Friday, November 6, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Well...That was better! Last nights class was just so much better than Wednesday. So much better.

First a bit about my Thursday. To set myself up for a good practice, yesterday I was determined to have a good day at work. I was not going to let anyone take away my smile and good energy. I woke up and looked at the Mantra in my medicine cabinet “Happiness is a Decision”. Yup. Ok, day, let’s get it started! And over all it just was a better feeling day. I think so many people get dragged down by a bad day and let one roll into the next. Yes, we all have stressful, bad days at work. But the key is to stop it there. Don’t pull it with you into the next day. From Dale Carnegie: Live in day- tight compartments. When I took the Carnegie course I think this is what stayed in my mind the most. Meaning, deal with the issues of the day today and move on. Try not to carry worry and stress from day to day. That will eat you up my friends. Easier said than done? Of course! But definitely worth trying.

I’m happy to say I was again able to make the 5:30pm class with Sarah! I just love getting out of class at 7pm. Leaves me with some time to get things done! No problem getting a prime parking spot out front of the studio, which always makes me happy! Made it to the studio just after 5:00, changed and chatted with another 30 Dayer. She thought we were on day 4 and when I told her Day 5 girl, she smiled big! Setting my mat up I was a little nervous about the temp of the room. Not too hot yet! I guess when they got to the studio it was only 69 deg in there so it was just taking a bit of time to warm up. No worries though, it was hot hot hot by the time we got started.

Sarah and I were talking before class and I was telling her how I carried my bad day into the hot room the night before, and how it threw my practice off. She just said, yeah, happens to us all. Then she started talking about how interesting it is that our yoga practice crosses many parts of our lives. And she’s right it does.
We begin just after 5:30. Packed class again. It’s funny to me that before class starts I hate having the mats so close to me. I like my space. But once class gets going I don’t even realize that everyone is so close to me. Weird. Good to see a couple of the new people who keep coming back. It’s great when you see them click with the practice. Chris (studio owner/teacher) set up his mat behind me so being the competive Type A I am I knew I had to step it up from last night. Everything felt better. I knew right from Pranayama I was going to have a better night.

Sarah had good energy last night too. Her voice was strong and her dialogue was quick. I like a teacher that puts a little sense of urgency in the dialogue. My standing bow was a little shakey, fell out a couple of times. I just laughed it off. I find when I smile if I fall out, it’s better than getting mad at myself. Come on ...It’s just yoga right? At the end of bow Sarah says in the middle of her dialogue, “Traci! I know you can kick, kick up higher!” So I did and I think I was near split. Felt awesome! I smiled. She smiled too. I love when teachers call me out on something they know I can do. When they push me to my edge. Sometimes we all need a little push, right?

Many times (ok, almost always!) between postures I tend to fidget. Tonight I had a talk with myself and said “Just stay still bewteen postures.” Whew, that’s tough for me! But I did better. Not perfect, but better. When a posture would end I would just stand still with my arms at my sides waiting for the next set up. Yet another thing to work on!

Sarah, as usual, had really good things to say in Savasana. I think she was relating to my experience the day before. She said when you’re having a bad day and really don’t think you can do class, just come. Just show up. Come do your Yoga. It’s all good. Always makes me smile while laying on that floor. She also commented on the 30 Dayers and how we should be proud of our commitment. Thanks Sarah!
It was a good class last night. Felt much more like myself. Driving home I was energized and happy. Love my yoga and the people I practice with. Such a great community.

So as you might guess I am big into quotes and I love, love, love this one (another thing hanging on my wall at work!) “A postive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy anough people to make it worth the effort.” Herm albright (1876-1944). Isn’t it funny how if someone is coming at you with negativity and you push back with postiveness, it almost always seems to disarm them? I love it. So much fun.

Well, Day 6 up tonight. Taking off a couple hours early from work, so I’m going to head to the 4:30 with Maria. I actually have never, ever done a Friday class! Hoping for good energy.

Enjoy your Friday! Looks like we are going to be pusing 70 degrees here in Boston this weekend! Crazy high temps for November around here. So happy. Can’t wait.


  1. I love the idea of keeping things in day tight compartments. I've never heard that before, and will jot that one down! I love quotes and inspirational sayings too!

  2. Every day is different, in life and in class. I've had plenty of bad days in and out of class, but if I have a bad one, it just motivates me more for the next day! Some of my best classes come the day after a bad one!

  3. Thanks guys!
    BYC: Try checking out Dale Carnegie's books. Really thought provoking stuff. All about how to manage stress and worry and overall be a better communicator.

    Big G: It's true! Great classes always seem to follow the challenging ones. Always something to look forward to.

    Have an awesome weekend!