Monday, November 16, 2009

Halfway There

Good morning! What a beautiful morning it is here in Boston today. Lots of thin wispy clouds in the sky but very sunny and warm for November. We’re looking at a high of around 60 degrees. The only down side is its Monday and we’re back at work! Lots of gazing out my window today. Nearly bare trees but the grass is still green. And it’s supposed to be really mild and sunny all week. Love it!

Ok guys now for some yoga talk. I had a great couple of days of classes this weekend.

Saturday, Day 14: Went to the 4:30 with Hannane. If you read my last post you might remember me saying she’s 22 weeks pregnant and she might have softened as a teacher from the hard core, fierce one she once was. Yeah, please forget everything I said. Hannane was back in full fierce form. The room was really hot and humid. I think I was sweating before class even started. Many times during class I was the target of Hannane’s corrections (think she read my post?). I think teachers pick on us when they know we can get deeper into a posture and see us slacking off a bit. In camel I found the heat getting to me. I had to keep telling myself to just breathe. I don’t think I hydrated enough during the day either, so of course that didn’t help! Like another blogger, Greg, weekends in the studio are sometimes off for me. I’m running around all day, doing errands and then off to class. Sometimes I’m too busy running around I neglect to hydrate enough. I think that happened on Saturday. I always bring a 20oz water in but generally only drink a sip or two. I drank every single last drop of those 20 ounces on Saturday. People overall were looking pretty worked, so at least I was in good company! Good, challenging class. It was one of those classes that leaves your face as red as a tomato. The kind of class that wakes you up and makes you realize, no...This is not easy!

Sunday, Day 15...Halfway there! Went to the 10am with Sarah. You all know by know I am not a fan of morning classes. In the days leading up to this class I was dreading it. I even toyed with the idea of going to the 4:30 instead. But I really like my Sunday afternoons to hang with friends and watch the football games. To me that’s what Sundays have always been, even growing up. So morning class it was. After that tough class on Saturday I made sure to re-hydrate myself Saturday night. Drank tons of water. Watermelon always seems to help after a class like that too. I woke up ready to go. Drank probably 20 ounces H2O while getting ready to go. Off I went. In the car ride over to the studio I had coconut water and a PowerBar. I drink coconut water all the time before and after my run but for some reason I never drink it before class. At any rate...I think it did the trick. Had a great class. It was a touch cooler in the room, but not too cool. I still sweated like crazy.

Ok, so I love seeing newer people keep coming back for classes. I do. But I have a small pet peeve. Keep in mind, I know my practice is far from perfect, but I listen to the dialogue and follow along with the teachers instructions,don’t go ahead into postures etc. When you’re up front the people in the back are watching you. You need to set a good example.
So the woman who put her mat beside me in the front row, I just knew she wasn’t going to fair well. Right after half-moon she was struggling and had to sit right after awkward. She was not looking good at all. Her legs and body were all off her mat and edging mine. It was tough for me to navigate around her to get into postures. I had to actually say “excuse me” a couple of times. She spent the majority of the class sitting down or lying on her side. During the savasana after floor bow she was flailing around trying to grab her toes, legs...ugh! Just lie still please! Again, I love that she’s there and trying, I do, but for now perhaps a spot in the back row might be more appropriate. I bet she would feel better about the class too. Just a suggestion. Do you guys feel the same way?

My yoga friend and fellow Challenger Stacey said her body is achy and tired. She’s ready for the challenge to be over. Hang in the Stacey! After class we gave each other a high five in the studio lobby for making it to the halfway point. I placed the red check marks next to our names on the big board. Always feels good to put the check mark up after class. Oh yes, it’s the little things. Sarah told me about a posture clinic with Diane Ducharme at the West Roxbury, MA studio. Thinking about going. I’ve never done a posture clinic and I think it could be great!

All right guys! That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy your Monday. Tonight it's the 6:30 with Mimi for Day 16. Always a great class. Full house with great energy.

See ya later,


  1. A few times I've warned newer people about the front row. If I can tell they are new and they're near me, I let them know what they're in for if they stay up front. This makes them want to move back!

  2. YES. POSTURE CLINIC. DIANE. GO GO GO. You will never regret it and never forget it. :-)

  3. I've read about Diane, I wish I could go to! Please Go and let me know!