Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good to laugh at yourself

Good morning all! Day before Thanksgiving and everyone here at the office is in great spirits. Holidays just seem to have a way of doing that huh? Definitely a good vibe here, dreary rain outside and all.

Let’s get right to the yoga shall we? Day 24 last night with Maria. I think Maria might be my favorite teacher . Just truly awesome. Though come to think about that, I probably say that about every teacher!

I’m driving across town after work to the studio doing a mental checklist in my head to make sure I brought everything I need for class. Towels: Check; Mat: Check; Water: Check; Outfit: Check; Contacts: OH NO! Oh great! I left work with my glasses on and just realized I left my contact lens case on my desk. Not good. I’ve never practiced in glasses. Always wear my contacts. Some of the postures are pretty impossible to do in glasses. Going without is not an option. It’s just not. I really can’t see a thing without them. I even sleep with my glasses in bed with me (I’ve only rolled over once and broke a pair). Oh well, just have to deal with it. I’m in a really good mood and so ready for class. I set up nice and close to the mirror because I know at some point the glasses will need to come off. Sweating and glasses, not good.

So it’s always good to laugh at yourself right? I realize I left my water in the car and need to run out. Without thinking about it I run down the stairs and out onto the sidewalk. Keep in mind folks I have already changed into my yoga outfit. Yeah, you can start laughing now. So there I am standing out on a busy city sidewalk in flip flops, tiny little Lululemon Hot Set Shorts and a little top. And it’s about 40 degrees and drizzling. Nice, huh? Well, I think, I’m not running back up to throw pants on now! Suck it up Traci. So I head to the car down  the street. I notice people giving me very strange looks. It’s all I can do to stop from bursting into a full out laugh. One guy literally stops and says a bit cold for that outfit huh? I just smile and say “Sorry...Yoga clothes.” He smiles back and says...No need to be sorry! I laugh and run...QUICKLY...back into the studio. Note to self: Remember to bring in all your stuff in with you Traci! Maria laughed and said we’re so use to walking around the studio like that we forget! So funny. That’s one thing about me; I can always have a good laugh at myself. A quote I once read says something like You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself. I don’t embarrass easily.

Except for the fact that I had to keep taking off and putting on my glasses class was great. Oh, my postures weren’t the best, but I just felt so alive and happy. So pleased and lucky to be at my studio practicing with all these great people. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my studio? Just truly awesome people. I must have fallen out of standing bow like a million times. But I kept jumping right back in. My Cobra was a bit weak. And sad to say I still dread standing head to knee. Just can’t seem to make friends with it. I’ll get there though. There’s always time, yoga will always be there. Class flew by and before I know it we just have spine twisting and breathing left! Crazy how fast 90 minutes goes by in that room. Class left me feeling amazing. Isn’t that the best? You’re driving home and you realize you are smiling for no reason at all. So good.

Ok, 6 more days left of my Challenge....then what? I was thinking about this last night. What happens after I finish this “challenge”? How do I go back to a normal schedule. I was talking to my little sister Erin (she’s 13 months younger and kind of like my twin) yesterday and telling her that it’s weird. I know I’m at the studio every single day, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like I am. Oh sure the classes challenge the hell out of me at times, but being there just seems so normal. It’s just part of my daily routine, a very good part of my routine. My colleague Rachel asked what happens after the challenge ends? I say, I get a day off! She replies...yeah I doubt it! You’ll be there the very next day. Hmmm maybe she’s right? And so I guess I'll just see how I feel on December 1st . I suppose if I want to I’ll just keep going until my body says, Traci, please take a night off. Sound like a good plan to you guys? Day at a time, always take it a day at a time.

Tonight is Day 25 with Jackie. Should be a demanding class so better get myself psyched up! Then tomorrow Day 26, Thanksgiving morning at 8AM...Oh that’s early for my body to be in the Hot Room! Should be interesting for sure.

That’s a wrap. If any of you are traveling today or tomorrow for Thanksgiving please have a safe journey. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Hoping you all share tons of laughs with your loved ones and create wonderful memories!

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks to all who comment. Comments are great, even if you don't agree with what I say, it's all good. You guys are the best!



  1. I can't imagine doing class with glasses on! As for the 30 days, just keep going. 30 days is an arbitrary number anyways.

  2. Traci~ I did the same thing one day, had my glasses but not my contacts. Since I sweat like a malfunctioning fool, I figured they would slide around and left them in the locker room. I couldn't see a thing and practice was hard.
    Love the visual of you running out in traffice in your little yoga outfit. Surprised some poor fool didn't crash his car checking you out. :)
    Have a wondeful Turkey day!

  3. Ohhhh no, 2 days ago it was my turn (no outfit, no water, no wallet). Now it is /was yours. I can't imagine practicing with glasses on. Very funny @ being the cold with your tiny outfit. You probably made someone's day ;) LOL

  4. Oh My God Guys! I swear I will never forget my contacts again! Maybe I should put a back up pair in my bag just in case.

    Greg:That's kind of how I'm feeling about it too.

    BYC: It was too funny. Peoples faces were absolutely priceless. To make it even more amusing, there's a bar directly across the street and a bunch of guys were outside smoking. Great! Maybe I should have tried to get a date out of it ;) Hope you have a great turkey day too!

    Crita: I know! And just yesterday I was saying how I always check everything like 5 times and what do I do? I forget my eyes! jeeessh!

  5. Yep! Just keep on going!! I did my first "30 day challenge" about two and a half years ago, loved it, and ended up doing something like 380 classes in the course of the next year. I always say that I just "forgot to stop." So, welcome to the club! Life is good! Btw, there is gonna be a big collective 100 day challenge starting on Jan 1st, so stick that idea in your brain. We are still organizing, but we'd love to have you on board! BYC has taken over as one of the main organizers, so watch her page for more info... :)

  6. J: Thanks for the encouragement and motivation! That's what I love about this community. Everybody is so supportive! If someone is struggling in class you always see someone giving them a nudge. So great. Thanks for the info on the BYC. Thinking about it for sure! Have an awesome Thanksgiving holiday :) 380 classes...Wow! Awesome.