Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost Done...

Really? Is it Monday already? It was so nice to have a 4 day weekend but it went by so fast and now it’s back to reality! But what a great weekend wasn’t it? The weather has been really warm here (well, for Boston in November anyway). And the week looks like 40’s and 50’s all week! No complaints from me! Well, 20’s at night but that doesn’t bother me so much. Getting cozy under blankets with a fire burning is great.

This morning I walked into my office at 7:30am to be greeted by a fully decorated lobby. The Facilities team was busy over the weekend. Lots and lots of beautiful shimmering lights and cheer. So pretty to look at and get us in the spirit. As an annual tradition here at work, we also put up 10 Holiday trees around the building to benefit families of a local shelter. Our employees decorate the trees, place presents underneath for the families and then we cut a check for each family. We deliver the trees, presents and check to each family named by the shelter a week before Christmas. It’s our way of giving back to those less fortunate. These are tough times for many in the community and if we can help put a smile on their faces, well that makes me happy! Charity work is important to us, to me, here at Granite. I Co-Chair the Granite Day Committee and love seeing how good people feel when they get involved.

Ok so what about the yoga huh? Here’s a recap of Saturday and Sunday (Days 28 & 29):

Saturday: Day 28, 4:30pm with Hannane. Went to the spa and got my hair done earlier in the day so I was totally relaxed and ready for my yoga! Stopped by the Good Health store right before heading to the studio. I could spend an hour here. Always find some new product to try! Class was a good size but not too crowded. I set my mat up in the hot corner of the room and when we start it’s nice and hot. Loving it! Then we hit the floor and the fans come on and the heaters shut off. I hate going from full out sweating to fans blowing on me drying me off. Just really chills me and makes me uncomfortable. So I rub my arms and Hannane says...You cold? I tell her well I wasn’t until the fans came on. Ok Traci, she says, I’ll take care of that! You know I like it HOT! She really does like it hot. She’s known for that. Rest of the class is good. Honestly, nothing really stands out. Hannane can be tough, but truly always has really good corrections. I always take something away from her class. Thanks Hannane.

Sunday: Day 29, 10am with Sarah. Woke up to a picture perfect late fall morning. The sky is so blue and the sun is shining bright. It’s a bit windy so the water looks a bit rough but lovely. Great way to start the day! On my way to the studio I remember the Annual Quincy Christmas Parade is today. The studio is directly on the parade route which means no parking. So I park in the lot a short walk away and make my way up the hill and down the street. I arrive and see Janet coming out of the 8am class. We catch up about our holidays then she tells me it was just luke warm in the room. Oh no, I think. Anyway, set up in the front right corner again. It was warm and the fans never came on, which was good. Had trouble with standing bow. Could not seem to kick up right. Just felt out of alignment and pretty tight. I made the mistake of not eating anything before class so I was a bit tired. I need fuel before class or I just feel weak towards the end. Overall a pretty good couple of classes.

Class ends and I take my time changing before heading out. I peak out the window and see Hancock Street is already lined with Parade goers anxiously awaiting the Parade to begin. As I exit the studio I hear a guy say “Oh it’s the yoga people!” Holding my yoga mat I smile and say you should have joined us for class!

Guys, this parade has been an annual event in Quincy for 57 years! I have such great memories of it from when I was little. The Parade always happens the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I remember my parents bundling up me and my three sisters, loading us into the car and heading to the parade (we lived a couple of towns over). We’d always get there early to secure a good spot. I remember the day was always freezing and some years, it was even snowy! We’d pull out our beloved “Horsey Blankets” and set up on the curb. Erin, Kellie and Robin...Remember the Horsey Blankets?! I know nobody else will get it but Oh My God! I wish we still had them today. These blankets went everywhere with us. Parades, our annual 2 week drive to Florida and so on. Just thinking about them brings back such warm memories and puts a smile on my face. Kind of like 2 big security blankets for 4 girls! After the parade it was always time to head back to the house for football and Turkey soup prepared by Dad. This happened every single year. It was always a great way to kick of the holidays. Of course it’s been many years since we’ve done this but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can see us sitting there on the curb sipping hot cocoa and waiting for the big finale, SANTA! Aren’t memories great? And that’s the thing, we all have memories. They are ours forever. Part of who we are. Sometimes we need a spark to remind us, but they’re always there. Enjoy your memories!

Most importantly today is Day 30 of the 30 Day Challenge. That seemed really quick! 6:30pm with Mimi. I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the 30 Days and what I think a got out of it. I know many of you do way more than 30 days in a row, but to me this feels like a great personal accomplishment. I think anytime we set a goal and reach it is a wonderful thing. Alright guys hope you all have a great start to the week. See you back here tomorrow.

Final thought: I read this in Health magazine and love it: Embrace right now. Enjoying the moment rather than dwelling on future worries is a lasting mood-booster. If you start to drift, say to yourself, “Focus on the present.” That will snap you back to the good stuff in front of you.

Cheers! Traci


  1. Traci~ Just because others do more days in a row doesn't matter! Never minimize what a wonderful accomplishment you just did. I'm so glad you did the challenge and blogged about it and found my blog! It was so much fun reading about your progress. Can't wait to read the recap. Day 30....wooo hooooo! (can you hear me cheering all the way from Vegas??)

  2. It is a great personal accomplishment. It doesn't matter if you do it for 30 days or 60 days or 100 days or a full year or even longer than that!! It's all about accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself and not giving up!!

    I am glad I found your blog. I really enjoyed reading all your posts and I look forward to tomorrow's recap. Sending you some sunshine from SUN Diego!!! Yahoooo, 1 more class and you are DONE with the challenge

  3. Thanks BYC! I was thinking about work stuff all night and didn't sleep at all. Really tired today so absolutely need motivation to get my butt to class tonight. I'm so happy to find your blog too! You're truly a ray of sunshine and a great inspiration :) And I think I DID in fact hear your woo hooo all the way over here in Boston!

  4. Cirita: Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Friends here at work all day have been saying..One more day then what? I just say, well...more yoga I guess? Yes...PLEASE send sunshine our way. Terribly rainy day here in Boston. Thanks for reading my Blog :)

  5. Hope you have a great 30:th class! It is a great thing you have acomplished!

    Glad I found your blog to, let us know how your class was tomorrow.

  6. Thanks Happy Yogi! You guys are giving me the strength to push through and get to class tonight. Thanks! :)

  7. WOW!! Where did the time go?!? Can't believe it's day 30 already. That is awesome! Congratulations, Traci!!

  8. 30 days is a great accomplishment! You should be very proud. Look at it this way - most Americans don't exercise 30 days in an entire year let alone 30 days in a row, especially something as hard as Bikram yoga. The important thing is you set a goal and did it.

    No matter what, though, you have to keep blogging! Even if you take a few days off from Bikram. I love reading your blog!

  9. J: Thanks! And I know! I think that was the fastest 30 days of my life. Crazy, just crazy. In a very good way of course :)

    G:Thanks for the nice words! And your right. While many Americans simply go home and veg out on the couch after work, we make the effort to do this great thing for ourselves. Love it! And I think I will keep blogging. It's fun to share and learn from eachothers experiences. Always a good source of motivation for sure :) Off to class soon. YAY!

  10. Yes, yes---what all the others already said---bravo on the 30-day accomplishment! I'm sure your body thanks you. :)

  11. I can't wait to read your recap of the 30 days :) IT sounds like it's been just awesome!

  12. Thanks Brandi! It's been a great adventure for sure. I can 100% recommend it to anyone! Thanks for reading :)