Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recruiting the Family

Hi Guys! Everyone have a great Thanksgiving? What a great day it was here. Everyone tends to be so busy these days so it’s only a few times a year when my whole family has a chance to get together. But when we do picture laughing from beginning to end. Pure silliness. My 3 sisters, parents, 7 nieces and nephews, brothers-in-law, my sister’s in-laws. Think we were about 21 or so for dinner. Picture 4 silly girls (as my dad still calls us) just having fun. Even at this age we still find complete pleasure in teasing each other. So much fun. Wine, laughing, candle light dinner, dessert….Day went by so fast.

As you know my sister Robin and I both practice Bikram. And we found ourselves talking about it A LOT on Thanksgiving to our family. I was trying hard to recruit (pretty natural given my profession right?) them into this thing we do that we love so much. I was talking to my sis Kellie about some postures and showing her Tree pose and she cracked me up. I get my leg into position and put my hands together in namaskar. And she says…Oh look her foot even stays right there! Just struck me funny. My niece Emily (12 years) is a competitive gymnast so she was loving the postures. Then I get to my mom. Mom’s a runner and nursing a stress fractured foot. Been trying hard to get her to come to Bikram once she’s healed. She use to think what we do is crazy, but she’s coming around.Was teaching her some postures and planting the seed. Mom, if your reading this…WHEN are you coming for your first class? Don’t you guys find yourselves talking about Bikram wherever you go? It’s like we have this great secret we just need to share with the world!

Ok. Yesterday was Day 27 of my Challenge. Went to the 4:30 with Sarah. I thought about going to the 9:30am but honestly I just wanted a lazy morning and relaxed afternoon. And that’s just what I had. The class on Thanksgiving morning we were packed in like sardines, last night there was maybe 20 people in class. Lots of room to spread out and a nice pace. As always Sarah had a nice, easy way about her. Standing series was great, pretty hot but not boiling. But as soon as we hit the floor I felt like the air condition was on. Not a good feeling to go from sweating to chilled. I honestly thought about going to grab my shirt from my bag. I decided to just work the postures harder. Talked to Sarah after class and she said she thought I was standing in front of the spot where there’s a draft. OH! Won’t stand there again. Class was good though. A nice and relaxed class. Talking to some others after class again about how doing the Challenge really isn’t hard. Your body gets use to it and actually craves the Bikram everyday. I recommend anyone who practices to try a Challenge. It will change your practice for sure in a very positive way.

This afternoon is Day 28 at 4:30pm with Hannane. Looking forward to a tough class. Before that I’m off to the spa to get my hair done. Spa and Bikram? What could be better I ask you? Then it's off to see a friends band later (if I can keep my eyes open long enough!)

To leave you with, Found in Yoga Journal: Don’t Worry do Yoga: During uncertain times, yoga provides welcome stress relief. The tension taming postures will help you find inner calm and looses anxieties grip on your mind and body….Yep! Sounds good to me!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the long weekend!



  1. i agree, after you've been practising regularly, your body really does crave bikram. i'm close to 700 days in a row and i can't imagine a day without my bikram. how often do you think you'll be practising after your challenge is over?

  2. Dang, M. I was just out to dinner with a dude who did 1001 days consecutive - you guys should start a club!

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about trying to recruit family, friends, co-workers, everyone! I was such an evangelist when I got started. Then that phase wore off (when people got totally sick of hearing about yoga), and now I just try to give gentle nudges every now and then. I wish I could make everyone come to yoga, but they all have to come in their own time. My roommate practices with me now and then, and COMPLETELY out of the blue she told me yesterday that she wants to do a 30 day challenge this winter. Woohoo!!! I love when people come around. :)

  3. You know I'm going to join that club! 1001 days in row!!! Traci, don't stop after 30 days!!

  4. M:700 Days...Wow! For now I'm just taking it a day at a time. Just from the 30 Day Challenge my body feels so much stronger and my back has never felt better. I guess it kind of feels like a very normal part of my daily routine now.

    J: 1001 days? That's amazing. Good for him. Too funny, my niece finally said to me "Enough yoga talk!" My sister Robin has been practicing about 3 years (I think) and she still sells it to everyone. Cracks me up. Congrats to your roomate! Such a great decision and committment. Me and my sis always say if everyone did Yoga the world would be a nicer place :)

    G: Go for it! Something tells me you well exceed the 1001 days :) As for me...One day at a time. My problem is I still really love running. Yesterday I did Bikram in the morning and ran at night. Hard to get both in during the week though. So I'll just need to find a balance.

    Always open to suggestions from anyone who wants to share...

  5. hahaha, I am glad to hear I am not the only one driving everyone crazy trying to recruit people. I got a "enough yoga talk" yesterday afternoon too. My sis recently pointed out that since I started practicing BY I have become "monotematica" (Spanish word for a person that only talks about 1 thing or "theme")

    Wow, 700 days in a row. Wow, 1001 days in a row. I would love to do this one day !! I miss running too!!