Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hi there! So dreary out there today. Tons of rain (Greg you would love it!). One of those mornings great for sleeping in. I really never sleep in but when I woke up at 7am I just said “nope” and rolled over and went back to sleep. Never got up until 9am! Felt great.

Class last night was with Maria. Maria’s a newer teacher and getting stronger with every class. I talked to her before class about the fans and how they tend to cool us too much. She agreed and said she’d leave them off. Much better without them!

My yoga friend brought her husband with her for his first class. She set him up in the very back corner then joined me up front. His spot was the exact same spot I was set up in for my first class! He did great! I asked how he felt after and he was doing ok. I think he’s coming with her again to the 4:30 this afternoon. Love seeing husband and wife take class together. Such a great thing to share.

My class was good. Room was slightly less hot than I like it. I think it was more that the humidity was low. The temp was 106 but really felt a little cool (ok, that just sounds crazy right?). During triangle Maria was staring right at me and said, very loudly, TRACI Get those fingers between the toes, go for it. I know I can do it right; I was honestly just being lazy. So I listened, smiled and did it. During Tree Pose/Toe Stand I am always so surprised at how few people attempt to do Toe Stand. I love this posture so much but it’s usually me and just a handful of the room doing it. The others are just hanging out it Tree Pose. I love when I see people going for it and seeing “Oh! I can do this!”

I lied in final Savasana for a couple of minutes longer than I usually do. I just felt my body needed it. I could really feel my body melting into the ground. It had been a long week and my body was enjoying its rest. When I finally made my way out of the room I was talking to Maria about how I enjoyed her class and her little stories. You can tell she really prepares and rehearses her stories. She said she loves when she gets a laugh out of people in the class. Even if the story isn’t funny I tend to respond, I think it gives the teachers a boost and confidence, especially newer ones. So I tell her class was fun and with that one of the guys chimes in and says Oh yeah! Real fun. I’m being honest when I say that though. As Michelle said on her blog Yoga is Fun! She’s so right.

Day 14 this afternoon. I think it’s with Hannane. She the teacher who’s about 22 weeks pregnant. Hannane use to be a very fierce, tough teacher. But I think she has softened a bit with the pregnancy. ;)

The weather is making me a little tired today so I think a nice pumpkin spice latte is in my very near future to perk me up! Sometimes you just need that caffeine kick, ya know?

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. And if your not here in the Boston area hope your weather is lots better than ours today! Oh and shopping was fun yesterday afternoon (umm, when is hopping not fun?). Got some new cute yoga clothes J.

Bye for now…Traci


  1. I love toe stand! I can only do it consistently balancing on my right foot, but sometimes I get the left. It really does slow your heart rate down too, which is nice right before the floor series.

    Yes, I think my weather is better than yours today. It's about 65 and sunny here.