Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day...

Good Morning!
First to my nephew Ben...Hope your 12th Birthday was Happy yesterday!
Ever have a bad day you just can’t shake and leave behind? Well, I had one of those days yesterday. I usually love Wednesday night’s class. I really do. Last night however I didn’t have the best class. It had nothing to do with the teacher, or the room, or the temperature, or the mats being so close. Nope. This one was all me. I’m usually very good about leaving negativity outside to studio. But not tonight.

I had a bad day at work yesterday. Without getting into the details, I’ll just tell you I had a tough time leaving all these negative feelings outside the hot room. I knew it was going to be like that while I was still sitting at my desk. On the ride to the studio I was not in a good mood. I was letting every little thing bother me. Traffic, a red light, the person crossing the street. Just couldn’t let things go. Kept saying “just breathe Traci.” I’m typically happy to go to my yoga class. Tonight I just didn’t want to. I wanted to go home. And if it were not for this Challenge I probably would have just gone home. But I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t. After circling Hancock Street like 10 times finally get a spot on a side street, eat my snack, chug some H2O, grab my mat and bag, and head to the studio for my 6:30 with Chris.

Once there I just felt off. Didn’t want to socialize before class like I usually do. Just wanted to sit and be quiet. And that’s what I did. I set my mat up in my usual spot up front. I toyed with the idea of setting up in the back so I could take it easy, but decided to stick with the front to challenge myself. I sat on the benches outside the hot room and my stomach was not feeling good. The stress of the day had put my stomach in knots. I actually considered leaving but one look at the Challenge board and I knew I had to stay. I reentered the hot room at 6:25 and lied down on my mat. Still trying to let the day go. When it was 6:35 and class still had not started I was getting more irritated. Finally class begins. It just didn’t feel good. I felt like Pranayama Breathing lasted for and hour! Oh no...this is going to be a long class! My classes usually flow so nicely. Not tonight. I just wanted to keep going just to get through it. So when the teacher would stop class to do a demo, I could feel my self getting agitated. The only time I felt at peace during standing series was in Tree Pose/Toe Stand. Always love it. And really it took until floor Bow before I could feel my body calming down. I have never been so happy to be lying in final Savasana. I think I only stayed for a few seconds and was the first one out of the room after class.

I told Chris that I let my bad day follow me into the room. He smiled and said that’s ok sometimes it's ok to keep it with you. At this point it’s after 8pm and I’m tired and hungry. I say, well tomorrow is another day. He says...Yes, and 9pm is another hour. That stopped me and I smiled. On my way out of the studio he smiles and says “see you tomorrow Traci!”. Ah yes, I think. Tomorrow.

So good news...I was able to hold positions and worked on my form. Listened to the dialogue etc. Held bow probably longer than I ever have. But class, well it just felt off. And yes, once again my mind kept wandering. Listening to the sirens, car alarms, the person blowing their nose. I kept thinking, “where’s that tissue going and I don’t want to get sick!” On the ride home when I called my mom (thanks for listening to me vent yesterday Mom!) I told her that even though the class was mentally tough on me, I feel better for having done it. I really did feel a sense of calmness in my body that was not there all day long.

That’s one of the many things Bikram does for us. It releases bad energy and replaces it with new, good energy. Driving home I remembered the Mantra on my wall at work “I can choose to be happy”. Yes, it’s true.

Ok! Enough negativity already! Tonight I will be more at peace and enjoy my practice. I love this yoga. Sometimes we just have off days. It’s ok. The Yoga is always there for us. Every day, every practice is different. No such thing as a bad class, just different. Every time we show up at the studio we are making the decision to do something good for our bodies, our minds, our lives. Day 5 here I come!


  1. I love your blog! Another Bikram person, yay! I found you from another person's blog that I follow. I also have my own blog. Check it out, it's I'm your first official "follower"! Follow my blog too!


  2. Thanks Greg! Following your blog now. Bikram's great isn't it? After class people look at me like I'm nuts when I say "That was fun!" General response is, well no not fun but I like the result. To me yes I like the result, but I also always try to have fun. Hope it's a great day for you!

  3. Hi Tracey, found your blog through Greg. I answered your poll "No" because it took me a few classes to fall in love with Bikram. I'm head over heels now! :)

  4. Well it's fun for me, even though it's hard. The fact that it's hard and I know it's helping me so much makes it fun!

  5. Bikramyogachick: Thanks for commenting! I love hearing about others experiences with Bikram. I think alot of our experiences are similar in many ways! Have a great day! :)

  6. Amazing thoughts! Being happy is exactly what you said, a choice. YOU have made my day!!! =)