Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strengthen that back!

Saturday class was fantastic. Great. Felt great both mentally and physically. Talked to Hannane before class and she’s starting to feel more tired. It’ll be interesting to see how long she teaches into the pregnancy. During class she gave little corrections that made a huge difference in balancing stick. It was one of those “Aha!” moments.

Class was pretty busy for a Saturday, about 25 people. I think the cold, dark weather is pulling everyone inside more. Oh and by the way, the near 70-degree day they forecasted for today? Right! Think it only reached about 50. Sun was shinning bright as can be so it really was apretty fall day. Just was really looking forward to the warmth! Word is the next few days are going to be mid 60’s. Crossing my fingers.

A few new people in the class today. One girl cracked me up. Signing in she mentioned that she doesn’t sweat and she’ll probably not sweat in this class either. I just smiled and said, I’d like to place a bet on that! When we hit the floor series I glanced back and saw her chugging water and yes, she was indeed sweating. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone come out of class dry. Ever. That’s part of Bikram folks.

So a few years ago I was in a 5 car accident. Stitches, 6 months of Chiropractic and I was left with a pretty messed up back. Fun! Nothing really helped so I just tried to put it out of my mind. I would run through it (about 25-35 miles a week). But really it was not until I found Bikram that my back somehow started feeling better. And not a little better, significantly better! I use to roll out of bed in the morning. Not anymore. Bikram has really changed my life. When you have a chronic pain its always with you. Even when you try to work through it, it’s there. When you sleep, when you work at your desk, when you shop, when you run. Whatever, its there.

Oh and I have a new love! No not that kind…A posture series love. So check it out, the other day in class during backward bend I heard a “pop” in my back and felt a pain. Pain like I use to feel. My immediate reaction was “Oh no! Not again!” I stood still for a minute then continued and finished class. Put heat on my back that night and when I woke up there was just a very tiny bit of pain. When I went to class it didn’t affect my practice at all! Here’s the point of my little condensed story: This Bikram stuff we all love so much…Yeah, it WORKS! I’m guessing my back is just so much stronger now that and it’s supporting the injury. Spine strengthening series you have done your job. Now I want to work harder to strengthen it even more! Thank you Bikram Yoga for giving me my healthy strong back!

7 days are done. Feel great and ready for Day 8! Hope your Saturday was happy. J


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