Monday, November 2, 2009

30 Day Challenge...Day 1

Last week the new owner of our studio, Chris (who is great by the way!)hung up the 30Day Challenge grid on the wall. I kept eyeing it all last week but kept passing it by. I didn't want to commit myself to it.
Yesterday, as usual, I went to the 10am class with Sarah. Sarah's great and always has such inspirational stories in between postures. Really motivating, makes me smile while in savasana, much needed on a Sunday morning! So I get to the studio about 30 min early as usual and we start talking about the challege. One of the girls and I say to Chris that we would like to do the Challege but because the latest class on Friday is at 4:30, we just can't do it. He says, well let's add a 6:30 then! Uh, ok, let me think about it, I say. I do class and there's the board waiting for me. And that board is BIG! It's staring me down! Sarah and I were talking about bow and she says..."wait, why isn't your name up there?" So I say, ok, ok and write my name...And she wrote hers too! And with that a couple of more names were added after.
Now all of the sudden I'm in this 30 Day Challenge and trying to plan my month. I printed out the class schedule and highlighted the ones I can make. Really, I go to class about 5 times a week anyway (4 on a busy week), so adding a couple hopefully won't push me over the edge!
I guess it will be interesting to see if the postures that give me some trouble
are improved in 30 days. All the best!
Looking forward to class tonight with an awesome teacher, Mimi. Very energizing and keeps the class moving at a nice fast pace.

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