Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Many First Timers?

Happy Thursday everyone. That’s the bag I pack for yoga every day. Love this bag so much! It has served me well.

Thanksgiving is just one week from today! What? Where did the year go? Not that I have to stress out about cooking for the big day. No, I pretty much just show up at my sisters in Duxbury every year. What I AM really very good at is bringing incredible bottles of wine and awesome desserts. My Thanksgiving contributions if you will. I generally do the table design as well. I love a beautiful, simple table with lots of candles and sparkle.

Day 18 last night with Jackie. I was so looking forward to this class. I had so much energy as I bounded up Hancock Street all suited up with mat & bag in hand, I swing open the studio door, charge up the stairs and once again...a packed house. Very, very busy. Usually makes for a great class in my opinion. Both Stacey and Janet (also challengers) were there. Janet and I set up in the front right; Stacey’s tired and hangs out in the back by the door. People just kept coming in. The door to the room kept opening and closing to reveal yet another yogi with a mat and towel. Looking for a spot to squeeze in. Tons of unfamiliar faces. Looked like there were about 12 new people? Uh Oh. Turns out one of the girls in class made this a “staff outing” tonight. Now, you know I usually love new people in class. I love them giving our beloved Bikram a shot. And I hate to be negative, but on this night, I am afraid to say, it was not good.

Jackie starts class and right away I get a weird vibe. To me, classes should start on time. This one started about 10 minutes late. Not setting up for a good one. We’re mat to mat again, it’s hotter than hot and I’m sweating during first breathing. All good so far. Then things started to change. I began to feel like we were in a private class for all the first timers from that company. The pace of class was way too slow, the teacher was taking too long setting postures up, describing them etc. I started to get aggravated. This went on the entire standing series. To make matters worse all those company people kept talking and laughing. Jackie did tell them they need to respect the silence of the room and save the discussion for outside. But every few minutes they would start up again. Finally we hit the floor for Savasana. Janet looks at me and mouths “this is terrible!” People were still talking and giggling and the guy beside me finally sits up and loudly says to them “SHHHHH!” Thanks, I say. Jackie did move class along better during the floor series, but unfortunately by this time, my head was just out of the room. I just wanted class to end. Now. Just a bad feeling class for a lot of us.

Class ends and many of us jump up and leave quickly. In the lobby Janet tells me that was the worst experience she has ever had. I tell her it was definitely more because of the people than the teacher. I think maybe the group should have scheduled a private lesson. That might have benefited all of us more. They would have had a better experience and we would have too.
On the ride home I kept telling myself to let it go. It’s just one class and it’s over now. Move on. Don’t carry this home with you. Don’t let these negative feelings take away the good of 90 minutes of hard work.

Starving when I get home. This is my dilemma every night. I get home between 8:15 and 8:30pm and don’t really want to eat anything too heavy, but I’m hungry. I opted for a Veggie Burger (Garden Burger Veggie Medley) with lettuce, tomato and cheese and Amy’s Organic Vegetable soup. Quick and easy. For those of you who go to late classes, do you eat dinner late too? Do you eat a bigger lunch and lighter dinner? When I go for a run I’m always done by 7 so eating at a bit better time. I just feel like I’m eating dinner so late these days! Oh and the best part...After dinner I had an awesome piece of Dark Ginger Bread from Dancing Deer Baking . Ridiculously good. Treats are good, right?

5:30 tonight with the wonderful Sarah. Sarah’s the type of teacher who totally puts you at peace. It might not always be as hot in the room for her classes, but I always leave her class feeling so calm. Always has a smile on her face.

Please forgive the negative ranting about my bad class experience last night, but it sure felt good to get it off my chest. Thanks!

Hoping everyone has an awesome Thursday! “Make this the day you stop dreaming and start doing!”



  1. Those kinds of classes are certainly are test of your focus. I guess to put a positive spin on it, think of this: if they did have a private class they would not have had the benefit of seeing your (and other regulars) beautiful practice. You inspire people everyday and that room and don't even realize it. Oh, and btw: go get mr. big's number! (I read your comment on Hannahs blog) :)=

  2. Oops! hate it when I botch comments!
    should read:
    "are certainly A test"
    "everyday IN that room"

  3. As for the food, my lunch is generally the biggest meal of the day for me. I eat a light dinner after class, usually something involving pasta, but no thick sauces. I can't imagine eating a big huge meal after a class.

  4. BYC: You crack me up. And you are totally right. Think I needed an attitude adjustment last night :). Ah yes...Think I might go meet "Mr. Big"! Can't hurt right?

    G: Think I need to flip my schedule and make my lunch bigger. I'm one of those weird people who is famished after class. Everyone else in class seems to loose their appetite but mine get stronger.

  5. hi traci, i found you through hannah's blog!
    im from boston too, and also a runner, but... i haven't delved into bikram...yet! i hear such agreat things and like you, ive thought, "hmm, if i can RUN in the hotness that is new england summers, then can't i take a hot yoga class?" still, it's intimidating, so we'll see!

  6. brookem: Oh you HAVE to try it! Being a runner I can almost guarantee you will LOVE Bikram. I go to the Quincy studio; there's 2 great studios in Boston and of course West Roxbury. Please, please, please give it a shot and let me know. It's funny with the heat...once class gets going you are sweating but the heat tends to just fade away. Good stuff indeed. Keep me posted! :)

  7. Hi
    I am normaly super-duper-hungry after class. Like tonight when I came home 8.30 and dinner was on the table and even after a normal portion of food I'm still hungry. I don't want to eat more but can't sleep if I'm hungry.