Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hi all. And a very Happy Friday to you! That's a pic of the flag outside my office window. It tends to catch my eye alot during the day. Very windy and gray here in Boston this morning. Driving to work the waves were coming up over the sea wall and landing on my car! Guess we have the storm moving up the coast just in time for the weekend.

Day 12 last night was a strange class for me. I kind of felt like I was just going through the motions. Moving in and out of positions like I was on auto pilot. At one point it felt like the teacher’s voice was far off in the distance, even though she was standing about 3 feet from me. Odd. Didn’t really feel like my head was in the room. Like I needed to keep reminding myself to breathe. I think part of it was because I found out before class there’s going to be some schedule changes in December at the studio. So my mind was busy processing how I would manage to fit classes in with the new times. The schedule right now works well for me. The new one, well it won’t work as well. But that’s weeks away and I shouldn’t be worrying about that now right? I’ve always had that problem. Yup I’m a self confessed worrier. Have been since I as a kid. Oh I control it better now than I did years ago, but it still creeps up every now and then.

It was a mad dash across the city but I made it to the 5:30 last night with Sarah. It was just a weird feeling in the studio right from when I walked in. Overall it felt very low energy. There didn’t seem to be the usual buzz. Not sure why. Maybe nearing the end of the week and everyone was tired? Not certain.

I was talking to a girl before class and we were agreeing about how much we LOVED Jackie’s class Wednesday night. With that the girl said she likes Sarah, but she doesn’t find her class motivating and that Sarah doesn’t keep the room hot enough. I told her in classes when she feels like that it’s important to motivate herself. She agreed to give it a shot. I always try to stop myself when I say a teacher doesn’t motivate me. Wait, shouldn’t I be motivating myself? Yeah, I should be, but sometimes I really need that fierce teacher up there on the verge of barking at me to suck my stomach in, ya know? Fierce is good!

So class starts and my body felt a little tight during breathing. Felt good to get it moving and loosen up. Class moves along, didn’t break a sweat until I think Triangle. And then the teacher turns on the fans. Oh no! We really don’t need the fans, it’s not even hot it here. I see the girl I was talking to earlier looking annoyed. So when Sarah got back to her spot in the front of the class I just kind of glanced up at the fans a couple of times. I’m not sure if she picked up on it but she went back and shut the fans down. Thankfully. While we were in Savasana she told us how some of us like it hot and some don’t. That we shouldn’t worry if it’s not hot because it’s still our yoga. I like Sarah a lot but this is where I don’t agree. A big part of this yoga we choose to practice is the heat. To me if it’s 100 or below with low humidity my body feels the difference and my postures don’t open up as much. Am I wrong to harp on the heat so much?

One good thing last night...Full locust felt awesome. I think I got my legs up higher than I ever have before. Going to try to build on that tonight. Don’t you guys love those moments when your body just goes where your mind is telling it to go? So rewarding.

Good problem to have but I have so much vacation time to take before the end of the year! I have no clue how the year has gone by so fast. Scary. Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks! So since I had such a productive morning at work (I hired a candidate for a very specific role I have been trying to fill for a while. Yeah!) I am going to treat myself to a half day (exciting huh?). I see a little shopping in my future this afternoon before it’s off to the 4:30 class with I think Chris. Day 13. Then it’s time to enjoy Friday night! Some wine, friends, good food. Happiness.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and that you all have great things planned for the weekend!



  1. Ah the great heat debate. Too hot? Not hot enough? It's always going to bother somebody either way. It's taken me awhile but I pretty much have finally gotten to the point where I just simply take note of the temperature when I lay my mat down and adjust my practice accordingly. I.E: Work super hard first three postures if heat is low or on the flip side pace myself if it's hot as hades in there. I love listening to everybody in the lobby afterwards though. It makes me smile. Mainly because I used to be right there with them! :) Enjoy your friends and wine. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Awesome points! Hope you have a great Saturday!