Friday, November 20, 2009

It's about finding the balance

Happy, Happy Friday! I love Fridays. It was nice and warm on my way into the office this morning. Left my house at 7am and it was like 60 degrees. Not bad! Black clouds started rolling in as I approached the office. I look at the umbrella in my car but decide to think positive and leave it there. Yeah, bad idea guys. It’s raining so hard right now and it’s so dark it looks like night time. BUT it’s Friday, it’s Jeans Day, I’m rocking my favorite boots, I’m close to hiring another targeted candidate, AND I’m taking another ½ day. All good. Just a few more hours and I can start my weekend. Love ½ Days on Fridays!

Day 19 last night with Sarah. Found a prime parking spot right in front of the studio. Love when that happens. Studio was pretty quiet last night. Not the normal buzz. That’s ok though, I was actually looking forward to a nice calm class. Take my time changing in the locker room talking to some of the girls. Catching up with our yoga friends before classes is so great isn’t it?

Set my mat up in front with Jackie and Janet. It was one of the quietest classes I have seen there in awhile. I think maybe 15 people total in class? Lots of nice wide open space to spread out. The room looked pretty funny though. Basically you had our front row set up, one or two people in the middle and the back row was packed. Just looked funny. Some people just love the security of the back row I guess. As I knew it would be, the room was hot but not really hot when we started. Balancing series I felt shaky. I must have fallen out of Bow like 5 times. Nothing to do but laugh and jump right back in. So that’s what I did. Toward the end of standing series I heard the heaters shut off and it actually got pretty cool. Couldn’t see the temp at this point but I’m guessing it might have fallen below 100. I think Sarah is still trying to navigate the new heating system. There’s like 5 different controls over there. She played around with them and it ended back up at 105. It’s a nice temp if you’re having a tired day. A temp that’ll still make you sweat, but it won’t make you exhausted. I never really got that “Whew! This is tough” feeling last night. That’s ok though. I think it’s good to have these types of classes now and then. Definitely felt peaceful.

So overall it was a “nice” class last night. A fun one. Out in the lobby one of the guys was saying how it got so cool at one point. Another guy cracked me up. He shot him a look and said...Well if you thought it was so cool why the hell were you sitting out postures?? The guy just grinned and said...good point and sucked on an orange.

As you might know in addition to Bikram I’m also a runner. It’s one of my passions. At the start of my Challenge I tried to keep up both. My body got tired and the last thing I want to do is loose weight (I don’t really have much room to play with there). I sometimes have a problem keeping weight on. Been like that my whole life. Pretty frustrating sometimes. So when that happened I decided to pull back on the running until the Challenge is over. I love my Bikram practice, God I love it. But I miss my running so much too. I’ll be driving in my car and a good tune will come on or I’ll see runner cruising the streets and alls I can think about is running. Running fast, running slow, doing my long run, doing my shorter run. Just running. Running with my headphones on and getting lost in my thoughts. Clearly I love doing both. It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you’ll truly miss something until it’s gone. How much you really truly adore it. How sometimes we take things for granted. That’s goes for running and of course so, so many other things in life. It’s all about finding the right balance. Can't wait to lace up the running shoes!

Well guys as I come to the end of my post I’m glancing out the window and guess what? It’s significantly brighter, the rain has nearly stopped and it looks as though the storm is passing. Just in time for my afternoon off! Oh yes, life is good.

I’m targeting the 4:30 this afternoon with Maria. Yay! After that it’s time for girl’s night with some good Mexican food and I just might be seeing a Margarita in my future. Salted rim of course ;)

Hope everyone has a perfect Friday and start to the weekend.
Final thought today...“Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from making a change” Body & Soul


  1. Well, I'm glad it's a bit warmer today. I'm also jealous about the rain. Don't get much here in the desert! Enjoy the heck out of that margarita!

  2. OH! Trust me I will gladly send some of our rain out west! At least it's rain we're getting and not snow right? Hope you have a fun Friday too!

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  5. Hi there!! I just subscribed to your blog. We have at least 2 things in common: love for Bikram Yoga and running. I am doing my first 60 day challenge. This is my blog:

    Since I started, I haven't been able to run during the week (only on the weekends). No time for it. Ohhh I really miss it. I live in SUN Diego and I always see people running on my way to work. I am getting very jealous lately. I wish I could squeeze a couple of runs on my schedule right now.

    I am planning on celebrating the end of the challenge (in 18 days) with a really loooong run!! Have a nice Friday

  6. Connectivity issues at work. My comment was posted 3 times as a result. Sorry about that!!

  7. I also love running. It was my main exercise before Bikram. But years of running and basketball were taking a major toll on my knees. However, all that running and jumping pays off in some of the postures, especially Awkward pose:) It's one of my better postures and I can do it much better than a lot people who happen to be more flexible than me. My legs are very strong from all that running.

  8. What a nice post! So, calmning. Hope you really had a nice Friday-afternoon class and a great evening with your friends.

    @bikramyogachick, you can get some of our rain, We've had like 3 weeks of rain now, but today the sun is shining!

  9. Crita: I think I was ok with reducing my running for like the 1st week. After the hot summer runs the break sort of felt good. Then I was like...I Really need to hit the road! The fact that I have to get out there in winter running gear is not even bothering me. Just want to run! Yay for your long run in now 17 days! Awesome way to celebrate. I'm follow your blog too by the way. :)

    Cristina: Thanks! Class was good and night out with the friends was so much fun. Bit tired this morning so I'm happy I'm not taking a morning class today! Sun is shining bright today...Sun just makes me happy :)

    G: Do you still run too? I hear ya on awkward. It didn't dawn on me until your comment that's why I'm so strong with the pose. Everyone always seems to be struggling with shaky legs and I just feel so solid. Great huh?