Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Triangle I Love You!

While sitting in my car last night before going into the studio I snapped this pic from across the street. Yup, that’s the studio door I walk into every single night mat and bag in hand. Ready to sweat! I can be having the most lackluster, low energy day. But as soon as I open that door...boom! I’m ready to go! Time to move this body and do some Yoga!

It’s feeling very November like here this morning. Right now it’s about 35 deg. Brrrr. Hot room would feel great right about now as my office is freezing too! Currently sitting with my coat over my legs. Mental note...After I post this I need to call facilities about the heat! This morning before I left for work I actually had to scrape ice from my windows. Ah yes, reality. Hoping it gets into the 50’s today though. How many more weeks until spring? Just kidding...well, kind of ;)

Day 17. Done. Made it to the 5:30 with Maria. Gosh, for such a new teacher she is awesome. I swear it seems like she’s been teaching for years. She keeps the room nice and hot. Puts the fans on for a few minutes, but doesn’t leave them on the whole class, has an awesome strong voice, great stories, good corrections and gets people to really work to their edge. Really liking her classes a lot.
Janet and I set up our mats beside each other. Janet’s a fellow challenger. Before class we talked about a million different subjects. Random topics: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Shopping (for ourselves!), husband (in her case) boyfriends/dates (in my case) and of course our Challenge! I can’t believe how much we managed to talk about in like 20 minutes. So funny.

Last night I decided I am absolutely in with love Triangle right now. Oh of course I think my favorite posture will always be Tree Pose/Toe Stand. Just because of the calmness it brings and the focus it takes to do it. But Triangle! I.Love.You! Getting down deep, stretching my arms, touching between my toes, twisting back, getting my profile visible. Oh it just feels so good when it’s done right. I think about how my Triangle looked in those beginning classes and the progress I have made with it. Good stuff. I even got a shout out from Miss Maria “Beautiful Traci!”

Class went well. But during spine strengthening series I got so hungry! I mean really hungry. All I could think about was eating. Cobra, Locust, Bow...I could almost hear my stomach asking for dinner. Then my mind started wandering...what am I going to make for dinner? Hmm...Ice cream would be great right about now. That ever happen to you guys during class? As soon as we pushed our bodies up for Fixed Firm (another favorite) I seemed to forget about the hunger and finished class strong. Class ended late so I was up and out of the room pretty quick. Quick change of clothes and I’m off. Oops, had to turn around and go back up the stairs...Forgot to put my red check mark on the board! I know it sounds silly but putting that check mark up after class feels great. I don’t know why.

Jackie’s class is tonight! Great way to spend Day 18. I’m pumped. Loved her class last week so kind of class for sure. The day after her class last week one of the newer girls was telling me she was a bit scared of Jackie. What?! Why? She said she likes nice teachers and felt scared to even wipe her face. Oh! I told her that’s just part of Bikram. I told her to work to her edge, but also listen to her body. Told her to test herself to see where she can go, she might be surprised. Stacey just laughed and said to the girl “Yeah, Traci’s crazy!” I laughed and took it as a compliment.

Off topic but amusing...My boss likes me to help with presents for his wife (Men!). The boss and I are good friends, so it’s not weird when he asks me to help with things like this. He’s truly one of the best guys I have ever worked for. Awesome. So he brings in the Tiffany (oooh) catalog this morning. It’s 7:45 am and I’m looking at Tiffany’s. I can’t help but smile. I told him I’d help only if I got to pick something out for myself too! Yeah, got a big no on that one folks. I actually ended up picking out some of the things he had in mind too. She’s a lucky,lucky girl. Love Tiffany’s so much. What girl doesn’t like the little blue box, right? Oh how I would love a little blue box this Christmas...

All right guys. That’s all for now. Wish me luck on Day 18 tonight. Have a feeling it’s going to be a challenging class, in a good way of course. Oh and by the way, I did end up having that ice cream I was craving last night. Hingham Harbor Sludge from Nona's Homemade. Delish!


  1. Hee. Yes, Maria is totally fabulous. She went to training in Acapulco, Spring 2008. I assume we are talking about the same Maria. I only know one who teaches in Boston. Her last name starts with a W and she is pretty. :)

    I do not miss those 30 degree mornings... it's down to the 40s out here at night and I'm all like, whine whine whine...

  2. Ahh, random thoughts during class. I love it!

  3. Triangle is such a powerful posture. I love it. Triangle and camel were my first two favorites. Now I have fallen in love with standing bow and standing head to knee.
    BTW~ love that you get to browse through the tiffanys catalog at work for you boss' wife. Yes, she is a lucky woman! Does he have a single brother that lives in las vegas? LOL

  4. J: Not sure if this is the same Maria. I think she just finished TT a short time ago. She is great though! And 30 deg mornings can only mean one thing...single digits are not far behind :( Think I need to move to a warmer climate for the winter!
    G: The more random the better!
    BYC: Bow use to be my nemisis. Happy to say that the challenge has for sure helped me with it! Standing head to knee? Yeah, still not liking it! Tiffany', so good. Tiffany blue is even my favorite color!

  5. Hmm... *stalks Bikram Quincy schedule online*... nope, it's definitely the same person! Maria W. I hear that she WAS a rock star right out of the gate, though. ;)