Saturday, November 7, 2009

First time for everthing...

Happy Saturday!

Never taken a Friday class. Really, this is the very first Friday i have ever taken a class. So I was unsure how my body was going to feel on this Day 6 of the Challenge. Surprisingly, I had tons of energy!

I didn’t know if many people would be there for the 4:30 on a Friday so I was pleased to see the room full! I like a full class. I just tend to feel more motivated. One of my friends from the studio was there. Our schedules are different so she always takes the class one before me. It was great to practice with her tonight! I set my mat up in my front row spot and turned to see her in the back row. I pointed to the front next to me. She said…I’m thinking about it. I said “Oh just come on!” And she did. It was the first time she had ever practiced in the front row and she did great! It’s funny how the front row is such a big step to some people. I just really like it because I feel like there are less people around me. Easier to focus.

Before the Chris came in my friend and I were talking about little things that bother us. One thing discussed was how we hate when people come into class late and set up right beside you (like mat to mat close!). We laughed and with that Chris started class.

Second set of breathing, the studio door opens and a woman walks in. She immediately walks to the front….yeah, you guessed it, she stops right beside me. She proceeded to loudly set up her mat, towel, drink some water then join us. She totally threw me off. So distracting. I could see my friend fighting back her smile. She knew how aggravated I was. Here’s the thing…Don’t come to class late. Sometimes it might just happen but if you do, please, please, please just jump into the breathing and set up your mat between postures. Less distracting for people.

Rest of the class was good. Chris threw in some funny comments along the way. Always cracks me up. This woman though…yikes. She was all over the place. During the floor series instead of staying on her mat to switch to Savasana she would pop off her mat and touch mine! Unfortunately I let her bother me much too much. Should have just let it go.

Lesson learned from this class: Don’t let others steal your energy. Honestly, I ‘m mad at myself for letting this lady ruin the first part of class for me. Need to learn to let little things like that go. That goes for both yoga and life outside the studio. I think we all have that person or two that gets under our skin. Just need to learn to let it go...When all else fails smile!

Off to the 4:30 this afternoon with Hannane. She’s 21 weeks pregnant! Still taking class and practicing. Got to give her credit. Have a great Saturday.


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  1. I know what you mean about being distracted! Try having someone fall into you! But I get better and better about blocking out anything else in the room. I notice things, but they don't really bother me much anymore. Keep going on your 30 days!