream! Why is that? Last night the temp got down to about 30. Brrr. Don’t worry though looks like we have a day of 66 deg on tap for tomorrow!

Finally, my boss at work (also the President of our company) is really big on goal setting. I actually have never met anyone more driven by goals than he is. I guess that’s a large part of what's made our company so successful. He loved my challenge and asked about it all the time over the course of the 30 days. Yesterday he asks, what happened with the 30 days TK (that’s my name here at work, very few people call me Traci here)? I point to the board in my office with all 30 days highlighted. Done! I say. He smiles and says nice! With that he says, in true fashion for him, now go for 30 more. Ha! Day at a time I say. I had already changed into my yoga gear and tied my hair up yoga style, aka a ponytail :), so I said off for more yoga fun tonight and then we’ll see. It’s great when you know other people take an interest in what you do, that they’re pulling for you. I think the more cheerleaders we have in life the better!

Last night I packed my yoga bag and I'm ready for class again tonight. I plan on heading to the 6:30 with Jackie. With this cold weather the HOT room sounds oh so good!

So when do you think I'll take a day off? It feels kind of wierd to think of a day off from the studio now. I feel like that's where I'm suppose to go everynight after work. Like my car automatically goes in that direction. Fellow challenger Janet's taking tonight off (getting a well deserved manicure and pedicure) and I said I might not go Thursday. She smiled and said, you'll be here. Yeah, she just might be right. :)

Have an awesome, sunny day filled with lots of positve thoughts everyone!  And if you are having one of "those" days just try to smile. Sometimes just smiling a little bit makes all the difference in the world. Talk to ya later.



  1. I love that you call yourself a "recruiter". I always say I'm the "yogavangelist" for my studio. :)

  2. BYC! HI there! Maria in class last night was telling us how during Thanksgiving she was telling everyone how Bikram cures everything. Ate too much? do Bikram. Back sore? Do Bikram? so funny...Think we can all relate! :)

  3. Love that you celebrated the completion of your challenge with a class!!! Why not? :) I am also a BIG BY evangelist. YES, Bikram cures it all!! Always hungry after class as well :)

  4. Yay, Day 31! Best way to celebrate:)