Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tired Turns into Energized!

On my wall at work to hold me accountable!
G'Morning! I think I have turned into that crazy germ phobic lady here at the office. There are about 700 people at my company and I swear half of them are sick. All I hear all day is cough,sniffle sneeze. When people come into my little office coughing I actually take out my trusty can of Lysol and spray, spray, spray. Our Corporate Counsel Neil says I’m nuts. NO! I just really don’t want to get sick. Have my bottle of Purell at my desk too. Wow...I kind of do sound a bit crazy huh? I just don’t have time to get sick. Making it one of my goals to escape getting sick this winter. All right, enough of my ranting.
But seriously, I think practicing Bikram helps us fight the cold and flu. There's a lot of people in and out of the studio and really I can’t think of many of them that have been sick yet. Sweat it out right? Doesn’t make us immune, but I have to think it helps? That and a positive attitude :)

Day 16...It’s late in the day yesterday afternoon here at the office & I am just plain tired. It’s Monday, it's dark and I really just wanted to go home. The thought of changing into my yoga clothes and sweating it out for 90 minutes from 6:30p-8p did not sound appealing to me at all. I even said to one of the girls I work with that I didn’t want to go. Her response “You HAVE to! You’re Challenge!” Yeah, yeah...I know. Of course I’m going...just felt like saying I wasn’t going.
Hanging on my wall at work to hold me accountable!

I changed here at the office and took my time. I felt so much better and more energized once I was all suited up and my hair was up in a ponytail, or as my boss says, my Yoga hair.
Not much traffic crossing town, found a parking spot no problem. Decide to maximize the extra time and catch up on some calls. I find with the Challenge it’s really important to maximize any down time you can find. Amazing what you can actually get done in 20 minutes! I Head into the studio at 6p and am greeted by yet another packed Monday house. Monday’s have turned into one of the busiest days at the studio. I go in, lay out my mat and WHEW...It’s going to be a steamy one tonight. I was talking to Stacey before class and she is just not feeling it. She says the Challenge is not fun and she doesn’t want to finish. OH! I tell her, you have to. It’s not that many more days...You can’t quit now! Plus, your name is right up there on the huge board to hold you accountable. :-)
Jen was subbing for Mimi tonight. I love taking Jen’s class. The very first Bikram class I took Jen taught, it always brings my mind back to those first few days. She definitely keeps the class flowing and likes it HOT too. All good.

Lot’s of great people practicing around me tonight. Stacey set up behind me and I think we gave each other the energy we needed that night. The room was packed but I was totally in a zone. I felt like it was me and the mirror. Really focused.
Class was great. I think my Full Locust is getting stronger. Feels good. The pose I least look forward to now...Standing Head to Knee. I don’t know why. I just dread it every single night. Have to figure out how to make it my friend again!

Class ends and I take a couple of minutes in Savasana before heading out. I have come to enjoy these minutes in peace. I use to just jump up right away. But now I love how I can feel my body just relaxing after a solid 90 minutes of work. So good.
The locker room is packed and just finding a tiny spot to maneuver and change was a challenge. I manage though and my dry clothes feel so good. Throw my stuff together, quick goodbye, smile to all and I’m off. Beautiful night out and my feet were not even cold in my flip flops walking back to the car! Another great Monday night indeed.

One thing I've found that makes my mornings so much easier is to pack my yoga bag right when I get home. So before I do anything else the first thing I do is prep for the next day. Everythings ready to go and by the door, that way I don’t forget anything. Works for me.

Day 17 tonight with Maria. I sense this will be a “nice” class.

Have a happy day everyone...And of course have a great practice!



  1. Yoga totally helps me not get sick. A few months ago, I started to get a cold, but I kept going to class and it went away pretty fast. I'm convinced it would have turned into a big cold otherwise.

  2. i've never tried bikram - I don't think there are any places near me that offer it.

  3. Greg: Agreed! For as long as I can remember I have always gotten sick in November...knocking on wood but this year...so far so good!

    Brandi: Bikram Yoga is absolutely amazing. It really is. I was actually scared to try it in the beginning but now can't imagine NOT practicing it. Both the yoga itself and the community who practice are amazing. It always amazes me how Bikram attracts people of all sizes, shapes, ages and fitness levels. If you have the chance to try it give it a shot. The benefits are so worth, both for body and mind. Have a great day!