Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to Quincy Jackie!

Hi Guys! Happy Thursday. Thought I would share a pic of the seal that was sunning himself in my backyard the other day! This is not a common sight around these parts at all so it was amazing to see (I live on the water). I think the poor little guy was lost! Hope he made it back to his friends ok. Now onto the Yoga.

Day 11 last night last night. 6:30p class and I was expecting Chris to teach class as usual. But as I made my way up the stairs to the studio (sometimes I think walking up that long, echoed staircase is the hardest part of class. All you hear is the labored click, click click of your feet)and approached the sign in desk I saw an unfamiliar face sitting beside him at the desk. After a minute it registered...hmmm a new teacher perhaps? I introduced myself and asked if she was teaching tonight. Yes indeed! Jackie Ryan from the Boston studio. I could just tell she was going to bring awesome energy to the class. While getting my things out of my bag she was in out of the studio and buzzing around. Like her energy already. Went in and set up my mat up, front row off to the left a bit and chilled out talking with some others. Just before class starts Chris sets up beside me. I push over to make room. Now I see myself dead front and center. Directly in front of Jackie. No chance of slacking off tonight! Better fire it up! As I’ve mentioned just having someone who practices as great as Chris does next to me drives me to do better. I find I’m more conscious not to fidget in between postures and have better control going into and coming out of postures. It's a good thing.

Class begins. Good size class (maybe 30?). I can tell right away Jackie is going to be tough (in a very good way). Her voice is controlled and demanding. Better be setting my postures up right! It’s hot. I can tell some people are struggling pretty early into the class. The fans were on, but on the lowest speed. You know, so low I think they’re just on so people think in there heads “oh good at least the fans are on, that will help!" ;)

Jackie kept the dialogue flowing while also interjecting lots of corrections. Little corrections that can make a world of difference. Couple more new people again! I wonder how many of the new comers actually continue on after the 10 day intro. You can almost tell just by looking at their faces a couple of days in if they are hooked or not. One girl last week actually said “Not for me” after class. That’s the thing, Bikram is not for everyone. But for those of us who love it and get it...I think we’re a pretty lucky bunch!

As people started heading for the door she instructed them to just try to stay in the room. They just kept on walking to the door and came back in a couple of minutes later. Finally she says “Guys, I’m not being a Bikram drill sergeant here, it’s just really better for your body. Not good to go in and out from the hot to the cold. Not good for your body to be so heated and then be shocked with the cold.”
To me it’s very distracting when people are walking in and out. Many times they walk out right after a posture ends and come back in while we're in the middle of another posture, get back to their mat, have some more water, fix the towel. Drives me crazy. So last night when the door opens for someone to come back in Jackie says. Stay right there please until we finish the posture. It's distracting. Perfect, Jackie!

I enjoyed Jackie’s class last night. It was challenging but in a very good way. She’s the teacher who can push you to your edge and then push you a little beyond it. She’s an awesome addition to our studio. She’s taking over Chris’ classes on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Well...ya all probably know how I feel about morning classes! So looks like I’ll just be taking Jackie’s class on Wednesday’s.
After class I exit the hot room and look around...people are actually lying on the ground. The overall look was just plain tired. Sweaty and tired and done. I had to step over bodies to get to the cubby where my bag was. I felt energized! I thought class was perfect. Was my practice perfect...God no! Standing head to knee has been my nemesis this week. Just not liking it, especially kicking out the left leg. Not sure why. On a positive not standing bow is feeling stronger :).

As I’ve mentioned before all teachers are excellent in their own ways. I have a different experience in class with each.
I love knowing that in Sarah’s class I’m going to laugh and enjoy listening to her motivating stories. I know in Mimi’s class she going to work us at a quick pace, Chris is going to work us hard and make sure our form is 100% correct, that we are not moving around between sets...etc.
Do you guys have similar experiences? Do you feel the dynamic of each class is changed by the teacher? I love that about class.

Sarah’s class tonight for Day 12. Sarah's such a happy go lucky person. Always smiling. Cracks me up when someone’s complaining she just smiles and says Yeah, that’s yoga, it’s all good...I mean what do you say to that? Great.

Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday. Looking forward to the weekend already!



  1. I find that I get something different from each instructor, and it's always something I need. I have my favorites, but the variety is the best. AND I love visiting instructors. We get alot of those here in Vegas.

  2. Yeah, we do get a lot of visiting teachers here, and it's fun. I love the difference between the teachers. Obviously they're all using the same dialogue, but they all put their own experience and personality into the class. Everyone has their own opinions of the teachers. Some of my favorites are the least favorites of others. But I'm at the point where I need a good hot room and spot on correction. For someone who comes 2-3 times a week, they might not want that.

    But, the different teachers are part of what makes each class unique.

  3. Aww... she is my GIRL. We were yoga buddies before she ever went to training in Hawaii and I took her first class when she got back. I miss her... her class is GREAT!!!

  4. Guys! I love different teachers too and I love when teachers correct my postures.

    J: She is just awesome! Can't wait to take her class next Wednesday.