Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stop That Wandering Mind & Focus!

What a beautiful sunny fall day! Sitting in my office this morning looking out the window and there is not a cloud in the sky. It’s like a painter painted the sky a lovely shade of blue. The trees are now past peak and what has not yet fallen to the ground is starting to look a bit worn. Oh yes, my friends, winter is coming. Sigh...but the sun makes me happy :). Know what else makes me happy? Yeah, you guessed it. A great Bikram class makes me happy!

Pleased to report I made it to the 5:30 class last night. I really wasn’t looking forward to the 7:30. I’ve never done a 7:30 but I just know I would have a tough time keeping my mind in the room. I’d be thinking the whole time... “Ok, so we get out at 9p, I get home, shower, grab something to eat, prepare clothes & bag for the next day, email, bed and up to do it all again.” 5:30 & 6:30 classes are perfect for me. If I could swing it I would do a 5:30 every day! With work it’s really tough to get across town to the studio in time though. A little too much stress for this yogi!

Per usual I had my snack just before walking into the studio. This has become somewhat of a ritual and I really think it’s what gives me the extra energy in class. Most people can’t eat a thing a couple of hours before class or they feel sick (or they are afraid they'll feel sick). I need it. I went once or twice without a snack and by the time we hit the floor series I could hear my stomach asking for something! Not only did I feel hungry but I felt tired. I don’t like feeling tired while practicing. Not a good feeling.

When I go to the 6:30 class I have time to change at work first. But for the 5:30 I just change at the studio. In the locker room I’m chatting with another 30 Day Challenger. We start talking about eating before. I tell her I have my normal breakfast, lunch, afternoon latte (um, yeah, can’t live without my daily Starbucks fix, right Kellie?!) and a small snack about 35-40 minutes before class. She was shocked! “Really, you can eat right before?” Have to! I say. It’s nothing big. Usually just a PowerBar Performance Energy bar, a handful of Endamame or Sensible Foods Dried Fruit or an orange and a bottle of water. Seems to do the trick for me. Just something that wont lay heavy in my stomach. The other 30 Day Challenger told me about the time she ate a bag of chips before class and had to bail!

Chatted with Chris (Studio owner) before class about changes coming to the studio. New carpet, paint etc. So excited! It’s going to feel like a brand new place. Happy! I love my studio, but honestly, the carpet is on its last leg. He’s made some nice small changes already with lots more to come. :)

Class: Maria was teaching. As I mentioned I have never taken her class. She’s new to teaching so I was a little skeptical. Turns out she was great! She kept the room HOT and didn’t turn the fans on until final Savasana. I was in my glory! Maria has a nice strong voice. You could tell she was new because her dialogue was by the book. The veteran teachers stray a bit. One thing that drove me crazy though was her correcting and working with the newbies while the rest of us were holding posture. Yikes! I felt like we were in Triangle for 5 minutes! All in all great class. Full house again. Had to shuffle the mats around to fit everyone in. Some people hate a packed class. I don’t mind as long as I am able to secure a spot up front. If I am in the middle I just feel claustrophobic. Got my nice spot front & center.

Standing Bow Update: I was determined to hold the pose longer. I thought “ok, if you fall out that’s ok, but try to hold it just a couple of seconds longer. Don’t give up so easy.” I did hold longer. First set I managed to hold it about 45 of the 60 seconds. Second set I held both sides the full 30 seconds. Now I need to put that together with kicking back harder, getting my chest down and stretching my fingertips forward. Ah yes... So much to work on! But I know falling out is ok. Every single person in the class falls out (yes, even the teachers). The fall teaches me where I need to work more. As our teachers say that’s why they call our Yoga our practice!

I did just an ok job keeping my mind present for most of the class. Wandered off couple of times. Some examples: Picked up on the Newbie who thought it was a good idea to keep facing the opposite side of the room as everyone else! Still not sure why? Then I lost myself for a minute and started wondering how the girls with long pants can stand it! I practice in Bikram shorts and a tank. I would feel like I had blankets wrapped around my legs if I wore pants. Just not for me. I remember hearing all the sirens out on Hancock Street, which got me thinking, I wonder what’s happening out there. In Savasana I kept looking at the ceiling wondering how many little red stars are up there. TRACI! Stay in the room! Focus. It was a good class. And even better was the fact that I was done by 7pm not 9pm!

Excited for Chris’ 6:30 class tonight. I like all teachers but some just motivate me and keep my mind present more. He’s one of them. Ok folks...Day 4 coming up tonight. Love putting the red check mark next to my name on the board after class. A little tired today and pretty busy day at work so I’ll need to find some positive energy later!

“Nothing good in life is ever easy and it will always require hard work. Remember, hard work that is dedicated to a clear plan of action, fueled by commitment and passion, is always rewarded.” Tammy Quackenbush


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  1. Heh. Maria Wolman? She's not THAT new. She was Spring '08 teacher training and she's taught a ton since then. Not EVERYONE ditches the dialogue! There are some phenomenal veteran teachers who teach 99% verbatim. It's awesome. ;)