Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Was...Nice

Made it to the 5:30 with Maria. Maria’s great about keeping everyone’s mind present in the room. I’ve only taken her class twice now and liked the way she kept the class flowing this time. Chris (owner) took the class too. Love when he takes class. His postures are amazing and he’s so focused. I guess he would have to be since he’s the NE Champion, right?

Last night was, well, a nice class for Day 10. You know, one of those classes that just kind of roll along, you feel worked but not too tired. When the 90 minutes flies by so fast you feel like you skipped a bunch of postures. That’s the type of class it was last night. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it when we only had head-to-knee, spine twisting and breathing left. I think because Monday night was so challenging (in a good way) due to the amount of people in the room and the heat/humidity, last night felt, well, somewhat less demanding. Not easy by any means. Never easy. The room was hot but not overly hot. Standing series was hot, but if the fans are on (and they were) when we hit the floor sometimes it gets too cooling on the body (I know that sounds crazy to people who don’t do Bikram!). Maria did shut the fans off when we got to back strengthening series. Which made me happy!

Got to talking to some others before class about Monday night. Once one person started talking about it about 6 others joined in. It was like everyone was relieved to know we all felt challenged! Everyone agreed it just might have been one of the most difficult classes they have ever taken. But I also think everyone felt awesome they got through it and still managed to come back the next day for more.

Bikram’s like that huh? You can have such a tough class one night where its hotter than hell, humid as can be, you feel like there’s no air left in the room, like you can’t wait to be rolling up your mat and heading out the door...and yet by the time we get home, shower, grab something to eat, totally relax...we forget about it. We forget about how uncomfortable we were for those 90 minutes. Forget about how we might have struggled to keep going. We just show up the next day refreshed and ready for another class. Is it because the good feelings we get when we’re done are so strong that the little bit of discomfort we sometimes feel is negated? I think maybe so.

Off topic but my Jeep has been in the shop since Saturday and I finally get it back today! Yeah! So excited. Miss it so much and driving a small Toyota is just not for me. Funny how attached we become to our cars (I do anyway). Oh, and I left my favorite yoga mat in there so I’ve been without that too!
Which brings up a question to you guys: Do you practice with more than one mat? I have three that I rotate: A Wai Lana black one (my favorite), a red Gaiam one with a cool koi fish design and a blue one. I think most people use the same mat each night but I really love changing it up. Kind of like shoes! ;)

Looking forward to a challenging Day 11 tonight with Chris at 6:30. His classes never fail to challenge me.
Hope your day is filled with happiness!


  1. Traci~ isn't the bikram community the best? I LOVE talking shop in the lobby. Sharing agony, or celebrating a good class. It's like my second home. Oh, and I LOVE that you change up mats. I drag the same blue one around. Maybe I need to go mat shopping today. :)

  2. It is the best. We're all from different backgrounds, have completely different careers, but at the studio we are all the same. So connected by this good thing we do for our bodies and mind. Just great. Happy shopping for a new mat! I just love the variety :)

  3. I have 2 mats that I rotate, and they have BOTH seen better days.... :-/ I practiced downtown when I was in Boston, so I had one mat stored at Harvard Square and one at Lincoln St. (This was before the Boylston St studio - then I would have needed a third mat!) But seriously, they probably both need to be burned soon.... :(

  4. I like this mat rotating idea. I'm gonna have to try this myself...

  5. Since I got my Jeep back today I have my beloved black mat for class tonight! So happy. Have a great evening all!

  6. i've had the same red mat for 4 years now. it's really kinda gross, but it works. i'm too cheap/poor to buy a new mat and i only like red mats which are hard to find, so i'm happy with the ratty old one that is so permanently drenched in sweat it would prolly never burn!