Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where's My Lens?

First things first today. Yesterday my nephew Luke turned 10. The pic on the left is Luke with his two brothers. Luke’s in the middle. That’s his big brother Benjamin and the little guy is baby brother Noah. The pic is 2 years ago but I still love it. Nephews are so much fun! Happy Birthday Luke! Double digits kiddo! Hope you had a great day…. and I AM your favorite Auntie right??? And congrats to Ben for coming in 1st in your road race today. 6 something minute mile? Strong work Ben!

Saturdays. Such a great day. My body was requesting I sleep in a little bit this morning so I listened to it. I don’t set the alarm on Saturdays (no work and no morning class!) but my internal alarm clock usually gets me up early anyway. Not today. I hate sleeping too late, seems like the day is just wasting away. But hanging in bed until 8 or 9 feels great! Isn’t Saturday great for waking up, having a nice relaxed breakfast, enjoying a latte (my definite choice of caffeine) and just recharging? Oh sure there’s still lots of errands etc to do but I love that it’s not scheduled down to the second like the work week, ya know?

Ok, yoga talk: Day 20 last night. Loosing track of the days. Need to keep glancing at the calendar to see what day I’m on! I was expecting Maria to teach and was looking forward to her class, but was just as pleased to see Chris (studio owner) was subbing. Since I took a ½ day at work I was nice and relaxed when I arrived. Time to change into the yoga gear. My contact lens was bothering me so I needed to take it out and clean it. Out it comes. Rub, rub, rub. Oh oh! Uh…Where’s my lens??? Insert sheer panic here. Anyone who wears contacts can relate. Not a good feeling. At all. Without my contacts or glasses I can’t see a thing. Really. I even sleep with my glasses in bed with me. Yeah, it’s that bad. The contact in one eye thing doesn’t work for me. Makes me dizzy and feel, well, as if I had been drinking! Not a good way to practice Bikram. So picture this in our tiny studio locker room…No less than 10 women all searching for a tiny blue contact lens. I had given up but these girls, my lovely yoga friends would not give up! One girl from the back spots it! Do not ask me how the heck she saw it. It had landed in a bag and was hanging out on a shirt! Shrieks of delight and screams and laughs. You would have thought we just uncovered a hidden treasure. So funny. Love these girls. Thanks guys!

Class was good. Nothing exactly really stands out though. Pretty full, but not crowded. Just one challenger, Janet, with me. My head was a little out of the room the first half. Before class Chris told me he did in fact decide to change the schedule come December. Schedule won’t work for me. It just won’t. So now I just need to figure out what to do. I related my disappointment to him. We’ll see how it plays out in the next couple of weeks. I put aside my negative feelings and felt great 2nd half of class. Felt very controlled in postures. Chris even said “Nice control Traci.”

Heading to the 4:30 this afternoon with Hannane. She was back to being fierce last week so I’m not sure what we are in for today!

Thought to ponder today that I really like: Write it down. Make it happen. Live your dream.

Hope everyone has fantastic plans today. Enjoy your Saturday and take time to relax and recharge. See ya back here tomorrow!


  1. I wear contacts too and am as blind as a bat. I can totally relate to that sinking feeling when you lose one. Then you are thinking oh crap, do I take the other one out too (like you, I cannot stand to have just one in, it doesn't work for me at all). Then there is the "I will NOT be able to drive home without contacts!" Ugh, so glad your fellow yoginis did not give up and found it! yay! Have a wonderful practice today. Stay strong again!

  2. did i not know about your blog? i would have been an avid reader so much sooner. i love that you are doing a 30-day bikram challenge - i haven't tried that kind of yoga yet and want to so bad.

    your nephews are adorable - love you lady!

  3. Ahh, contacts and yoga. Ever have them act up on you during class? Happens to me sometimes during Hands to Feet Pose. Very bizarre. Sometimes they slide out of place a little bit. Makes balancing series a little more interesting:)

  4. BYC: Oh the joys of not being able to see well! I'd go for the laser surgery but it scares me. Hope your weekend was great in Vegas!
    Holly!!!! Thanks for finding my Blog girl! Love your new site by the way. Awesome. You have to, have to, have to try Bikram. I know you'd love it right away. Give a shot and let me know!
    G: Ha! just the other day a contact pulled the old disappearing in the back of the eye trick. Fun. But of course I don't like to stop so I just kept going and every Savasana I would try to bring it back down to my eye. The teacher must have thoughtI was nuts.:)