Sunday, November 8, 2009

2:22 AM!

HI! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Boston weather today was amazing. Sunny, warm (for here anyway) and just picture perfect. My sis Robin actually got sunburn on her run today. Wish we could bottle this day and keep it like this for the whole upcoming winter. Walked around in flip-flops today and wasn’t even cold! So good.

Day 8 today with Sarah. I’ll just say Sunday morning classes and me: Not a good combo. My body is just looser and I have more energy in my night classes. I’ve always been like that. At the gym, on a run, whatever, I 100% prefer nighttime workouts. Mimi says I look like I’m ready to dance after my night classes. I guess today’s class was extra hard because of the time I finally got to bed last night. I crawled into bed, looked at the time on my cell phone: 2:22 AM. Yikes. That’s going to make for an interesting Sunday morning class for sure. Needless to say when the alarm rang I was not all too happy to head to the studio. But I did. Funny how your attitude immediately changes when you see the teachers and students smiling happy faces.

Talked to one of my fellow Challengers. She’s tired and she’s achy. Told her to hang in there. Nice size class. Not mat to mat. Definitely enough room for everyone to spread out a bit. Sarah was her usual happy self with great comments. I actually started laughing at something she said during the floor series and couldn’t stop. That ever happen to you? Something funny gets in your head and 20 minutes or 2 hours later your still thinking and laughing about it. Happens to me all the time.

Moved my spot to the other side of the room today. Moving around the room is good. Kind of feels like a different experience. So it’s no secret that I like it HOT in the studio, and today…well it was extra HOT. So I’m tired, the room is extra hot, no fans. Whew. It was a struggle but I have never sat out a posture and I was not about to start today! Like Chris says use your Bulldog determination and Bengal Tiger strength. Just kept hearing that in me head. Plus there were a few new people in class and I could see them watching me so I knew I had to set a good example. That’s what’s good about the front row. It motivates you to give 100%. To, as Winston Churchill said, “never, never, never give up.” I generally only go through about ¼-1/2 of my H20 bottle. Today I nearly finished the whole thing. Yup, it was that kind of day. So happy when we got to Tree Pose/Toe Stand. Love these postures so much. I just feel a sense of calm. And usually down in Toe Stand I can only balance with one hand up. Got both hands up today and felt awesome. Ahhh.

Class ends. Not a bad practice just tired. Chatted with the others after class then headed home and enjoyed a much needed shower. I might have even stopped for a pumpkin spice latte on my way home. Oh how would I function without my beloved Starbucks? The Barista calls me the Bikram Hot chick. Cracks me up every single time.

All right guys, that’s all for me. Busy day at work tomorrow then 6:30 class with Mimi. But for now, looking forward to relaxing this evening with a friend and a glass of wine.



  1. I'm right there with you about the morning classes, as I've blogged about before. It already takes me a few hours to wake up properly, so my body is in shock whenever I have to do an early morning yoga class! But I feel great for the rest of the day!

  2. Hope you had a nice relaxing evening! You sure deserve it!

  3. I miss the Boston studio!!!! I used to practice at Back Bay till I moved to Toronto in May. Love Mimi, Jill, Brad and Tomo!!!

  4. Big G: I don't know why but it seems like it take me hours to recover from morning classes! Frustrating!

    BYC: Evening was great! Hope you had a good weekend too :)

    Missus: Isn't Mimi awesome? Took her class last night in the Quincy studio. Her energy is just so motivating and her classes are always packed. Are you practicing in Toronto?

  5. I love how all the displaced Bostonians are suddenly hooked on this blog... ;-)