Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Energizing Day 2!

Day 2 of the Challenge. Done. I don't know why but I always have the best workouts on Mondays! I really do. Whether it’s a run or Yoga, I just always feel so strong. You'd think the opposite would be true since it's the beginning of the work week. I should be tired right? A lot of people are dragging. But I never am. Monday’s class is actually the one I look forward to the most. Love it. The teacher, Mimi, is fantastic. Extremely motivating, fast paced, funny. Love the energy.

6:30 Class was very full last night, as it usually is on Monday. I don’t mind though. I get to the studio about 25 minutes before class. Claim my spot up front (I find it easier to focus without people in front of me) then go chat with the others in the lobby before class starts. It's funny how Bikram attracts people of all different backgrounds and personalities. That's one of the things I love about it. I love chatting and finding out what these people do outside of the studio. I go sit on my mat about 10 minutes before class starts. Couple of teachers taking class tonight which is always motivating!

I was very happy to see it was nice & hot in the studio! As it should be. Robin (the sister who I am so thankful to for introducing me to Bikram!) called me earlier and said the studio was luke warm for the morning class! She was not pleased. We like it HOT. This is Bikram after all. She was chilled and dry when she got to the floor series. We joked that maybe next time she should wear a sweatshirt & socks. ;)

Practice was great. Felt strong and happy. The guy who usually grunts a lot was there. Just a mat away from me. Usually I let it bother me, but tonight I was determined not let it affect me. Just let it go I kept saying. And it worked!

I commented on another blog about my Eagle pose. With the posture I have no problem setting it up, twisting my legs around, getting all 5 toes visible in the mirror, sitting down and holding it. But I have this complete mental block about putting my hands back in prayer. I just feel like if I do I'll fall out of the posture. Weird, right? Crazy little habits we form. So Mimi called me on it last night. She says "Um, Traci, looks like you should have no problem getting your hands back to prayer!" I laughed and did it. And did I fall out? Nope. That's something I'm going to work on during these next 28 days. Mind over matter as they say in the Hot room. Concentrate, Meditate.

I have so many things to work on! Our practice is always changing and evolving. We hear that a lot from our teachers. But another that stands out for me is Standing Bow Pulling. It’s maybe the posture I want to work on the most (at the moment anyway!). I almost never can hold the posture the entire time without falling out. Soon as they say if you’re loosing the posture you’re not kicking hard enough, I loose it! I'd love to do that, hold it with good form . Determination, right? I actually put a picture of the pose up in my office so I have to look at it every day :)

After class Mimi told me my practice looked beautiful. I loved hearing that. Who doesn’t want to be complimented on their efforts? I left class both energized and calm (if that makes any sense!). Thanks to Mimi for being an awesome instructor. She clearly loves teaching. It shows.

Going to try to make the 5:30 tonight if not I’ll have to go to the 7:30 (ugh!). So late but I committed to this Challenge. And the Challenge board is right up on the wall for all to see. Can’t have my name up there without a check mark on a day right? Tonight is with an instructor I have never had before, I think she is pretty new. Hopefully it's nice and hot in the studio!

Have a great day!


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